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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Mapayapang araw sa iyo! Day of Peace unto you!

There are more cosmic laws then one has been exposed to so far in my notes, so let me continue with articulation on the same laws. For this note, I will focus on the Law of Correspondence.

Let me begin with a declaration of the statement, as shared to my group of mystics by Guru Felix Fojas in the manual of mysticism workshop he prepared for us (1994), to wit: “Every object in nature, whether animate or inanimate, has an exact correspondence or similarity to other forms existing in the physical and spiritual planes.”

Such an axiomatic thesis was, to re-echo the fact, released unto the open public by the mahatmas of the Brotherhood and is part of the corpus of revelations called divine wisdom or Theos Sophia. Simultaneous with the publications and release of the wisdom magnum opus, the mystical chelas of the mahatmas immediately conducted deep seated studies on our realities to substantiate the cosmic laws.

Among those theses that the same mystical chelas—HP Blavatsky, Rev. Leadebeater, A. Besant, A. Sinnett, Q. Judge, Col. Olcott, J. Hodson—substantiated well was the law of correspondence. They wrote volumes upon volumes of pamphlets and books to articulate on the diverse subjects in substantiation of the variegated laws such as this one.

As part of that discovery, take the case of a book that is placed on top of your table. Both objects book and table have their corresponding objects in the astral plane. Climb another dimension higher to the mental plane, and the same objects will have equivalents.

The forms of the same objects may differ from across plane, more so as one reaches the spiritual planes the notions of forms that we have below will cease to apply. Relative to us, the planes 4, 5, 6, 7 are amorphous or ‘planes of the formless’. Yet, as the law states, the objects cited do have equivalents there, so that means the equivalents in the higher planes would be more of energy ‘forms’ or so.

Many of my experiences in the other planes did register well in my lower memory, such as the houses, streets, and even bulb-like lighting that illuminates houses in the astral plane. It has been normal occurrence for me to see the shape and form of the village that is equivalent to the subdivision village where I’m residing.

The family home where I’m residing does have its equivalent in the mid-astral, which looks quite like a replica of the original (our physical house), though not quite identical in look. And to my amusement, I notice that the kids on the ground continue to play running, hide and sick, and chasing each other in the mid-astral while their physical bodies sleep.

There are those entities that are adept at magic down on the ground who make use of the knowledge of correspondence to manipulate objects and make things happen. On the part of ground humans, the equivalent magical activity is prayer: as one recites an invocation and repeats it several times, e.g “Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee blessed art thou…”, the mantra form across the planes will be stimulated, with the hope that the target effect will take place

No wonder that spiritual masters kept on reminding us to be careful with our thoughts. Persistent negative thoughts addressed to other people can cause harm, disease, even death on the person concerned depending on the intensity of thought. Thought forms have equivalents in the astral down to physical realms, and so we better be careful with our thoughts.

[Philippines, 28 September 2011]


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