Friday, December 25, 2015


Erle Frayne Argonza

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone else!
That I started with a goodwill greeting associated with the Christmas occasion doesn’t make me a church devotee of which I definitely am not. I have departed a long time ago yet from Catholic Church, my childhood church, though I am still sympathetic to some of its key doctrines of faith notably Vatican II.
On the other hand, not being a church devotee doesn’t make me any less a disciple of Jesus the Christed One. I am very much a disciple of Jesus and his team-mates of Ascended Beings, and I’d categorically declare that I am, in this respect, a Christian. It is for this reason that I do attune myself to the rituals of the Christians who are largely fanatical devotees of the Cult of Jesus which was officially dubbed as Christian Church in the generic sense.
So many fallacies and lies were propagated by the Jesusian cults (i.e. churches) over the past two (2) millennia, one of which is the contention that Jesus was born on the night of 24th of December. Nobody knows about the exact date when Jesus, the World Teacher, embodied and was born as an infant a full Age ago (1 Age = 2,150 years approximately). There are mystics today who claim that Jesus was born around the end of March, but as to the exact day of his birth (using the Gregorian calendar) no mystic had made a precise claim.
In the first place, the devotional practice of giving so much importance to the exact day of birth of a founding Master in its literal sense is purely this: blind fanaticism. Even if we presume that Jesus was born on the 24th of December, there is a greater underlying meaning behind his birth that the ordinary devotees and cult hierarchs have no knowledge about. But if only the cult devotees would look to numerology for some answers regarding the question of meaning, they would find fruitful answers via this method.
But as everybody realizes, Jesusians are bent on declaring that any contention that lies outside the church/cult dogmas is a work of the Devil. You could just imagine how many freethinkers and esoteric seekers may have been labeled with the ad hominem Devil by the Jesusian cultists (church goers), and it is no surprise that this writer had earned the ire of many such fanatical cultists such as his former university students. Well, the bad luck for the fanatics is that this is no Medieval Period, and so I could make the boldest claims to unmasking church lies without being accosted or burned at stake by fanatics. Also, I reside inside the University of the Philippines (Diliman) which is the ultimate bastion of freedom in the whole of Southeast Asia. My big city, Manila, is also the citadel of freedom in Asia, so no one would stone me to death or burn me alive anywhere here for being an iconoclast.
Now, let me go straight to the question of meaning. This interpretive task is a matter of deep exegesis, likened to interpreting a dream. As one who had studied semiotics (science of signs) via the behavioral sciences and esoteric philosophy, the task is easy just the same. Humans normally resort to rituals or ceremonies, and often the cycles of seasons and weather patterns evoke ideas that then translate into ritualizing engagements. Social relations produce thought, as the sociology of knowledge (cognitive sociology) had so succinctly declared as a social law. This is our starting point for our recondite reflection.
In the ancient past, the production of rituals was the chief task of the Shaman (babaylan in ancient Philippines). The shaman was the priest (or priestess), medicine man (or woman) or healer, white magician/alchemist (taps energies for beneficial purposes), mystic (bridge to the Divine Beings), and philosopher, all rolled into a single functionary. It is important to cite the shaman here, as we can best understand the significance of the ‘December 24 event’ by putting ourselves in the position of the Roman high priests (Rome’s own equivalent of shamans) and see what this intersubjective process can reveal to us.
Remember that the Roman shamans were, in ancient parlance, pagans. In today’s anthropological language, they were animists. As such, they represented a people that was so close to nature, and knew well the cycles of seasons. Like the shamans from other cultures, they had designed rituals for every kind of human activity conceivable. A child, before being born, is prayed for using mantrams and ceremonial rites, and then receives another ritual upon birth, and another ritual upon reaching puberty, and so on till death. Likewise did the seasons of both hemispheres receive equal treatment in terms of ritualization. Ditto to the cycles of pre-cultivation, cultivation, and post-harvest for food production (agriculture, horticulture). The Romans were into such practices, to emphatically mark our point here, more so that they were already city-builders and were of advanced caliber in knowledge and technological pursuits of their time; their shamans, likewise of the highest caliber.
Culled from above is the idea of ritualizing for the end of the autumn season and the beginning of the winter season in the Northern hemisphere. The significance of Christmas, of Jesus’ birth being assigned to the 24th of December, has a great deal to do with the autumn-to-winter interface (to use current terminology). Officially, the equalization of the patterns of autumn and winter is cognized as the Winter solstice, which falls on the 21st of December in the North (winter solstice in the south falls on the 21st of June, which is summer solstice in the North).
Even before Christianity was declared an official religion, without doubt the Romans were already in the habit of ritualizing the coming of Winter. No further research is needed to establish this. All of the ethnic communities in the Mediterranean for that matter held rituals signifying the start of Winter, and the inter-permeation of cultural elements by dint of cultural diffusion is responsible for the degree of homogenization of Winter ritual patterns in the same area. Which means that the Latins (Romans), Etruscans, Greeks, Hamites, Semites, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Iberians shared more or less similar traits in their Winter rituals, the most focal being that they all celebrated Winter solstice in certain ways.
The question now is, what is the deeper significance of December the 24th other than that it marks the 3rd day after the Winter solstice? And why the 3rd day after the solstice was declared as the ‘birth of Jesus’ by the new rising religion, the Cult of Jesus (Christianity)? Why not simply assign the 21st of December as the day of his birth, which will make the birthday identical to the 1st day of winter (the 21st)?
As to the date, the 3rd day after the solstice, a note: 3 is the number of Trinity (Father, Son, Spirit) in Christology. In numerology (Indian and Pythagorean systems), 3 denotes creativity, productivity, motion, action, activity. The two semiotic sets do converge. Instead of copying the solstice day as D’ Day, the ancient shamans (who were the new bishops and priests of the Jesusian cult) decided that it would be more appropriate to indicate the Trinitarian power in the date, which makes the 24th rather than the 21st as the top candidate. For a numerologist, the day makes sense, in that declaring a creative-dynamic signification on a winter’s season, which is a season of rest or motionlessness, generates a sense of balance of the action-rest duality (yin-yang in the East).
Not only that. It would also make greater sense for the devotees or blind fanatics (a redundancy really, because devotee and fanatic are identical) if the date of birth would be on a day other than the 21st which most Mediterraneans and Northerners already celebrate. The ‘uniqueness criterion’ is an important element in decision-making, and by using this criterion means that the 24th of December made the Jesusians or Jesuits (church fanatics) a unique people who created rituals outside of the common ritual templates. That is, the 24th of December rendered the fanatics the illusion of uniqueness, which made them rest on solid psychological grounds: they need not defend any longer that they were copy-cat folks.
Now, that leads us to the next idea: converging the ‘uniqueness’ element with the ‘chosen people’ eschatological belief present in all religions and cultures. Supposedly, Jesus was the harbinger of the new idea that the ‘gentiles’ (literally the ‘outsiders’ of a chosen people who were the Jews) were themselves a ‘chosen people’ and not outsiders or outcaste. The Jesusian cult has now given the fanatics not only a sense of uniqueness, but also declared that such a uniqueness reclined in their being the ‘chosen ones’. The time for the old chosen ones has ended, and a new chosen one has begun in mandate.
You could just imagine the ecstatic impact that such a convergence of ideas could produce among the erstwhile herds of fanatics, who for many centuries were loathsome outsiders in the civilizational game. They were the barbarians & savages of the previous ages, the outsiders who were recognized best for their destructive propensities. Now they are the co-creators or co-producers of the Divine Spheres or God (co-creation signified by number 3), the next harbingers of civilization. And true indeed, the former barbarians, who were mainly Europeans, felt this mission so strongly in their psyche that for many centuries thereafter they scoured the earth for ‘heathens’ who would be converts to their idea of civility, of being cultured, progressive, rational, and humanist.
Of course, the psychological mood or theme evoked by the entire ritualizing of birth in the 24th is Hope: that Jesus was the embodiment of hope, that there was finally hope for the Europeans who for centuries were heathen slaves. Of course, it was the greatest psychological victory for the Latins (Romans & sister tribes) in as much as they were then the center of civilization world-wide. The 24th also gave the same Europeans the same sense of hope at a time of hopelessness and despair that were evoked by the cyclical winter season.
Cultivating the seed of creativity, activity, uniqueness and hope, all converging within a common seed-idea—the birthing of the Ascended Master Jesus and bestowing him with the role of Begotten Son of the Father God—and planting this in the psyche of Europeans is among the most profound developments in the genetic seeding and improvement of the Europeans themselves. True indeed, and humanity better accept this, no matter how destructive may have been the methods employed by European powers in their conquests, the Torch of Civility for the entire Piscean Age was vested in the European. Their time had come 2000+ years ago, and no force on Earth could stop that.
2000+ years ago, the seed of that historic mission of the Europeans was planted, concocted, congealed in thought, which then permeated right deep into their Collective Unconscious, which eventually got implanted in their genes. For the Collective Unconscious, which belongs to the Electromagnetic Field or EMF, interfaces directly with the biophysical, and that to induce changes in the EMF will likewise result to corresponding changes in the bio-physical dimension. The changes, in other words, will be planted as genetic traits that will govern the actions of the people concerned in the long run.
That, dearest readers, is the significance of the (night of) 24th of December. The mission of the Europeans has now been optimized, after the full Age of Pisces. Likewise the mission of Jesus: to carry on his shoulders for 2000+ years the collective karma of Earth’s humanity. The European-Jesusian missions are now over, and the Torch is now being passed on to the peoples of the East, particularly to the Pacific Asians. But this new development, which will be the definitive development of the Age of Aquarius, is another thing. Suffice me at this moment to say: I’ve shared my thoughts about the deep significance of the 24th of December, by resorting to an archeology of the psyche and soul.
A Merry Christmas again to you all! May my love for all Jesusian cultists be re-declared here, please accept my goodwill for you all. May you all evolve in spirit! Let’s all chant the mantram: Jesus is Love! Jesus is Love! Jesus is Love!
[Writ 14 December 2007, Quezon City, MetroManila]

Wednesday, December 16, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

To all the women I’ve ever loved before
Who once were o! so near in stead
Whose countenance filled my heart’s longings
Even as I to them was an inspiring Sun
Now all of them are shadows of tales gone
Of love and pains that blend like one
I hereby share my blessings and benign carings
As one mentoring soul shares love to all
Let them walk the Path where destiny leads
And scale Nirvana’s farness till travails end
Till they fulfill at last the goddess within them
Shall they turn unto Venus-like beings of zen

[Philippines, 28 September 2010]


The poem speaks for my heart, and so I should say I got nothing to say further about it (smile). Now, my friends out there would say “hey you forgot the names of your past Beloveds as a sign that you hate them” (smile).

Honestly, I never thought I would end up as a bachelor, never thought I was destined (programmed by Oversoul and Christed Ones) to become an Adept. I was reminded by the Mahatmas, who revealed theosophy to modern humanity, that being unmarried is a requisite to becoming an Adept. Well, the bonus for my intense, sharp climb in the nirvana Path is my reunion with my Beloved Twinflame in the ‘master’s world’ just couples of hours after I spiritually ascended in November 2008.

But I did have a history of dating and loving certain women. And I did plan to marry, as early as age 21 I already began to envision our house, design its core structurals, and have children. To my own surprise, not a single bond stayed to permit marriage. My last beloveds were feminists, and marriage was simply outside their personal agenda. I respected their decision, never imposed my ‘will to marry & family’ upon them.
Just the same, no matter what pains I and my beloved ladies went through, the fractured bonds were already healed. I have offered my humble offerings of prayers for them, for their continuing welfare and salvation at their own pace. Upon spiritual ascension, with the power to offer blessings bestowed on me, I offer them blessings, and no one can take such blessings away. That is the alchemy of love coming from this White Robe.


May 2011

Saturday, December 5, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

As part of your own tools for use
To keep your aura healthy and protected
Immerse yourself in music so benign
Of Mozart and the musical masters
Instantly they do elevate your aura
By octaves higher than your normal life
There to ensure your wellness protection
Against psychic attacks from sorcerers

Keep in tune for an hour a day
Twill keep the witch doctor away
Likewise will your intelligence increase
As razor sharp your skill to analysis
Blissful too will you be in joy
For heavenly tunes in your employ

[Philippines, 14 September 2010]


From my genius grandfather, Estanislao Argonza, did I first learn my Mozart appreciation. From him too did I learn Ybanag folk music and dance of Mascota. An ‘old soul’, Grandpa (as we fondly called him) was the core reason why I was embodied in my family, as both of my parents, who are of average intelligence, are inadequate to understand nor handle a tot who was born a gifted child. A math & music genius, he and my grandmother, a retired teacher, also taught me breeding and culture.

Now, who is Mozart to whom all musicians North and South, East and West, would pay homage too as a great master? His music is so powerful and fine, that it aids in multiplying your aura’s frequency level, thus ensuring you alignment to the divine spheres and protection versus malevolent forces (sorcerers, black magicians, dark invisible beings). What made him into what he is?

Mozart was known in a later embodiment as Leo Tolstoy. Of such gifted mind, he is indeed a spiritual master, already an Ascended or Christed One. His last embodiment was as Nicholas Roerick, great painter who eventually embraced and practiced the avocation of guru of the Teaching. Roerick was a disciple of the late HP Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society and now also an Ascended Master.

Psychologists and researchers discovered that Mozart music is a powerful aid to increase intelligence, focus, and healing. As already said, Mozart also multiplies your aura’s frequency during acts of listening, thus protecting you from psychic attacks. If you seem drained as you talked to a negative person (demoniac) or so, sit down and listen to Mozart so as to close your astral body, breath deeply for 7X, and there you go feeling your energy coming back.


May 2011

Wednesday, November 25, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Recalling those high school days
So zestful and slim a boy fumes thoughts
Like they were coming out of my cells

Immersed my mental body was
In the thought streams
Of Christ and Lennon
One to bridge with the Divine
The other to link with humanity

They who thought me sublime imagining
Of love and compassion for all
Creations of the Almighty
Will live forever within me

[Philippines, 29 August 2010]


Jesus Christ and John Lennon were my first philosophers. Jesus I knew only from cathechism as a child, but that was enough to make me his bhaktha or devotee. As the poem says, Jesus was “to bridge the Divine,” as all Christed Ones are to bhakthas and chelas (disciples). In high school did I first had the opportunity to read the Holy Bible when our copy of the scriptures were brought home to us by my Grandpa who visited the Vatican on a European tour. Being among the Chohans of the Great White Brotherhood, his teachings are among those I regard as must-read-and-practice philosophies to become a free person.

John Lennon I came to know first as a child too, as vocalist for Beatles. I learned to play the guitar by summer of my Grade 5, and by Grade 6 I was already playing for the school rondalla or ‘string band’. At home I played Beatles songs as some of my favorites. Then came high school years, 71 through 75, when Lennon went solo. His songs were philosophical, and I simply loved them. As the poem says, he was “the other to link with humanity,” meaning a voice of collective conscience. His song Imagine is the most appreciated, and at times I couldn’t avoid shedding tears singing it, as the imageries of the wars in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and insurgencies in the Philippines screamed the headline news.

Lennon was no spiritual master like Jesus, true. He was like any ordinary folk who was asserting his right to make people happy and ring their conscience with messages of love and liberation. But he deserved my respect, and lives forever in me being a part of my formative years.

A 3rd philosopher of my adolescent years was Dr. Jose Rizal, national hero of the Philippines. In my previous writings, I regard Rizal as a ‘guru of nationhood’ like Gandhi, who mentored my forefathers to loving the motherland and gelling themselves into a nation. I encountered his novels in 3rd year high school, as a required reading, and the rest was history.


May 2011

Monday, November 16, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

The ego surely has every way
To ambush your psyche
Like bandits waiting to waylay thee
It comes with thunderbolts
Of thoughts so dark and gloom
They’d make you depart
From your sublime humanity

Such as to make you wallow
In dirty cesspools
Of arrogance and hubris
Large may the pool be
Yet dirty is it as ever

Arrogance and hubris won’t ever
Pay enough and won’t reward thee
Save but to sink thee
Deeper in murky waters of evils
Such darkness will come back
Upon thee when most unexpected
Like a boomerang gleefully flying
To return to its own thrower

[Philippines, 20 August 2010]


Arrogance, delusion, pride all go together as evils experienced by the lower self or psyche. You would notice how many are those who claim today to be representatives of the Divine Beings, and by examining the contentions they make—that are ambiguous and deceptive—you know that they are engaging in delusions. And they delude the public with an aura of humility, mind you. Yet they arrogate upon themselves the huge role of Divine representative! What philistine hubris!

Such evils could hide themselves from the uninitiated or ignorant, but not from sharp empaths, psychoanalysts and more so from evolved souls. Just by reading through about three hundred (300+) channeling articles writ in 1992-2001, I was able to perceive through dark marshes and saw the arrogance and hubris that went with them. Those channelers, who are actually spiritist mediums that perform necromancy (calling the spirits of dead, animals, negatives astral beings), are psychologically unstable, and to prove my point let them undergo psychiatric test. I can see through them, being an empath who conducted listening & counseling on hundreds of troubled souls.

Arrogance, hubris, delusion, pride are all poisons to the soul. Any truly willful seeker should be determined to deprogram them from the psyche. The tools of deprogramming vices are provided by an initiating guru, as I normally do to those I mentor, and should be applied diligently. There can be no excuses for missing out on deprogramming certain vices or evils such as lying, cheating, arrogance, pride, as the failure to take them out will redound to reinforcing veils in the Path.

Unable to deprogram vices and take down veils in the Path, Divine Grace can never be fully given by the Almighty, and the advancing seeker will remain dangling in the ‘purgatorial regions’ of existence. Burn down all evils, take down all veils, and Divine Providence will grant nirvana, the 1st phase of true liberation, unto the devotee or seeker or mystic.


May 2011

Saturday, November 7, 2015



Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Like unto humans and angels
Fairies and devas and all
Trees do have minds that speak
No matter how feeble they may seem
They to have aspirations to climb
The stairways back to God’s domain

Stretching arms upwards
They have always been demonstrative
Of that pure love for Earth
Likewise for God’s created creatures
Of flora they are yet of distinction

For devotionally stretching
Arms and limbs to God
Torn to pieces yet
By stormy winds they weather
Unquestioningly performing duties
With sublime grace
Shall they be rewarded
Be the Heavenly hosts

Someday they too will climb up
The stairways to higher worlds
Never again to be trampled
By predatory species

[Philippines, 11 August 2010]


It is wonderful to behold the trees reaching their branches outwards to the heavens. Being part of the vegetative domain, trees have a collective soul. Though feeble yet in mind-like qualities, they do have a soul, one soul for a specific species of trees. Being part of the vegetative life, they are testaments to the 2nd Evolutionary Round.

The 2nd Evolutionary Round came right after the 1st Round, the Mineral. The 3rd Evolutionary Round brought about animal life, or Animal-Man if we take it from the vantage point of humans. Humans—or Devic-Man—constitutes the 4th Round of Evolution, to which we belong to and of which we are living manifestations of.

Evolved souls have great love for trees and species of nature, and I guess their unconscious minds tell them so. Most evolved ones are of course the spiritual Masters, from saint through Avatara, whose love for vegetative, animal, and devic species goes beyond showing mutual devotion alone: they do give notes on wisdom and harmony tools to the latter’s souls when opportunities come as Teachers of the Law of One.

Should you wish to know what will happen to trees and the vegetative kingdom, be at peace with their continuing ascent. They will comprise part of the New Earth, and even in the higher dimensions of Earth later they will follow through and be co-balancers of the environment.


May 2011

Monday, October 26, 2015




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



In John’s Revelation book he narrated

Of an evil Dragon who dragged with it

One third of the stars or so


‘Tis no other than the Draco Empire cited

Alongside Orion and dense aliens warred

Against the Forces of Light past eons ago

Over four (4) grand cycles came to past


‘Twas the same wars fought passionately

By Lucifer and Michael and their minions

Celestial powers did take side in it

Like today’s world powers side in wars

Fought by potentates and client-states


‘Twas told too in Greek mythology

With Perseus the Pleadian fighting passionately

Versus Karkens or Draco’s might

That invaded Andromeda in antiquity


They were the epical star wars then

Their wars assured will ensue again

As Draco-Orion Forces now prepare

One last stand they fight in despair

Prepare too for the narratives they beget

The tales you tell grandchildren o’ tomorrows


[Philippines, 28 July 2010]





Star wars are real, and I’ve written a series of articles regarding the Empire of the Draconian-Orion alliance. I also supplemented those articles with a series of writings about the Illuminati who are corrupted adepts of Illumined Ones from Orion as they were originally called.


The Star Wars series surely got me hooked up into it not only as a fan but as an analyst whose adrenalin is made alive by solving enigmas in life. The movie series surely revealed a phenomenon of conflict between the forces of Light and Darkness that took place hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Jedi knights, noblest warriors who performed guardian roles and kept the balance in the universe, are as real as you can imagine it to be: they are Warrior Adepts of Light, and indeed as Guardians they do perform the role so described in the movie series.


Well, the sad news was that Earth was taken by Orions during their invasion about half a million years ago. They and the Draconians did tangle early humans in genetic breeding experimentations, the result of which are the Terrans of today. The only good news coming out of the past ‘star wars’ was the ceasefire (truce-like sort of) between Michael and Lucifer, and that ceasefire has been observed till these days.


The Guardians among the spiritual Masters are actually behind the leadership of the Confederation of Light whose chief leader is no other than Sananda or Jesus. The Great White Brotherhood, via the Guardians (Jedi-like), thus provides guidance to the confederation many of whose members are not exactly benevolent. In the absence of the guardianship of masters, the confederation would be another “to each his own.”




May 2011


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Sunday, October 18, 2015




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Interviewed by a searching student

On first hour o’ the day

After a storm had passed

Queried she if angels exist

Or that I believe in angels


To which I quipped with certainty

“A matter of fact and not belief

Angels are” with nary an eyelash batted

Love Beings they are

Whose Presence cleanse and balance

The Earth’s dirtied aura

A whole domain of life they inhabit

In abodes of exquisite architecture

They too help each one of us

As an Inner Guide and sentinel


Connected they are

To the Cosmic Heart of the Mother

They are the Heart’s benign resonators


May they grown and prosper too

And experience the abundance

Of the universe


[Phiippines, 25 July 2010]





Angels are a distinct species-being created by the Prime Creator. Being distinct, they have lives of their own, worlds of their own, and ‘ways’ unique to them (‘culture’ in human terms). They constitute a distinct cosmogony too, so that our own Ascended Masters who are so vastly knowledgeable about human cosmogony wouldn’t hazard a moment to peregrinate on angels and cycles of evolution.


I recall that, in the midst of a typhoon, when I thought classes weren’t suspended yet, a student asked me whether I believe in angels. I replied that angels are a fact of life, not just “belief”. They are Architects of Forms, while we humans are Thinking Beings, to say it matter of fact yet in simple words. They are in synergy with other creations in the cosmos, such as the Devic beings (nature beings) and humans.


Every now and then, as a neophyte mystic in the mid-90s, did I request for angelic assistance to depower evil entities that do commit psychic attacks on helpless folks, and I do it simply be invoking the Archangel Michael for assistance who responds by sending a team of ‘blue lightning angels’. Such angels are then to take command for me during the operations phase, and then let them depart and thank them after their mission is fully accomplished.


I have also at some junctures in 2008 through early 2009 pass by the world of angels, and came to observe their abodes. I don’t normally do that, as angels deserve their privacy too like us humans, but having committed myself to doing Teaching tasks (lectures for instance) to angels when opportunities come, I was permitted upon the clearance of their own Masters to do visits. Cherubims visit me right in my bed room every now and then for two decades now, and their presence simply brings me profound happiness. They are very, very shy, just to remind you.  




May 2011

Monday, October 5, 2015




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

From up Himalayas’ etheric space
With Light beings attending in sessions
Called forth by World Teachers we
Are as salts of the Earth

Brought forth to bring Light Above
Unto eager souls awaiting release
From encumbrances with ignoble Ignorance
Veils upon their eyes concealing truths

Likewise now am I decided anew
To re-enter the university’s august halls
There to rendezvous with sublime starseeds
Harbingers of the noblest goal of nirvana

A commitment to the Holy Cause
I’m coming back to sublime academia
Impeccable den of truth and wisdom
I’ve come back regained in strength
Will and inspiration fro the Heavens

[Philippines, 19 May 2010]


I have a great admiration for the academe, the university notably, even as I sat down to do professorial tasks when opportunities brought so. A citadel of knowledge and the arts, the university is a very effective vehicle for the conduct of spiritual mentoring work, a fact that I found out in my own experience.

Being a part of urban Asia, and embodying in a country that was on its way to an urban economy (Philippines, 68% urban by 2010), I found the university and related venues of instruction (workshops, trainings) as the means most fit for disseminating the Teaching and mentoring seekers. In the old Manila campus of the University of the Philippines, where I taught for almost 16 years, I met a professor there (Prof. Aragon) who too was on his way to White Robe missionary. I’m sure he is most contented with his role both as professor and White Robe.

I did leave the university teaching job as I felt it that I had some leadership and related missions to fulfill outside the campus. Those missions aren’t over yet, but the inclination to do university mentoring has been nagging me. Short of time now to fulfill this passion for sharing knowledge via the university, just the same I have it in my agenda to go back to campus teaching even way after the New Earth had galvanized.  

Those spiritual seekers who were born in an urban society should therefore deconstruct old thoughts that gurus can be found in recluse ashrams or spiritual retreats. Gurus like me are well blended with the urban populace, you can find us in your cities and universities, and be glad to know that there are thousands of us performing the guru role today.


May 2011

Friday, September 25, 2015




Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

It is back and surely back indeed
This gigantic helix-like portal
To in-betwixt space across worlds

Sleeping in repose for eons
Closed it was by clashing forces
Benign as well as malevolent
Cut off from its nerve ending
Above my beloved Philippines
If but to undercut those enthused flyers
Of starships and patrol crafts both
Yes repose twas for eons long

Long forgotten or so it seems
Till waken it did like a gigantic lantern
Filled with Light on all sides
Dazzling Light to beacon flyers all
In humble 2008 did it spark with life anew
Led by galactic warriors a-flying patrols
Like many bees clustered on a hive
They guarded the Holy Spiral as it descended
Back to it umbilical cord zone

Never again to close down
Is it now transporting ships and souls alike
Here now cometh to reinforce the Plan
Of raising us all to higher climes
Upon the bustling of cocks enthused
On 21st of December 2012

[Philippines, 12 May 2010]


The hyperspace galactic portal, which connects Earth to the galaxies, has been re-opened in 2008. I already pronounced this publicly a couple of years ago. I was shown visions of it by my own Light Body Oversoul that was activated on the day of my spiritual ascension in late November of 2008.

Witnessing that portal offered me some hindsights about the role of the Philippines—remnant of the Maharloka subcontinent of Mu—in the unfolding cosmic drama. Not only did I witness the Light Forces re-opening the portal and guarding it with armadas of space armies, it was also test-run and utilized by the same forces to land gigantic starships on the upper astral domain (‘4th to 5th densities’ in some other language).

The message was clear to me then till now: that the Confederation of Light is ready in its task to rescue qualified Terrans after the catastrophe polar shift and Earth changes. I had the opportunity then to talk to their commanders as I visited the starships that landed and gave my goodwill notes as representative of the Elders of the Race.  


April 2011