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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

A pleasant day to you!

Let us continue with reflections of the cosmic laws, also known as metaphysical laws among mystical circles. To commence with the subject, let us begin with the popular cliché of “flow with the tide!”

When the powerful sea tide cum current flows and you go against such a flow, the energy is dissipated and one will fail to reach the objective destination. To be able to reach a destination in crossing a sea channel, the boat’s oarsmen learn how to flow with the current and tide, and no matter how long it takes to cross a mile-wide channel, they will be able to get to the other side.

The element of rhythm is found in all living species, patterns of our body systems, patterns of climate and weather, and other facets of reality from macrocosmic down to microcosmic levels. It pays to learn to know such rhythmic patterns and learn likewise to flow properly with them.

Let me again quote the Guru Felix Fojas, my Initiating Guru in the Great White Lodge, from his 1994 mysticism manual, to wit:

Law of Rhythm – Everything in existence follows a unique rhythm of its own, be it a mineral, plant, animal, man, planet or an angel. To everything there is a season.

Some friends of mine, ditto for seekers I handle, would ask me every now and then about what reasons could account for the rather changes in moods of their respective work superiors. Without batting an eyelash I would hazard a guess that the person could be in his biorhythm low for the day or week.

In most cases, true enough when they checked on the biorhythm of the person, via cursory browse of the internet for biorhythm determination, the superior was indeed in his/her biorhythm low. That was valid particularly for the emotional cycle of the person, a cycle that coincides with the length it takes for a full lunar cycle of 30 days.

To share to you my own experience with biorhythm lows, there are days when I simply don’t have much energies for physical exercise. The seemingly drained energies, low even when I had a full sleep and complete balanced breakfast, affect my gym exercise mood. At times, already inside the gym, I am compelled to do minimal exercises for just about 25 minutes and depart at once. Sometimes I don’t even do work outs anymore, as I feel lazy to burn fats at that moment.

I would factor my physical biorhythm low as the cause for that sudden drop in energy and enthusiasm. Not emotional biorhythm, as I can do exercises even if I feel in the blues, and mind you the gym work will help me pull down the blues quickly.

Take a look at our sleeping cycle. We have a bio-clock which works out so fittingly precise, it tells us when to sleep and when to wake up from nocturnal rest. Breaking that rhythm, such as what one gets when working on a graveyard shift, could do much harm to the biophysical and emotional (astral) bodies, such as what befell many call center customer service agents who work on graveyard hours.

Cognizant of this law, gurus often recommend that aspirants better listen to music that are elevating in function, such as New Age, Celtic, World Music, Nature Music, and Classical. They often flow with the heart beat, help one to flow with the rhythms of the cosmos, aid in detoxifying the subtle bodies, and act as harmonizing agents for the soul and psyche.

Therefore, as part of one’s efforts for evolving soul-wise, it pays to know about the different rhythms. And learn to flow based on rhythms specific to realms or aspects of reality.

[Philippines, 22 September 2011]


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