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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Kapayapaan at pagmamahal! Love and peace!

This White Robe and servant of the spiritual Hierarchy had already discoursed on reincarnation in diverse articles. Let me share additional notes on the subject in consonance with the articulations on the cosmic laws.

To begin the reflection, let me quote from Guru Felix Fojas, my Initiating Guru in the spiritual Brotherhood, in the manual of mysticism workshop he prepared for us, to note: “Law of Reincarnation – Every spirit-entity regularly incarnate into bodies of flesh to be able to operate in the physical world and learn earthly lessons as well as perform a spiritual task.”

Upon greater elaboration on the subject by the mahatmas of the Brotherhood, the chelas immediately meditated and did research on it. There was, for instance, the repetitive reminder about a group of divine beings that dispense with karma—the Karmic Board—that then becomes the basis for deciding on when and what contextual arrangements will the incarnating ego embody.

HP Blavatsky, Rev. Leadbeater, and Annie Besant, among the foundational leaders of the Theosophical Society, wrote voluminously about karma and reincarnation, the two metaphysical or cosmic laws that go hand in hand. A book was devoted to a particular person alone, tracing back the person’s lives in the past and treating each life as one book chapter, to substantiate the law.

The mystical chelas of the masters clarified that reincarnation takes place every 3,000 years on the average. This is particularly true for the mass of evolutionary laggards, who keep on coming back to learn the same sets of lessons that they failed to learn in their previous embodiments.

The exceptions are the evolved souls, who are returned to the physical plane pronto in order to help humanity to evolve on both personal and collective levels. They are the exemplars of productive behavior for the laggards. They are also the ones who introduce breakthroughs in the arts, science & technology, and philosophy that become powerful motors for social change and for elevating the collective consciousness.

Earth is indubitably a school of life, a hub where different soul types and variegated awareness levels are sent forth to learn lessons and grow in awareness. It is akin to the term ‘social laboratory’ that is used in development language, though its purposes go further than the social.

Due to the sterling behavior of Earth herself, the planet will also evolve in due time. She has become an exemplar for other physical plane planets or ‘3rd dimensional’, and so Earth will ascend soon as a reaping of good karma for her feats. In the very long term, Earth or Terra will continue to move up the ladder of liberation, until she will become a Sun, thus privileged to support many planets with her light and love.

[Philippines, 12 October 2011]


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