Saturday, October 29, 2011



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

From the Pearl of the Orient goes the greetings of love & liberation!

The last cosmic law that I will articulate on is the Law of Evolution. I already discussed evolution in past articles, so this piece will be a sort of a resume of all the said discourses.

As the mahatmas of the spiritual Brotherhood have elucidated to their mystic chelas, man (from manu or thinking being) was first made via projections from the One Universal Principle, in the highest dimension or plane. Then, step by step, the oversouls of man were to project God sparks down on the 5th plane, and downwards yet to the 4th and so on.

Till finally, during the 4th Evolutionary Round, to which we are still properly situated, it was time to evolve man on the surface. The first root races thus appeared on the human canvass, and onwards till today, whence the 5th ‘root-race’ called Aryan is almost on the terminal phase of its mandated incumbency.

Two more sub-races of the Aryans will appear on the historical canvass. After which the next two (2) root-races will appear, each root-race to manifest in seven (7) sub-races. The last two (2) root-races will be the last ones for the 4th Evolutionary Round or the devic-man phase of evolution.

To encapsulate the law, let me quote Guru Felix Fojas, my initiating guru in the Great White Lodge, in the manual of mysticism workshop he prepared for my batch of Initiates (1994), to wit:

Law of Evolution – Everything in the universe evolves physically as well as spiritually. The ultimate goal of evolution is spiritual perfection. There is also the Law of Involution and the Law of Devolution. [End of quote]

What has been explicated by the mahatmas was that man evolves simultaneously in the spiritual, mental, and physical domains. Man was first very highly spiritual and very effulgent a being, but mentally feeble and materially undeveloped. In order to evolve, man has to move down to the astral, etheric, and finally the physical realms.

Man has to be physically perfected and then mentally developed prior to the ascent back to the higher domains. That is the rationale for man’s descent to the physical plane, face risking the disconnection from the higher spheres, and expand on the development of the mental faculties to enable a greater capacity for absorption of knowledge and wisdom.

As to the ultimate goal of perfection, let me re-echo past articulations on the matter. Self-realization—activation of the Soul or higher Self so that it will govern the lower self or psyche—is just but the beginning of a long process yet of spiritual awakening. One becomes a spiritual master upon soul awakening or moksha, is enabled to tap higher wisdom directly, yet isn’t spiritually perfected yet.

The realized Self qualifies one to end the cycles of rebirth, so that later re-births will be more a matter of volunteer decision as a way to enact the liberated person’s mission. Upon becoming a master, one must strive further till perfection is achieved, where 100% balance and harmony is attained and grasp of spiritual knowledge is full and complete. The person thus becomes a mahatma or ‘great soul’.

As one gets perfected, there are still spaces for continuous evolution. From being mahatma, one can evolve to a chohan. From that phase onwards, the liberated master can evolve to a Dhyan Chohan, which enables the Perfected One to qualify to be re-integrated to the Supreme Being and yet permitting the authentic identity to remain intact, at the end of the dissolution (pralaya) phase of the manvantara (great cycle of out-breath and in-breath of the Supreme Being).

Upon the start of the next manvantara, the Perfected One can be re-awakened, being then evolved into a Deity who is mandated to co-govern a realm. The Archangels and Archaias (female archangels), or Dhyani–Buddhas, are among the great souls who attained perfection during the previous manvantara yet. And so are all the deities we know today.

[Philippines, 15 October 2011]


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Wednesday, October 26, 2011



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Kapayapaan at pagmamahal! Love and peace!

This White Robe and servant of the spiritual Hierarchy had already discoursed on reincarnation in diverse articles. Let me share additional notes on the subject in consonance with the articulations on the cosmic laws.

To begin the reflection, let me quote from Guru Felix Fojas, my Initiating Guru in the spiritual Brotherhood, in the manual of mysticism workshop he prepared for us, to note: “Law of Reincarnation – Every spirit-entity regularly incarnate into bodies of flesh to be able to operate in the physical world and learn earthly lessons as well as perform a spiritual task.”

Upon greater elaboration on the subject by the mahatmas of the Brotherhood, the chelas immediately meditated and did research on it. There was, for instance, the repetitive reminder about a group of divine beings that dispense with karma—the Karmic Board—that then becomes the basis for deciding on when and what contextual arrangements will the incarnating ego embody.

HP Blavatsky, Rev. Leadbeater, and Annie Besant, among the foundational leaders of the Theosophical Society, wrote voluminously about karma and reincarnation, the two metaphysical or cosmic laws that go hand in hand. A book was devoted to a particular person alone, tracing back the person’s lives in the past and treating each life as one book chapter, to substantiate the law.

The mystical chelas of the masters clarified that reincarnation takes place every 3,000 years on the average. This is particularly true for the mass of evolutionary laggards, who keep on coming back to learn the same sets of lessons that they failed to learn in their previous embodiments.

The exceptions are the evolved souls, who are returned to the physical plane pronto in order to help humanity to evolve on both personal and collective levels. They are the exemplars of productive behavior for the laggards. They are also the ones who introduce breakthroughs in the arts, science & technology, and philosophy that become powerful motors for social change and for elevating the collective consciousness.

Earth is indubitably a school of life, a hub where different soul types and variegated awareness levels are sent forth to learn lessons and grow in awareness. It is akin to the term ‘social laboratory’ that is used in development language, though its purposes go further than the social.

Due to the sterling behavior of Earth herself, the planet will also evolve in due time. She has become an exemplar for other physical plane planets or ‘3rd dimensional’, and so Earth will ascend soon as a reaping of good karma for her feats. In the very long term, Earth or Terra will continue to move up the ladder of liberation, until she will become a Sun, thus privileged to support many planets with her light and love.

[Philippines, 12 October 2011]


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Sunday, October 23, 2011



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

Before we forget the greatest cementing force ever, let us iterate the law right away: Law of Love. Coherent with the articulations on the cosmic laws, I will focus on the Law of Love for this note.

“All we need is Love, all we need is Love, all we need is Love Love, Love is all we need!” says the very popular song by the Beatles. Love operates at many levels, we grow up to learn to love and feel the love of others toward us. Yet in the world we live in, there is so much superficiality about love.

It is the driving motive for the One Universal Principle—God of our daily living—to produce beings of all kinds and the objective worlds that can nurture the said beings’ needs. As the Guru Felix Fojas summarized the said law, in his manual on mysticism offered to my batch of mystics (1994), to wit: Love is the greatest force in the universe. God created the universe out of love.

All the beings, from mineral to sentient, were endowed with capacities for love. As the different beings evolve, they will also grow in love, grow in each one’s capacity to love, till the most evolved ones become perfected, by which the capacity for loving is endless compassion.

Losing the capacity to love, engaging in manipulative pursuits that enchain others, destructive in every way that the being bars others from moving up in the evolutionary path, doesn’t bode well with the Supreme Being. Like any father who will be saddened by the distancing and wayward behavior of an offspring, the Supreme Being’s infinite love works so strongly so as to give this being the space to come back.

True love is a liberating force, while false love tends to bind and enslave. True love is self-less and boundless, false love is selfish and narrow.

It is love that fuels devotion or bhakti, a theme or divine ray that I already articulated in other articles. Bhakti is centered in the heart chakra, and bhakti can propel an Aspirant to be liberated or attain Self-realization along very steep climb. That’s how wonderful bhakti is, that the granting of divine grace by the Supreme Being is willingly done to the most enthused practicing bhaktha.

Being so all-powerful, I even went to opine that the Rule of Love should govern the economic life of humanity. Today’s Rule of Reason has become suspect, as reason is being used to advance the selfish interests of very greedy elites. Transcendent a force, love is more potent than reason to guide action and decisions in the economic domain, as I said in past articles on economics.

Corrupted reason makes persons very dangerous, and reason itself is on the plates of agenda for reform. Spiritualized reason, reason immersed in love, is true reason, and so love and reason could be the behavior guides for the future worlds in a new global context or New Earth.

[Philippines, 08 October 2011]


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Thursday, October 20, 2011



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

This humble White Robe greets you love & peace for the day!

I already articulated on the septenary law or the Law of Seven in many articles of mine. Let me articulate again about the subject, with the note that the mahatmas and chohans of the spiritual Brotherhood were very particular about this law that is the hallmark of the divine wisdom released to the open public beginning in the late 1800s.

To begin with the subject, let me quote Guru Felix Fojas’ manual on mysticism workshop he prepared for my batch of mystics (1994), with the following thesis on the septenary law:

Most things in the physical and spiritual planes are arranged in groups of seven. Eg. the seven bodies of man, the seven planes of existence, and the seven colors of the spectrum. [End of quote]

The knowledge of the law drove the chelas of the masters to do research on the Earth for instance. They found out with their own mystical eyes about the 7 globes of Earth, and then went on to articulate about them in numerous pages of write ups.

The same chelas also researched about the 7 planes of existence, though they were delimited by the fact that only the 1st through 4th planes can be examined and inferred determinately. They then wrote books about the subject. The ‘heaven worlds’ alone took the likes of Rev. Leadbeater a book and couples of essays to write about.

As to the seven (7) bodies of man, the volumes of writings devoted were even more voluminous. A complex subject such as 7 bodies also incorporates sub-topics of the 7 major chakras. So imagine the tedious observations done by the mystical chelas just to be able to substantiate the law and publish books and pamphlets about the subject.

There are more applications of the law, such as: (a) 7 year itch, where a married couple would experience mutual erotic warmth for 7 years after which the “itch” dwindles in intensity; (b) 7 year cellular cycle, whereby the body changes all of its sets of cells every 7 years; (c) 7 days of the Terran week; and (4) 7 musical notes Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti.

Very amusingly, the same law has been captured in many folklore—myths & legends—from diverse cultures. As I write this piece, I am researching on the folklore of Southeast Asia, and just a cursory review of some myths have revealed the embedded codification of the septenary law in the myths, e.g. 7 original worlds.

Among our folk medicine practices in Philippines is the use of the herb Pito-Pito. The label Pito-Pito translates to Seven-Seven in English, which means seven different herbs put together to constitute a formula for general detoxifation through diuretic cleansing. Expert herbalists in the archipelago, such as the noted healer Felix Fajardo who is also a mystic, are aware of the risks of mixing too many herbs as this can cause allergies, so the maximum should be seven (7) herbs only.

Lastly, let me take up the example of the mathematical constant Pi. This goes by the equation: ∏ = 22/7. In numerology, 22 is a power number which signifies abilities to conquer (eg. conquest in one’s profession). The denominator 7 is, as one obviously sees, the septenary law being resonated.

[Philippines, 05 October 2011]


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Sunday, October 16, 2011



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!

One cosmic law that has been discovered by philosophers and scientists over the past three (3) centuries, their own discovery being substantiation of what spiritual masters have long known, is the Law of Unity. Not only is this law well known and articulated, it has become popular too.

Even popular artists such as musicians couldn’t resist the charm of putting the law into musical form. James Taylor, John Lennon, and many more pop musicians have urged people to “shower the people with love” as “one thing leads to another,” based on their knowledge of the Law of Unity.

As my Initiating Guru Felix Fojas in the spiritual Brotherhood summarized, in the manual of mysticism workshop he shared to my batch of mystics (c. 1994) about the Law of Unity: “Everything in the universe is connected to or affects every other thing in the scheme of things.”

In ecology, the principle of the ‘web of life’ has been very central to understanding the interconnectedness of species, both flora and fauna, among each other on one hand, and between biological life forms and natural environment on the other. Cognizant of such a principle, which is in fact another expression of the Law of Unity, the ecologists have reminded practitioners to be cautious about introducing a non-endemic species in any new environment.

Take the case of Japanese snail. There used to be no Japanese snail in my country, but then it was introduced in rice fields and farms. Expected to induce balance in the ecology, the snails later produced in enormous populations and turned parasitical.

On a more macro-scale, the Law reminds us Terrans to be very careful with the use of atomic energy. Nukes should only be used for beneficial purposes, for the usage of nukes as WMD (weapons of mass destruction) will immeasurably disturb the balance in our sector of the universe, a disturbance that in turn will disturb the balance in the Milky Way, and who knows where the synergy of imbalances will end.

As an ending to this note, let me quote from the beautiful song piece Magkaugnay by Filipino world music artist Joey Ayala:

Ang lahat ng bagay ay magkaugnay

Magkaugnay ang lahat

Ang lahat ng bagay ay magkaugnay

Magkaugnay ang lahat

Literally, the lines transmit as: “all things are interrelated, interrelated are all things.”

Ayala’s song Magkaugnay was able to demonstrate, in musical lyrics, that nature and its diverse life forms are interrelated. It is danceable music, while its lyrics resonate with environmentalism and patriotism. It is a wonderful way to articulate on the Law of Unity.

[Philippines, 02 October 2011]


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Thursday, October 13, 2011



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Mapayapang araw sa iyo! Day of Peace unto you!

There are more cosmic laws then one has been exposed to so far in my notes, so let me continue with articulation on the same laws. For this note, I will focus on the Law of Correspondence.

Let me begin with a declaration of the statement, as shared to my group of mystics by Guru Felix Fojas in the manual of mysticism workshop he prepared for us (1994), to wit: “Every object in nature, whether animate or inanimate, has an exact correspondence or similarity to other forms existing in the physical and spiritual planes.”

Such an axiomatic thesis was, to re-echo the fact, released unto the open public by the mahatmas of the Brotherhood and is part of the corpus of revelations called divine wisdom or Theos Sophia. Simultaneous with the publications and release of the wisdom magnum opus, the mystical chelas of the mahatmas immediately conducted deep seated studies on our realities to substantiate the cosmic laws.

Among those theses that the same mystical chelas—HP Blavatsky, Rev. Leadebeater, A. Besant, A. Sinnett, Q. Judge, Col. Olcott, J. Hodson—substantiated well was the law of correspondence. They wrote volumes upon volumes of pamphlets and books to articulate on the diverse subjects in substantiation of the variegated laws such as this one.

As part of that discovery, take the case of a book that is placed on top of your table. Both objects book and table have their corresponding objects in the astral plane. Climb another dimension higher to the mental plane, and the same objects will have equivalents.

The forms of the same objects may differ from across plane, more so as one reaches the spiritual planes the notions of forms that we have below will cease to apply. Relative to us, the planes 4, 5, 6, 7 are amorphous or ‘planes of the formless’. Yet, as the law states, the objects cited do have equivalents there, so that means the equivalents in the higher planes would be more of energy ‘forms’ or so.

Many of my experiences in the other planes did register well in my lower memory, such as the houses, streets, and even bulb-like lighting that illuminates houses in the astral plane. It has been normal occurrence for me to see the shape and form of the village that is equivalent to the subdivision village where I’m residing.

The family home where I’m residing does have its equivalent in the mid-astral, which looks quite like a replica of the original (our physical house), though not quite identical in look. And to my amusement, I notice that the kids on the ground continue to play running, hide and sick, and chasing each other in the mid-astral while their physical bodies sleep.

There are those entities that are adept at magic down on the ground who make use of the knowledge of correspondence to manipulate objects and make things happen. On the part of ground humans, the equivalent magical activity is prayer: as one recites an invocation and repeats it several times, e.g “Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee blessed art thou…”, the mantra form across the planes will be stimulated, with the hope that the target effect will take place

No wonder that spiritual masters kept on reminding us to be careful with our thoughts. Persistent negative thoughts addressed to other people can cause harm, disease, even death on the person concerned depending on the intensity of thought. Thought forms have equivalents in the astral down to physical realms, and so we better be careful with our thoughts.

[Philippines, 28 September 2011]


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang gabi! Good evening!

There has been a humungous lot of talks about the Law of Attraction across social sectors in recent times. From self-development gurus to market experts to training consultants, the Law of Attraction has been a popular verbiage, rendering knowledge of the law into household knowledge.

Folks are interested in the Law of Attraction as a way to shore up their coffers. The challenge for them, and likewise to the entrepreneurs, has been the magnetization of money to produce endless cash inflows for people’s bank accounts, personal expenditures, business investments, diversifications and so on.

The Law of Attraction is definitely a cosmic law or metaphysical law. It can be looked upon in two ways or aspects: the physical and the metaphysical. Attraction operates on both domains or reality, though of different character of manifestation. Guru Felix Fojas echoed the core statement of the Law, “In the science of physics, opposite poles attract each other.” He then went on to state the metaphysical expression, to note: “In metaphysics, like attracts like.” [From Guru Felix Fojas’ manual of mysticism workshop, Manila, 1994]

As to the physical domain, it is the manifestation of opposite poles attracting each other. At the atomic level, protons are positive-charged particles while electrons are negatively charged, so the attraction of both particles supposedly make possible the formation of atoms (add to that the neutrons staying at the center of the atom). As to geological reality, north pole is at one area of the planet while south pole is on opposite area or side.

Going now to human life, where each person comprises of seven bodies (3 spiritual, 4 material) integrated into one, we easily witness the coming together of ‘like attracts like’. Those persons with common thought modalities, ideals, values, weltanschauung, worldview, interests would normally get attracted to each other. “Birds of the same feather flock together,” says a folk cliché.

True spiritual seekers, those who tread the Path of Light aiming at nirvana or Self-realization, often gravitate to each other. Atheists likewise resonate with each other, and though their discourse is now a bit archaic, they continue to form interest groups and platforms for cooperation.

Supreme knowledge of the Law of Attraction enables certain ascended beings to instantly erect edifices through thought power alone. The Mahavatar Babaji normally did demonstrate this power to his disciples as narrated by the late great master Paramahansa Yogananda. From out of the free atoms Babaji would facilely fashion classical-style architecture building where the would-be gurus he is mentoring can gather and meditate together.

Jesus did demonstrate the same practical applications of the Law of Attraction to his disciples and devotees. From out of a piece of fish for instance, he materialized baskets of fishes. The single fish provided the template or ‘master copy’ of the species, and that template was then used to instantly form “copies of fishes” enough to feed a flock of devotees, like he were photocopying a master copy in great numbers.

Ascended beings can go beyond that, by summoning the disciples they are currently mentoring to be right beside them. This is a favorite mode of calling for a meeting by Mahavatar Babaji, and I know this first hand as I was among those would-be White Robes who received his mentorship in the teaching mission from late 2007 through 08. I would O! so suddenly see myself sitting in circular fashion around the holy figure of Holy Babaji, and I knew by then that my etheric body was there with His Holiness and my fellow Adepts.

The same Law of Attraction is also used to explicate the phenomenon of resurrection. As soon as a physical body of an ascended being departs, the same being (great master) would use that body as a template of ‘master copy’ to generate a copy that looks exactly like the original. Jesus and Sri Yutekswar Giri demonstrated the power to resurrect themselves, thanks to their mastery of this cosmic law.

[Philippines, 25 September 2011]


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Monday, October 10, 2011



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

A pleasant day to you!

Let us continue with reflections of the cosmic laws, also known as metaphysical laws among mystical circles. To commence with the subject, let us begin with the popular cliché of “flow with the tide!”

When the powerful sea tide cum current flows and you go against such a flow, the energy is dissipated and one will fail to reach the objective destination. To be able to reach a destination in crossing a sea channel, the boat’s oarsmen learn how to flow with the current and tide, and no matter how long it takes to cross a mile-wide channel, they will be able to get to the other side.

The element of rhythm is found in all living species, patterns of our body systems, patterns of climate and weather, and other facets of reality from macrocosmic down to microcosmic levels. It pays to learn to know such rhythmic patterns and learn likewise to flow properly with them.

Let me again quote the Guru Felix Fojas, my Initiating Guru in the Great White Lodge, from his 1994 mysticism manual, to wit:

Law of Rhythm – Everything in existence follows a unique rhythm of its own, be it a mineral, plant, animal, man, planet or an angel. To everything there is a season.

Some friends of mine, ditto for seekers I handle, would ask me every now and then about what reasons could account for the rather changes in moods of their respective work superiors. Without batting an eyelash I would hazard a guess that the person could be in his biorhythm low for the day or week.

In most cases, true enough when they checked on the biorhythm of the person, via cursory browse of the internet for biorhythm determination, the superior was indeed in his/her biorhythm low. That was valid particularly for the emotional cycle of the person, a cycle that coincides with the length it takes for a full lunar cycle of 30 days.

To share to you my own experience with biorhythm lows, there are days when I simply don’t have much energies for physical exercise. The seemingly drained energies, low even when I had a full sleep and complete balanced breakfast, affect my gym exercise mood. At times, already inside the gym, I am compelled to do minimal exercises for just about 25 minutes and depart at once. Sometimes I don’t even do work outs anymore, as I feel lazy to burn fats at that moment.

I would factor my physical biorhythm low as the cause for that sudden drop in energy and enthusiasm. Not emotional biorhythm, as I can do exercises even if I feel in the blues, and mind you the gym work will help me pull down the blues quickly.

Take a look at our sleeping cycle. We have a bio-clock which works out so fittingly precise, it tells us when to sleep and when to wake up from nocturnal rest. Breaking that rhythm, such as what one gets when working on a graveyard shift, could do much harm to the biophysical and emotional (astral) bodies, such as what befell many call center customer service agents who work on graveyard hours.

Cognizant of this law, gurus often recommend that aspirants better listen to music that are elevating in function, such as New Age, Celtic, World Music, Nature Music, and Classical. They often flow with the heart beat, help one to flow with the rhythms of the cosmos, aid in detoxifying the subtle bodies, and act as harmonizing agents for the soul and psyche.

Therefore, as part of one’s efforts for evolving soul-wise, it pays to know about the different rhythms. And learn to flow based on rhythms specific to realms or aspects of reality.

[Philippines, 22 September 2011]


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Friday, October 7, 2011



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

A pleasant day of Love, Peace, Harmony to you all!

Liberation from the bonds of illusion, which enables a highly-willing Aspirant to end the cycles of rebirth, can be described as the minimum attainment of optimal balance in the soul and psyche. The soul or higher self is activated, and by so doing, it becomes the ‘captain of the psyche’ or lower self.

In an un-liberated state, where one is a slave of desire, veiled by thick energies of illusion, the soul is a passive player in one’s life. In such a state, the psyche prevails. The person experiences imbalances of every kind, and is subject to storms and stress like they were level 5 typhoons smashing upon the psyche without control.

Attaining a high state of balance is therefore a condition of liberation, a prerequisite to attaining harmony of a sterling nature. This condition of the liberated person is encapsulated in the following quote from the 1994 mysticism manual writ by Guru Felix Fojas, my Initiating Guru in the Great White Lodge, to wit:

Law of Balance – Positive and negative energies must be balanced in man and nature to achieve harmony. Lack or excess of either positive or negative energy results in an imbalance and causes diseases in man and catastrophes in nature.

At the biophysical level, we experience imbalance as disease which is a fusion of the words ‘dis’ and ‘ease’. As early as our primary schooling, we are urged to maintain biophysical balance through balanced food, regular water intake of 8 glasses, a glass of milk, a glass of juice, some fruits, physical exercise, and sleep of 8 hours daily.

Biophysical wellness however is dependent on the psychological states of people. As the idiom goes, disease is 75% psychological and only 25% physiological. So here we find the challenge to harmonize the biophysical body and the subtle bodies (astral, mental, causal) in order to achieve perfect health and wellness.

But there is the soul’s descent to the dense planes, lured by desire, which causes imbalances in the psyche. We are fortunate that the sciences of psychology and psychiatry have discovered the diverse forms of psychological imbalances, the most advanced being the psychological disorder syndromes. That discovery is just one step short of identifying the descent of the soul as the cause behind the disorder problems.

Because the soul of a Fallen One is in a state of trap, it doesn’t have the power to proceed with the healing of a disorder. But one has the endowment of will as a first step in admitting to one’s disordered condition: the will to admit, the will to seek help of specialists for healing/balancing, and the will to heal.

So as part of the nirvana or salvation program for an aspiring seeker, I normally recommend that s/he seek the diagnostics and counsel of a clinical psychologist. Any person who is badly dysfunctional, and therefore badly focused, will be disabled from absorbing and practicing the lessons offered by a guru.

No matter if I teach the seeker to meditate, the exercise will be futile as the dis-focus will bar him/her from proceeding with an undisturbed meditation. A tool that is intended to help the person feel bliss, could now turn out to be a tool so stressful, as the dis-focused dysfunctional person will feel pressured to perfect the exercise and feel self-pitying if s/he can’t proceed well with it.

So if you show the symptoms of anxiety disorder, personality disorder, and/or bipolar disorder, please seek the counsel of therapists. The latter possess the tools that can aid in fulfilling a minimum state of balance to absorb metaphysical lessons and practices. Admit that you are badly imbalanced, that your deeds (past & present incarnations) were responsible for it, and be optimistic that you can attain the balance along the way.

Persistent, uncontrollable feelings of resentment, antisocial behavior, antipathies, and hostility towards others are negative. Linger on in them and you have a surefire formula for becoming more disordered and a free host to negative beings from the astral plane. Unlearn them to transcend your disordered constraints, and you can be on the road to nirvana.

[Philippines, 19 September 2011]


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Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Mapayapang araw! Peaceful day!

I just treated the matter of karma and reincarnation some couples of articles back, but just the same let me share notes on it again. I never tire in articulating anew about each of the cosmic laws, as there are too many stories to share in substantiation of each law.

Let us again start with the widely-known biblical aphorism: what you sow shall you reap. A parallel aphorism in Philippine folklore is the line: whatsoever is the tree, so shall be the fruits it yield.

Plant the seeds of a mango tree, nurture it well, witness the tree grow from out of the youngling mango shoot, till finally you see clear evidences of mango fruits hanging from branches. The Philippine native mango is the sweetest, most delicious fruit I’ve ever tasted in the world, and so the memory of this blessed fruit will stay with me across eons.

Cultivate the seeds of love and productive behavior, and you reap the fruits of your good deeds. Cultivate the seeds of anger, hatred, lingering sadness, hostility and you reap the fruits of such states of the psyche in your being.

Let me quote below from the manual of mysticism writ by Guru Felix Fojas, the Initiating Guru of my batch in the spiritual Brotherhood, concerning the Law of Karma, to note:

Law of Cause and Effect – Every action has an equivalent reaction. What you sow shall you reap also. There is individual karma, family karma, regional karma, national karma, planetary karma, solar karma, galactic karma, and cosmic or universal karma.

There it goes: karma as manifested in different levels. As far as Earth is concerned, the negative or returning karma was borne by the Chohan of the Piscean Age, Jesus Christ, for the entire 2,000 years of the Age of Pisces. Though already done with his task, Jesus still helps us out to undo our karmas at the collective level.

Interestingly, the Law of Cause and Effect has an equivalent expression in physical reality. Any action leads to its consequent reaction, as the law says. Such is for physics, while the Law has its expression in metaphysics as karma.

So, for any Aspirant, the goal of living must be to sow the seeds of productive, loving, service-for-others, and virtues-building engagements in order to climb the stairs to nirvana or Self-realization. Bit by bit, piece by piece, step by step, the goal is attainable. Many spiritual masters have shown us the way, and today there are 144,000 White Robes who are exemplars of the ‘Nirvana project’.

Ascended Masters abound as part of the endowments of the Almighty Providence to help Aspirants along the Path. One or two masters can assist through very intensive lessons, and upon the bestowal of divine grace unto the Aspirant, the said personal master(s) will absorb a part of the individual karma of their apprentice or chela for him/her to be able to move on.

Later, when the aspirant-turned-Master will move on the Path to become a Christed One or Ascended Master, s/he will develop the capabilities to burn down his/her own karma. There may be lingering energies from the past embodiments yet that could pop up and surface, and such energies must be addressed, so the road to perfection will be traversed well. The freshman Master will be surprised that s/he will be burning down the old attachments and possible karmas, like one were burning stew in a kettle in an open hearth or fire.

So, plant the seeds of nirvana now, climb up the stairways to liberation with Iron Will, and you will reap the fruit of Self-realization or salvation. It can be done. And salvation is just but the beginning, as the new Master has to move on till s/he attains the awareness level of a Dhyan Chohan or Planetary Spirit, the minimum qualification to be able to re-integrate with the Godhead and conserve one’s own identity at the same time.

[Philippines, 16 September 2011]


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