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There has been a humungous lot of talks about the Law of Attraction across social sectors in recent times. From self-development gurus to market experts to training consultants, the Law of Attraction has been a popular verbiage, rendering knowledge of the law into household knowledge.

Folks are interested in the Law of Attraction as a way to shore up their coffers. The challenge for them, and likewise to the entrepreneurs, has been the magnetization of money to produce endless cash inflows for people’s bank accounts, personal expenditures, business investments, diversifications and so on.

The Law of Attraction is definitely a cosmic law or metaphysical law. It can be looked upon in two ways or aspects: the physical and the metaphysical. Attraction operates on both domains or reality, though of different character of manifestation. Guru Felix Fojas echoed the core statement of the Law, “In the science of physics, opposite poles attract each other.” He then went on to state the metaphysical expression, to note: “In metaphysics, like attracts like.” [From Guru Felix Fojas’ manual of mysticism workshop, Manila, 1994]

As to the physical domain, it is the manifestation of opposite poles attracting each other. At the atomic level, protons are positive-charged particles while electrons are negatively charged, so the attraction of both particles supposedly make possible the formation of atoms (add to that the neutrons staying at the center of the atom). As to geological reality, north pole is at one area of the planet while south pole is on opposite area or side.

Going now to human life, where each person comprises of seven bodies (3 spiritual, 4 material) integrated into one, we easily witness the coming together of ‘like attracts like’. Those persons with common thought modalities, ideals, values, weltanschauung, worldview, interests would normally get attracted to each other. “Birds of the same feather flock together,” says a folk cliché.

True spiritual seekers, those who tread the Path of Light aiming at nirvana or Self-realization, often gravitate to each other. Atheists likewise resonate with each other, and though their discourse is now a bit archaic, they continue to form interest groups and platforms for cooperation.

Supreme knowledge of the Law of Attraction enables certain ascended beings to instantly erect edifices through thought power alone. The Mahavatar Babaji normally did demonstrate this power to his disciples as narrated by the late great master Paramahansa Yogananda. From out of the free atoms Babaji would facilely fashion classical-style architecture building where the would-be gurus he is mentoring can gather and meditate together.

Jesus did demonstrate the same practical applications of the Law of Attraction to his disciples and devotees. From out of a piece of fish for instance, he materialized baskets of fishes. The single fish provided the template or ‘master copy’ of the species, and that template was then used to instantly form “copies of fishes” enough to feed a flock of devotees, like he were photocopying a master copy in great numbers.

Ascended beings can go beyond that, by summoning the disciples they are currently mentoring to be right beside them. This is a favorite mode of calling for a meeting by Mahavatar Babaji, and I know this first hand as I was among those would-be White Robes who received his mentorship in the teaching mission from late 2007 through 08. I would O! so suddenly see myself sitting in circular fashion around the holy figure of Holy Babaji, and I knew by then that my etheric body was there with His Holiness and my fellow Adepts.

The same Law of Attraction is also used to explicate the phenomenon of resurrection. As soon as a physical body of an ascended being departs, the same being (great master) would use that body as a template of ‘master copy’ to generate a copy that looks exactly like the original. Jesus and Sri Yutekswar Giri demonstrated the power to resurrect themselves, thanks to their mastery of this cosmic law.

[Philippines, 25 September 2011]


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