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Team Argonza

02 October 2011

Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza guested on radio anew to talk shed light about the topic of Philippine-Lemuria connection and its implications to the ongoing-to-forthcoming Earth Changes.

The radio station DZMM, PH’s biggest broadcast station with the largest audience reach, holds the program Pinoy Vibes every 1-3 a.m. of Sundays. The program is hosted by the lady psychic Stargazer who is deeply into Eastern meditation and mystical practices.

A social scientist, development consultant and spiritual guru, Prof Argonza appeared on the 01 October (2011) schedule of Pinoy Vibes. Prof Argonza is also one of the 2000 White Robes who embodied in PH to fulfill their guru, healing and messenger missions.

Guru Ra, as he is known in mystical circles, clarified to DZMM audience that he ascended spiritually in 2008. Being an Adept of the Brotherhood of Light, he knows first hand the preparations going on for the forthcoming changes which will see the sinking of old PH and the emergence of new PH in a new land mass arising to the east of the old islands.

As discussed, Lemuria was an ancient supercontinent that emerged after Pangaea. A gigantic horse-shoe shaped land mass, it spread from North Pacific down through the south (where Australia & ASEAN islands are now found), then curved through the Indian Ocean on through southern Africa, and then curved upwards to the region of Ireland and Britain.

Lemuria at a later time broke up into seven (7) continents, one of which was Maharloka or Great Land. It was in Maharloka, to which PH is a key remnant, where the first morphed humans appeared over 30,000,000 million years ago.

As well documented in the Akashic Records, the first phase Lemurians were gigantic in height (over 35 feet tall), were hermaphroditic, and reproduced through sweat-borne and then oviparous (egg-borne) methods, and had a cyclopean eye on top of the head which later moved to the forehead area.

Spiritually Lighted though mentally feeble, the giant Phase I Lemurians experimented on having sex with animals by entering animals’ bodies (as Lemurians were then etheric). Tragically, many souls were trapped in the animals, even as grotesque forms were produced from such bestial acts.

Phase I Lemurians were then decidedly phased out, and a new Phase II genotype—which reproduced by sexual method—was evolved. Each soul was then bifurcated to form a Male and a Female aspect, resulting to soul mates who would search for each other in the physical plane.

Phase II Lemurians began roughly 18 million years ago. Lord Ancient of Days and the Lords of the Flames arrived on Earth to oversee the new humans evolve materially, mentally and spiritually. Ancient of Days, also called Sanat Kumara, also brought to Earth the Brotherhood of Light or Great White Brotherhood.

All stories must end, and so Lemurian history ended when cataclysms destroyed the continents and civilization that it spawned. Atlantis then emerged as the new super-continent, while the remnant subcontinental lands and peoples of Lemuria were integrated into the Atlantean domain.

Thus evolved Phase III Lemurians, who looked exactly like the Atlanteans in morph. They were called Lemuro-Atlanteans, for they now comprised a part of the Atlantean races. Malays were among the last sub-races of Atlanteans, and Filipinos are part of the Malay genotype stream.

Lemurians were the first to build civilization and cities, which is rightly their legacy to mankind. They perfected emotional development and feelings. Phase III Lemurians (Lemuro-Atlanteans) perfected Karma Yoga in the Maharlokan remnant subcontinent.

Note also that it was in Maharloka where the first Kingly caste and Priestly caste emerged. These class formations are also among the legacies of Lemuria or Mu (motherland).

Lemuro-Atlanteans reached the same technological progress as Poseidonian Atlanteans, were able to travel other planets and conduct mining there, tapped crystals as main energy source, and had armies that can equipped with state-of-the art devices. Such material progress was also immersed in spiritual Light that guided knowledge and technology, rendering Lemuro-Atlanteans as very important in keeping the global balance.

Upon the demise of the last Maharloka remnant 26,000 BP (Before Present), Atlantis (Poseidon, Og, other continents in the West) was left alone to minister Earth. That was when corrupted scientists and priests degenerated Atlanteans into demonic global imperialist manipulators.

That said by the professor/guru, many questions were then tossed by the audience. 2012, Galactic Confederation, Jesus’ role, future Earth were asked and sufficiently answered. Both appreciative and acerbic comments were raised.

Asked to clarify further the Lemurian connection in the ongoing changes by Stargazer, Prof Argonza did clarify the following: that PH will sink while a large continental mass will appear to its East (were Pinoys will migrate), that karma yoga will ensue, that Pinoys will comprise a sub-race of a forthcoming 6th Root-race, that the drastic changes are only birth pangs of a coming world that will be far grander and majestic than the Old World.

Prof. Argonza also announced the forthcoming 2nd National Conference of the Philippine UFO Society on 16th October 2011 (pls see to be held at the Villamor Airbase. Pls contact the said group at the Facebook for details of venue and registration.

The PH UFO Society is led by Mr. Antonio ‘Ari’ Israel who had interfaced with Stargazer before. Stargazer will also be present in the said affair.

All is well that ends well. Since the topic of Earth Changes is so vast, Stargazer announced over DZMM that related topics notably 2012 and future Earth will have their schedules later. Prof Argonza will also return to DZMM as resource speaker on the said subjects.


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