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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

As a continuation of the discourse on cosmic laws, let us reflect this time on another fundamental law: the Law of Polarity or Duality. We’ve had so much immersion to polarity principle and discourse in our lives that it hardly merits additional notes, but for the sake of deepening genuflections on the metaphysical laws let us focus on the law for this moment.

Let’s begin with the lifeworld (world of everyday life). We know that when there’s man, there’s woman. There’s up or Above, so there’s down or Below. There’s a north pole, so there’s a south pole too. There’s warm, so there is cold. There is soft, and there is hard. There is sympathetic, and there is anti-pathetic. There is obese/fat, and there is thin. There is old, so there’s young. Papa there is, so does Mama exist.

We can go on and on and endlessly identify such pairs of antinomy we call ‘polarity’. The kids who were exposed to science early in school know of the electron and proton at the atomic level. As one goes higher in science, one gets to learn of the positron and electron, opposing particles that do clash. There is matter, so there is anti-matter. A universe there exists and easily substantiated, so there must be anti-universe.

In observing a storm of typhoon, which is a common geophysical phenomenon everywhere, we know that there is a force called ‘centripetal’ that tends to pull objects inward to the center or core. Likewise exists a force called ‘centrifugal’ that pulls an object or materials (in powerful tornadoes as huge as buildings are blown off) away from the core or center.

To consolidate our understanding of the polarity/duality principle, let me quote my Initiating Guru Felix Fojas, in the manual on mysticism that he prepared for my batch of Initiates in 1994, to wit:

Law of Polarity or Duality – Everything in nature has a positive and a negative polarity. Positive-electric energy is projective or exerts a centrifugal force which moves away from the source or the center. Negative-magnetic energy attracts or exerts a force that is centripetal or moves towards the source or center. (End of quote)

Being a trained sociologist and political economist, I know by heart that polarity is at the core of social theory. That is, theory coming from the West. Marxist paradigm was dominant for many decades in the social sciences, and I have the opportunity to read the basic books of Marx, Engels, and Lenin, and was able to use Marxism as framework for analyzing and forecasting social phenomena, both domestic and global.

Expounding on Hegelian dialectics, Marx took the law of polarity as the sacrosanct law governing the motion of society. Class struggles eventually lead to social change, from one society to another. Thesis generates its anti-thesis, and the clash between the polar them will produce a synthesis or a new order-of-things that is qualitatively different from the previous state (thesis).

Marxist theory surely is a fitting exemplar of the law of polarity, and one can go ahead to use the paradigm for an understanding of social reality. Provided that, as geometry and divine wisdom teach us, one should know their limits too. A theory can explain a range of phenomena, but only up to a certain range, beyond which its powers to explain are muted or puerile. That is where other theories can be appropriated, based on other universal and/or cosmic laws.

That explains why Marxist theory became obsolete in social science. It is paradigm-based, and paradigms come and go. The cosmic laws that inhere in phenomena, however, are emanations from the One Universal Principle (God), and are in operation for as long as the manvantara (great cycle of life) is in operation. It thus takes profound wisdom, via faculty of discrimination, to judge as to what phenomena can be explicated best by certain cosmic laws.

[Philippines, 13 September 2011]


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