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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

A pleasant day of Love, Peace, Harmony to you all!

Liberation from the bonds of illusion, which enables a highly-willing Aspirant to end the cycles of rebirth, can be described as the minimum attainment of optimal balance in the soul and psyche. The soul or higher self is activated, and by so doing, it becomes the ‘captain of the psyche’ or lower self.

In an un-liberated state, where one is a slave of desire, veiled by thick energies of illusion, the soul is a passive player in one’s life. In such a state, the psyche prevails. The person experiences imbalances of every kind, and is subject to storms and stress like they were level 5 typhoons smashing upon the psyche without control.

Attaining a high state of balance is therefore a condition of liberation, a prerequisite to attaining harmony of a sterling nature. This condition of the liberated person is encapsulated in the following quote from the 1994 mysticism manual writ by Guru Felix Fojas, my Initiating Guru in the Great White Lodge, to wit:

Law of Balance – Positive and negative energies must be balanced in man and nature to achieve harmony. Lack or excess of either positive or negative energy results in an imbalance and causes diseases in man and catastrophes in nature.

At the biophysical level, we experience imbalance as disease which is a fusion of the words ‘dis’ and ‘ease’. As early as our primary schooling, we are urged to maintain biophysical balance through balanced food, regular water intake of 8 glasses, a glass of milk, a glass of juice, some fruits, physical exercise, and sleep of 8 hours daily.

Biophysical wellness however is dependent on the psychological states of people. As the idiom goes, disease is 75% psychological and only 25% physiological. So here we find the challenge to harmonize the biophysical body and the subtle bodies (astral, mental, causal) in order to achieve perfect health and wellness.

But there is the soul’s descent to the dense planes, lured by desire, which causes imbalances in the psyche. We are fortunate that the sciences of psychology and psychiatry have discovered the diverse forms of psychological imbalances, the most advanced being the psychological disorder syndromes. That discovery is just one step short of identifying the descent of the soul as the cause behind the disorder problems.

Because the soul of a Fallen One is in a state of trap, it doesn’t have the power to proceed with the healing of a disorder. But one has the endowment of will as a first step in admitting to one’s disordered condition: the will to admit, the will to seek help of specialists for healing/balancing, and the will to heal.

So as part of the nirvana or salvation program for an aspiring seeker, I normally recommend that s/he seek the diagnostics and counsel of a clinical psychologist. Any person who is badly dysfunctional, and therefore badly focused, will be disabled from absorbing and practicing the lessons offered by a guru.

No matter if I teach the seeker to meditate, the exercise will be futile as the dis-focus will bar him/her from proceeding with an undisturbed meditation. A tool that is intended to help the person feel bliss, could now turn out to be a tool so stressful, as the dis-focused dysfunctional person will feel pressured to perfect the exercise and feel self-pitying if s/he can’t proceed well with it.

So if you show the symptoms of anxiety disorder, personality disorder, and/or bipolar disorder, please seek the counsel of therapists. The latter possess the tools that can aid in fulfilling a minimum state of balance to absorb metaphysical lessons and practices. Admit that you are badly imbalanced, that your deeds (past & present incarnations) were responsible for it, and be optimistic that you can attain the balance along the way.

Persistent, uncontrollable feelings of resentment, antisocial behavior, antipathies, and hostility towards others are negative. Linger on in them and you have a surefire formula for becoming more disordered and a free host to negative beings from the astral plane. Unlearn them to transcend your disordered constraints, and you can be on the road to nirvana.

[Philippines, 19 September 2011]


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