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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Mapayapang araw! Peaceful day!

I just treated the matter of karma and reincarnation some couples of articles back, but just the same let me share notes on it again. I never tire in articulating anew about each of the cosmic laws, as there are too many stories to share in substantiation of each law.

Let us again start with the widely-known biblical aphorism: what you sow shall you reap. A parallel aphorism in Philippine folklore is the line: whatsoever is the tree, so shall be the fruits it yield.

Plant the seeds of a mango tree, nurture it well, witness the tree grow from out of the youngling mango shoot, till finally you see clear evidences of mango fruits hanging from branches. The Philippine native mango is the sweetest, most delicious fruit I’ve ever tasted in the world, and so the memory of this blessed fruit will stay with me across eons.

Cultivate the seeds of love and productive behavior, and you reap the fruits of your good deeds. Cultivate the seeds of anger, hatred, lingering sadness, hostility and you reap the fruits of such states of the psyche in your being.

Let me quote below from the manual of mysticism writ by Guru Felix Fojas, the Initiating Guru of my batch in the spiritual Brotherhood, concerning the Law of Karma, to note:

Law of Cause and Effect – Every action has an equivalent reaction. What you sow shall you reap also. There is individual karma, family karma, regional karma, national karma, planetary karma, solar karma, galactic karma, and cosmic or universal karma.

There it goes: karma as manifested in different levels. As far as Earth is concerned, the negative or returning karma was borne by the Chohan of the Piscean Age, Jesus Christ, for the entire 2,000 years of the Age of Pisces. Though already done with his task, Jesus still helps us out to undo our karmas at the collective level.

Interestingly, the Law of Cause and Effect has an equivalent expression in physical reality. Any action leads to its consequent reaction, as the law says. Such is for physics, while the Law has its expression in metaphysics as karma.

So, for any Aspirant, the goal of living must be to sow the seeds of productive, loving, service-for-others, and virtues-building engagements in order to climb the stairs to nirvana or Self-realization. Bit by bit, piece by piece, step by step, the goal is attainable. Many spiritual masters have shown us the way, and today there are 144,000 White Robes who are exemplars of the ‘Nirvana project’.

Ascended Masters abound as part of the endowments of the Almighty Providence to help Aspirants along the Path. One or two masters can assist through very intensive lessons, and upon the bestowal of divine grace unto the Aspirant, the said personal master(s) will absorb a part of the individual karma of their apprentice or chela for him/her to be able to move on.

Later, when the aspirant-turned-Master will move on the Path to become a Christed One or Ascended Master, s/he will develop the capabilities to burn down his/her own karma. There may be lingering energies from the past embodiments yet that could pop up and surface, and such energies must be addressed, so the road to perfection will be traversed well. The freshman Master will be surprised that s/he will be burning down the old attachments and possible karmas, like one were burning stew in a kettle in an open hearth or fire.

So, plant the seeds of nirvana now, climb up the stairways to liberation with Iron Will, and you will reap the fruit of Self-realization or salvation. It can be done. And salvation is just but the beginning, as the new Master has to move on till s/he attains the awareness level of a Dhyan Chohan or Planetary Spirit, the minimum qualification to be able to re-integrate with the Godhead and conserve one’s own identity at the same time.

[Philippines, 16 September 2011]


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