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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw! Good day!

One cosmic law that has been discovered by philosophers and scientists over the past three (3) centuries, their own discovery being substantiation of what spiritual masters have long known, is the Law of Unity. Not only is this law well known and articulated, it has become popular too.

Even popular artists such as musicians couldn’t resist the charm of putting the law into musical form. James Taylor, John Lennon, and many more pop musicians have urged people to “shower the people with love” as “one thing leads to another,” based on their knowledge of the Law of Unity.

As my Initiating Guru Felix Fojas in the spiritual Brotherhood summarized, in the manual of mysticism workshop he shared to my batch of mystics (c. 1994) about the Law of Unity: “Everything in the universe is connected to or affects every other thing in the scheme of things.”

In ecology, the principle of the ‘web of life’ has been very central to understanding the interconnectedness of species, both flora and fauna, among each other on one hand, and between biological life forms and natural environment on the other. Cognizant of such a principle, which is in fact another expression of the Law of Unity, the ecologists have reminded practitioners to be cautious about introducing a non-endemic species in any new environment.

Take the case of Japanese snail. There used to be no Japanese snail in my country, but then it was introduced in rice fields and farms. Expected to induce balance in the ecology, the snails later produced in enormous populations and turned parasitical.

On a more macro-scale, the Law reminds us Terrans to be very careful with the use of atomic energy. Nukes should only be used for beneficial purposes, for the usage of nukes as WMD (weapons of mass destruction) will immeasurably disturb the balance in our sector of the universe, a disturbance that in turn will disturb the balance in the Milky Way, and who knows where the synergy of imbalances will end.

As an ending to this note, let me quote from the beautiful song piece Magkaugnay by Filipino world music artist Joey Ayala:

Ang lahat ng bagay ay magkaugnay

Magkaugnay ang lahat

Ang lahat ng bagay ay magkaugnay

Magkaugnay ang lahat

Literally, the lines transmit as: “all things are interrelated, interrelated are all things.”

Ayala’s song Magkaugnay was able to demonstrate, in musical lyrics, that nature and its diverse life forms are interrelated. It is danceable music, while its lyrics resonate with environmentalism and patriotism. It is a wonderful way to articulate on the Law of Unity.

[Philippines, 02 October 2011]


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