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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

From the Pearl of the Orient goes the greetings of love & liberation!

The last cosmic law that I will articulate on is the Law of Evolution. I already discussed evolution in past articles, so this piece will be a sort of a resume of all the said discourses.

As the mahatmas of the spiritual Brotherhood have elucidated to their mystic chelas, man (from manu or thinking being) was first made via projections from the One Universal Principle, in the highest dimension or plane. Then, step by step, the oversouls of man were to project God sparks down on the 5th plane, and downwards yet to the 4th and so on.

Till finally, during the 4th Evolutionary Round, to which we are still properly situated, it was time to evolve man on the surface. The first root races thus appeared on the human canvass, and onwards till today, whence the 5th ‘root-race’ called Aryan is almost on the terminal phase of its mandated incumbency.

Two more sub-races of the Aryans will appear on the historical canvass. After which the next two (2) root-races will appear, each root-race to manifest in seven (7) sub-races. The last two (2) root-races will be the last ones for the 4th Evolutionary Round or the devic-man phase of evolution.

To encapsulate the law, let me quote Guru Felix Fojas, my initiating guru in the Great White Lodge, in the manual of mysticism workshop he prepared for my batch of Initiates (1994), to wit:

Law of Evolution – Everything in the universe evolves physically as well as spiritually. The ultimate goal of evolution is spiritual perfection. There is also the Law of Involution and the Law of Devolution. [End of quote]

What has been explicated by the mahatmas was that man evolves simultaneously in the spiritual, mental, and physical domains. Man was first very highly spiritual and very effulgent a being, but mentally feeble and materially undeveloped. In order to evolve, man has to move down to the astral, etheric, and finally the physical realms.

Man has to be physically perfected and then mentally developed prior to the ascent back to the higher domains. That is the rationale for man’s descent to the physical plane, face risking the disconnection from the higher spheres, and expand on the development of the mental faculties to enable a greater capacity for absorption of knowledge and wisdom.

As to the ultimate goal of perfection, let me re-echo past articulations on the matter. Self-realization—activation of the Soul or higher Self so that it will govern the lower self or psyche—is just but the beginning of a long process yet of spiritual awakening. One becomes a spiritual master upon soul awakening or moksha, is enabled to tap higher wisdom directly, yet isn’t spiritually perfected yet.

The realized Self qualifies one to end the cycles of rebirth, so that later re-births will be more a matter of volunteer decision as a way to enact the liberated person’s mission. Upon becoming a master, one must strive further till perfection is achieved, where 100% balance and harmony is attained and grasp of spiritual knowledge is full and complete. The person thus becomes a mahatma or ‘great soul’.

As one gets perfected, there are still spaces for continuous evolution. From being mahatma, one can evolve to a chohan. From that phase onwards, the liberated master can evolve to a Dhyan Chohan, which enables the Perfected One to qualify to be re-integrated to the Supreme Being and yet permitting the authentic identity to remain intact, at the end of the dissolution (pralaya) phase of the manvantara (great cycle of out-breath and in-breath of the Supreme Being).

Upon the start of the next manvantara, the Perfected One can be re-awakened, being then evolved into a Deity who is mandated to co-govern a realm. The Archangels and Archaias (female archangels), or Dhyani–Buddhas, are among the great souls who attained perfection during the previous manvantara yet. And so are all the deities we know today.

[Philippines, 15 October 2011]


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