Friday, October 22, 2010


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Gracious afternoon to you all!

As a young lad I was taught, like everyone else, tales that came straight from ancient folklore. As each nation has its own indigenous narratives to pass on to younger generations, so does my nation possess our indigenous tales. The Philippines is so wealthy with folklore, that I feel it is a privilege to be born here due to this wealth.

I’ve been saying all along in my notes that folklore is the best source of ‘ancient wisdom’ among the Malays. Not scriptures, but folklore are the repositories of ‘higher mysteries’ in Southeast Asia. Such as the knowledge of physical stature which is the subject of physical anthropology and paleontology.

Among the lore subjects that caught my attention with wonderment was the one about giants. Our narratives do have them, and fact is when I entered the university and began studying sociology (major) and anthropology (minor), I encountered lots of other narratives from the diverse ethnic communities across the archipelago. I was amazed at the presence of the ‘giant discourse’.

There is the narrative about Biuag & Malana among the Malawegs and Ibanags. Biuag was a giant while Malana was a warrior-hero. Across the Matalag River each one positioned himself, poised in combat, with a beautiful lady as reward for the winner. Malana, who was more agile and cunningly smarter, eventually was victor.

There is a parallelism of that narrative with the story of Achilles in Iliad. At one point, Achilles had to face a giant who was champion for a group of Greeks. He quite so easily out-maneuvered and killed the rather phlegmatic giant.

Just by gathering some dozens of indigenous narratives to find out whether giants are present in them would suffice to discover a pattern. Incidentally, as far as the Philippine side of the Malay massif is concerned, our documentation of folklore has been thorough and comprehensive, which indicates positively such a pattern.

The pattern is the clash of two (2) races of people: one of giants, and another of mainstream humans. Often the giant operates alone or is solitary, with exaggerated heights of standing as tall as a 100-foot tree or so. But that is poetic language which was the language of antiquity, so shorn of exaggeration we would see instead a race of man—represented by the solitary giant—who was taller than the average-height humans of the time.

Note that the average heights of Ibanags and their cousin ethnicities (Igorots, Itawes, Malawegs, Ivatans for example) must have been past six (6) feet. The ancient Ibanags were of stocky physique, but agile and battle-ready, as indicated by folk narratives about warriors.

Using 6.5 feet as average for man (a bit less for women), we can estimate that the giants squared off by the Ibanags in battles (signified by Biuag) must have been at least nine (9) feet tall. Some members of that race must have been within the range of 10-15 feet, which anthropologists of today would flatly refute as ridiculous.

According to ‘ancient wisdom’ (see Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine) the races that preceded us were indeed gigantic in stature. Two patterns of phenomena would be noticed as follows: (1) a new breed of smaller stature were created (genetically bred) from the older giants; and, (2) within a race, the stature would become smaller and smaller in height across time.

The Ibanags of today as well as their cousin ethnicities are just above 5 feet in average height, a drop of more than a foot from their ancient pedigrees. Besides, the physique of present Ibanags are slim and non-stocky, that slim built seemingly the pattern since after the advent of Western colonialism.

If the ancient giants were the pedigree of the shorter-height Malays (Ibanags among them), then we can safely say, using ancient wisdom, that the giants were the Lemurians of antiquity. From out of the Lemurians were bred the Malays who more fittingly belong to the Atlantean or 4th ‘root race’. The Lemurians ranged from 25-35 feet, bred to adapt to the environment where giant predatory mammals roamed the Earth.

Even the early Malays, who were properly ‘Atlantean’ (part of the worldwide ‘root race’) peoples, were of heights averaging 15 feet at one juncture. That’s almost three (3) times higher than the current Malays who are just past five (5) feet in height. The Malays surely have dwindled in height and physique across time, maybe due to in-breeding.

In the West, we can find a parallelism among the Italians. Their ancient pedigrees, Etruscans and Romans (Latins), were of stocky built and past six (6) feet tall. Vandals also joined the ancient Romans, who were likewise very tall and stocky, and co-populated Italy. Today, look at how the resulting people of Italians have become much shorter in height that seems to average just above 5.5 feet.

Our own anthropologists actually discovered bones of past seven (7) feet in height, somewhere in Central Philippines. But wary of the theoretical crisis that the bone finds would spark, the scientists decided to keep the find as a top secret, never to be talked about in conferences. What hubris and smugness from our own local experts!

No secrets can ever remain secrets in the Philippines anyway, due to the power of the oral tradition. And so the archeological find did reach the ears of many quarters, the mass media and scientific community included, and we keep tab of it as controversial finds though factual.

Who knows the ancient Malays of the post-glacial period did recede in size so radically? Such a size would later be reduced from an original 15 feet to 7.5 feet as indicated by the Central Philippine diggings. And now, from that 7.5 feet (of Neolithic times) we were reduced to our present 5.5 feet average.

As I was saying all along, folklore is a veritable source of high knowledge or ‘higher mysteries’ or ‘ancient wisdom’. If we cannot find physical evidences of giants in archeological diggings, then let’s find them in myths and legends. It won’t take long and archaeology will follow, gradually unveiling ancient giants who were in fact our father races.

[Philippines, 24 May 2010]


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw! Good day! Buenos dias!

This time around, I’ll share to you the cosmic-galactic facet of the Tagalog creation myth. As I’ve already elaborated elsewhere, the Malays (of whom Tagalogs form a part of) were created by a cross-galactic race (light-skinned) from out of the Lemurian descendants (dark-skinned), thus producing a tanned race that was lighter than the Lemurians.

Being a new breed then of Pacificians (from the Pacific Ocean), the Malays belonged squarely to the last races of the Atlantean ‘root race’ (see H.P. Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine). They were bred almost at the same time as the White race that was a hybrid of light-skinned cross-galactic humans and the red-skinned Atlanteans.

To go back to the Tagalog creation myth, let me quote from a previous article: “The myth goes that there was once a bamboo floating listlessly by the oceans. The bamboo finally ceased to float as it landed on a coast in the Philippines. As it did so, a white dove flying above descended on the bamboo and pecked it accordingly. The bamboo then split, and out came Malakas and Maganda. The Filipinos are their descendants.” (See “Tagalog Creation Myth: Science of Birthing Revealed.”)

That being the synopsis of the mythos, let me re-stress that it is a coded message about the birthing of the Tagalogs/Malays. This time, the cosmic-galactic facet will be taken as the paradigm base. Let me take up the signifiers (code items) one by one:

• Ocean/sea mystically refers to the unconscious or ‘causal plane’ element. That was where the ‘bamboo’ came from, to note. It means the awareness level of the Malays and their breeders corresponded to that level (7th Density at least) before the descent of humanity to its low 3rd Density level today.

• Ocean also indicates the mass inundation of the Earth after the end of the glacial period. The last of Lemuria’s subcontinents sank across time as the ice caps melted and elevated the seawaters to much higher levels.

• The ‘bamboo’ is referent for DNA as a whole, which is almost similar with the previous interpretation. This time though, note that DNA in the higher dimension is different, as it has more strands (12) than biological DNA (2).

• Inside the bamboo are the two prospect gender, male and female. The Yin and Yang. Duality in One. Indeed, even the soul of a human has both masculine and feminine elements. So is the DNA, whether higher or lower dimension type.

• Bamboo floating in the ocean/seas also signifies the attempts by the survivors of the post-glacial deluge to survive via floaters. Much like Noah’s floater. Noah was in fact of Lemurian roots, and produced a branch of tribes that would settle later in Western Asia. The same floaters brought survivors to lands that emerged after the floods receded, lands in the Pacific Ocean (including the Philippines).

• From the ocean/seas, it landed in the coast. Soil signifies matter, as well as the maternal element (matter is Latin ‘mater’ or mother). It also signifies the physical plane, with the element of solidity (earth element) as dominantly marked.

• A dove, white in hue, signifies the Galactic humans and their space vehicle. The myth reveals that the same Galactic breeders experimented on a new race. Quite observably, the same breeders or ‘creators’ used the species of humans already present then, who birthed through sexual procreation means (male and female in sexual intercourse). The earlier Lemurians were oviparous (egg-laying), while the latter were sexual in pro-creation.

• The dove landed on the shores, as one can see. This means the Galactic creators, who came from the Air above (air is 6th Density or mental plane), had to descend to a lower dimension to be able to breed the Malays. Terrans were originally 5th Density in habitat, so it makes sense that the light-hued creators had to descend at least one Density lower from their domain.

• The dove pecked the bamboo. This could mean that the creator race was also sexual in breeding or sort of, and it is possible that they actually pro-created with the Lemurian descendants. Otherwise, the new breed could have been created through laboratory means, which could also be possible.

• Malakas and Maganda came out of the bamboo. Obviously, two (2) genders were involved as products of the breeding. And both of the genders were involved in birthing the ancient Tagalogs/Malays, who would later be among the chief tribes of the Filipino nation.

The Lemurians could have exercised gender equality, as indicated by the mythos. From the Lemurian descendants to the proto-Malays, the same cultural trait was disseminated. When the Moslems and Spaniards arrived in the islands, they discovered the prevalence of such a sociocultural trait among the islanders.

In closing, let me re-echo a thesis declared in a previous article: “As I’ve been saying all along, the contributions of Malays to the Teaching (‘God’s Word, higher mysteries) are found more in their folklores rather than their scriptures. Malayan scriptures are Islamic, Buddhist, and Christian, or impositions from outside. Folklores are originally their creative production, and are repositories of High Knowledge and wisdom. Such a thesis is exemplified by the Tagalog creation myth.” (See “Tagalog Creation Myth: Science of Birthing Revealed.”)

[Philippines, 23 May 2010]


Monday, October 18, 2010


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Let me bring you another folk lore from the Malays: the creation myth of the Tagalogs. Tagalogs are the ethnic groups of Luzon island in the Philippines, from whose dialect came forth the foundations of the national language of Filipino.

Tagalog is a coinage of Taga Ilog, literally meaning “from the river.” The river in the term is a referent for the hydrological societies that pervaded the Philippine archipelago prior to the advent of western imperialism and colonialism.

A nation richly endowed with folklore, with myths and legends, the Philippines counts among its popular lores the myth of ‘Malakas and Maganda’. Literally, it translates as ‘myth of Strong (Malakas) and Beautiful (Maganda).’

The myth goes that there was once a bamboo floating listlessly by the oceans. The bamboo finally ceased to float as it landed on a coast in the Philippines. As it did so, a white dove flying above descended on the bamboo and pecked it accordingly. The bamboo then split, and out came Malakas and Maganda. The Filipinos are their descendants.

A very ancient narrative, the mythos is, to my mind, a repository of a science that was already known in the ancient times: the science of birthing. Such a science was eventually lost, as the end of the ice age inundated land masses, sunk continental chunks of lands, and led to a dark age of sorts.

Despite the retreat of civilization after the end of the last glacial period, the survivors found ample means to preserve the knowledge and information that they could preserve through folklore (myths & legends). Let’s take the signifiers one by one.

• Let’s take the case of the sea/ocean first of all. The water in the seas is a signifier for the amniotic fluid inside the mother’s womb. In the womb is, of course, the ovum which is a facility for birthing.

• The bamboo, with its nodes, long and pliant, is signifier for the DNA/genes. It is unimaginable to create humans without the genetic vehicle for their making, the vehicle being no other than the DNA.

• The dove is a bird. The bird is signifier for ‘desire’ and the phallus as well. Both desire and phallus are key biological facilities in creating life forms. The bird pecking the bamboo signifies the procreation act.

• From inside the bamboo, one presumably finds the masculine (Malakas) and feminine (Maganda) elements or identities. Which is what it is: both masculine and feminine genes are already inherently present in the DNA.

• Having both a Malakas (masculine) and a Maganda (feminine) in one space, co-equal, refers to the law of duality. The DNA has two (2) strands, gender has two identities (male, female), and so on.

• The soil, as indicated by the coast, signifies the elements of the Earth. All such elements are present in the human body. Without such elements, without biological matter containing such elements, babies can’t be produced. Soil is matter, from the Latin word ‘mater’ or matter, as it is also the feminine element (mother, mater).

That Malakas and Maganda simultaneously came out together from the same bamboo signifies the gender equality among the ancient Malays. Patriarchy was alien to the Malays, who were among the last subraces of the Atlantean ‘root race’ to evolve in history.

Patriarchy was largely imposed from the outside: from Islam it was imposed upon southern Filipinos, from Christianity unto Northern Filipinos. Indians and Chinese also migrated to the islands, introducing their brand of patriarchy.

Yet no matter how much tons of debris may have buried the ancient ways of the Tagalogs/Filipinos, they were not totally buried after all. One only needs to mine their folklores, of which volumes of documentation works were already published, to be able to extract and unveil hidden truths.

As I’ve been saying all along, the contributions of Malays to the Teaching (‘God’s Word, higher mysteries) are found more in their folklores rather than their scriptures. Malayan scriptures are Islamic, Buddhist, and Christian, or impositions from outside. Folklores are originally their creative production, and are repositories of High Knowledge and wisdom. Such a thesis is exemplified by the Tagalog creation myth.

[Philippines, 22 May 2010]


Saturday, October 16, 2010


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang hapon! Good afternoon!

I’ve mentored spiritual seekers for two (2) decades now. Many of them I met in the astral and etheric planes, while some others I did handle right here on the ground. From out of their narratives did I conclude that evil masters are very busy disguising as Light Beings whose messages request to be channeled and disseminated.

Among the questions asked by the seekers is an interpretation of their visions. Having imparted meditation tools to them, they gladly plunge into the meditation experience, and sooner or later they’d experience every kind of visioning.

As soon as they’d advance a bit in their practice, they would normally experience visioning just by closing their eyes. Even while inside a vehicle, on travel to their work spaces, they would see visions. They would later narrate them to me, inclusive of visions of Dark Masters.

Let me declare that the spiritual Brotherhood had long forewarned humanity about the agenda of Dark Masters to use the channeling or spiritist modality to beguile unsuspecting souls. This is now happening, as thousands of unwary ‘seekers’ would accept hook-line-sinker the deception of Dark Masters pretending to be Ascended Beings of the spiritual Hierarchy.

I told seekers that they should expect, in due time, to see both Beings of Light and Beings of Darkness inclusive of Dark Masters. As we accelerate in our Path, Light Beings would routinely manifest to us to assure us of their love, guidance, protection. Likewise will Dark Masters manifest, forewarning us that if we go wayward or use beneficial energies for dubious purposes, they’d be the one to catch us.

A seeker asked me whether she was a threat to the Dark Masters, which explains the latter’s manifestations before her in visions. I told her that it is merely routine, that no one among us down here who are in the Path is considered threat to the Dark Beings. It is simply routinary to see them.

Clarifying further, I said we are threats to no one as our joint task is to spread the Light and help others to be liberated from veils of illusions. It is not our task to search & destroy Dark Beings, a task that belongs more to the Archangelic realm.

Another seeker narrated to me how she saw St. Germain supposedly manifest to her. All of a sudden, the manifesting Being’s face turned hideous and evil. She knew right then that it was a disguise, a Dark Master appearing and disguising as the ennobled Chohan of the Aquarian Age.

Necessarily, seekers receive every sort of channeled messages, often short but recognizable. They describe the voice as passing onto their ears, or they are audio messages.

I told them to be careful with those messages. True, they may be seeing a Light Being at a certain instance. But the Light Being’s message that they hear could be jumbled and distorted by Dark intruders in the astral plane. The Dark Masters do that all the time.

That is because the seekers I’m referring to are very strong in 5th Density or higher astral endowments of visioning. 5th Density is full of distortions, being a subplane of illusion. Dirty messages of every kind filter in to our lower minds through that bandwidth.

A seeker in California has been communicating to me about two (2) years back, requesting for protective tools. He claimed to be mentored by a Light Master of sorts. To my shock, the Light Master he speaks of is no Master but a group of degraded or demonic Felines located in the astral plane, using him as their puppet channeler.

I did give that seeker some tools to reckon with. At the same time, I urged him to absorb and practice a broad array of tools from the Teaching, most specially those regarding deprogramming of vices and the use of meditation. To my shock, the seeker was adamant in using them, which made me realize how deeply he was being controlled by the demonic Felines.

In Manila, a seeker narrated to me how she was contacted by her Inner Guides, one of whom revealed her planetary roots in the Pleiades constellation. Furthermore, she was told that she was sent here to “save the world.”

While giving full credence to her Inner Guides contact, I did notice that convoluted “save the world” message. A dangerous, delusional message, as it can inflate the ego of an unwary seeker who would think she is so special and Messiah in stature.

I myself get to see the Dark Masters, every kind of them, from time to time, during my meditation visions. They think they can hide from my scanning focals, which they can’t. I discover their presence, register the experience, and then report the event thereafter to the Archangels Michael & Gabriel for recording and processing.

My attitude towards the Dark intruders has been one of passive recording of the event. Incensed as I may be by their deceptive intrusion, I never go about provoking a fight with them. And I never respond to their provocations, as one Dark Master has been doing for some time now (childish one I’d surmise).

I already wrote some notes about the dangers of channeling before, with many of those channeled messages actually dictated by Dark Beings. I likewise cautioned seekers and readers about those messages, practice wise discernment when reviewing them, and realizing for themselves the low value of such materials.

Such things are happening today, as Dark Masters are desperate about the planet running out of their control in due time. They’re doing everyway they can today to ambush and deceive seekers and mystics. They think that they can recoup from their losses, as many former puppets of the Fallen Ones have returned to the folds of the Almighty Creator.

Unless a seeker can move in awareness from the 5th to 6th Density at least, s/he will always be a footstool of Fallen Ones. 6th Density (lower mental) is the lowest domain where there are the least to zero distortions of messages. 6th density is the realm of genius, the 1st level that we can consider as ‘high awareness’.

Psychic awareness, at 5th Density, is low awareness. A dangerous realm it is, full of deceptions and dirty messages. I discourage seekers I’m mentoring to delve or immerse in psychism such as channeling, telekinesis, and those sorts.

If one has to ascend, ascend first to 6th Density. Then gradually move on up, till you hit the Mystical at 8th Density. At 9th Density, you are a Master of Wisdom, free from illusions at last. At such a level, Dark Masters’ efforts to ambush you will fail.

So, seekers and readers, note this write up well. Dark Masters are very busy deceiving and ambushing seekers and mystics, notably Light Workers, out there. Be not deceived, be discerning, and you shall overcome.

[Philippines, 22 May 2010]


Thursday, October 14, 2010


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang gabi! Good evening! Buenas noches!

Among the seekers I’ve handled are lawyers. They and the lawyers among the Light Workers may be interested to know how the justice system extends to the cosmic realm. The proper equation is actually that cosmic justice finds manifestations in the lower regions of existence. ‘As Above, so Below,” says the Teaching.

We have the universal laws governing the diverse realms of omniverse. These laws do find expressions as impregnable rules of conduct in daily life in all the realms. Violating such laws of conduct would be tantamount to incurring debts that must be paid.

In the lower realms, karmic laws do operate. They form part of the broader fabric of Cosmic Justice. The measurements of good and counterproductive conduct are exact, as cosmic justice operates like a gigantic mechanism that measures our conduct and their impact.

Overseeing Cosmic Justice is a synergy of ascended beings. Chief of it all is Lady Justice herself. She is a manifestation of the Divine Mother charged with dispensing justice for all beings in all of the realms. Assisting her are other Hierarchs, inclusive of the Karmic Board which is a cosmic ‘supreme court’ of sorts.

Twelve (12) ascended masters, more or less six (6) males and six (6) females to keep the balance of cosmic energies in the body, comprise the Board. They are also known as the Lords & Ladies of Karma. Lipikas, as they are termed in Asia.

On the celestial realm are the archangels who co-administer the universes and their respective sectors and subsectors. They act as enforces of the Cosmic Law, and are assisted by a diversity of angelic stakeholders, inclusive of ‘blue lightning’ angels, ‘whitefire’ angels, and seraphs. Often such angels are lumped up as ‘warrior’ angels.

There are trillions of souls in our universe alone, billions of whom are in the lower realms. In our astral realm, in a planet there, resides 60 billion souls, many of them waiting to reincarnate on Earth. Imagine the complexity of handling those souls, of keeping track of their records of daily conduct—such records amazingly imprinted in the Akashic Records (in the 4th plane) for retrieval when needed.

Cosmic Justice is indeed so complex a task, that it takes an enormously large number of evolved souls to assist the Karmic Board and Lady Justice do their tasks. On the celestial beings’ side there are also huge numbers of Light beings deputized to assist in the justice works. In organizational language, we call them ‘staff’ (of the K-Board).

There are cases that are definitely very tough to handle. For instance, there was the case of Lucifer who grossly questioned the mandate of Christ Michael as the creator deity of our universe. Undercutting Michael’s authority, he cajoled a very large number of Light beings to join him in his usurpation of authority of the latter and creating a dominion in our universe that is independent of the Almighty Creator’s authority altogether.

In such a case, when ultimately processed and judged, the case is brought forth before the Council of 24 Elders which acts as a ‘supreme court’ of the last instance. Lucifer himself served as the exemplar for that kind of case, as he was arrested and brought forth before the C-24 Elders, and arrogantly never admitting his mistakes nor do penance, was hence effectively deprogrammed.

Many more wayward beings will be processed and judged the way Lucifer passed through. In legal parlance, a precedence was already set, cosmic jurisprudence therefore built up from the precedence, henceforth preparing the grounds for a broader application of the justice system on erring ‘masters of lesser Light’ (Dark masters).

Most likely too, Lady Justice & K-Board plus their staff are very busy these days. The large task before them is to review the conduct of living by the human and angelic beings altogether. Comes December 21, 2012, judgement will be served on all human and angelic beings.

An immensely complex task it is indeed, given the trillions of souls on both domains. And, well, for those who are on the Path, both human and angelic, there is nothing to worry about. Only those who were very wayward, who consciously did a misqualified use of divine energies 51% of the time, will heavily pay the price of their misdeeds.

On the other hand, those who have been journeying the Path of service-for-others or SFO (contrasted to service-for-self or SFS), will ascend by at least one ‘density’ higher. Light Workers and their equivalents in the angelic realms will enjoy the fruits of divine grace and will ascend upwards by many folds.

As to who will pronounce cosmic judgement on everyone, it will be a team up of cherubs, seraphs, and ophanims more or less. Each one of us will be told of our judgement and where we’re bound to go—to ascend Above? laggards’ planet? negative planet?

Cosmic Justice is still full of God’s mercifulness, as the law says where you go is up to you. No angry God or zealous Justice or avenging K-Board exist in reality, and Hierarchy does not impose laws on conduct upon beings of the lower realms.

Maybe, those informative matters would suffice for the moment. Digest this note well, and rest assured there is a place for everyone else in the Divine Plan. Cosmic Justice is there to ensure balance and harmony will prevail and everyone processed wisely, judiciously, and accordingly.

[Philippines, 17 May 2010]


Monday, October 11, 2010


Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Mystical-esoteric circles across the world have been making noisy contentions since the late 19th century yet about the contributions of certain cultural families to the higher mysteries (Christians’ ‘word of God’, yogi-gurus’ ‘the Teaching’). Western philosophers have been enamored particularly to Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Egyptian, Meso-American, and native North American streams of esoteric thought.

There is an observed undercurrent of ethnocentrism in those thoughts for sure. Western esotericists and occultists have been particularly hyper-valuing the Atlantean ‘tradition’, for the simple reason that Atlantis was part of Western hemisphere. It’s ethnocentrism pure and plain.

The same circles have been pretty silent about other cultural streams’ contributions to the Teaching. A deafening silence, for instance, can be discerned about Malay contributions to the Teaching, a silence that can be misconstrued as racist condescension towards the brown-hued peoples of Southeast Asia whom they subconsciously regard as “halfway between monkey and man.”

Let us take the case of mantras that have fundamental import for purification, protection, and prosperity purposes. If one reads the works of JJ Hurtak, one would rather see the ethnocentric propensity to regard the Jewish stream as the core of all invocative interventions. The rationale advanced is that the high knowledge was passed on by Enoch directly, or by God Almighty, and so contesting such a rather ex cathedra truth is tantamount blasphemy.

I would have none of those subtle dirty tactics of Western thinkers and their cult followers across the globe. The truth of the matter is that all cultures of the planet have contributed in no small measure to the build up of the Teaching (higher mysteries, God’s ‘word’, universal knowledge, mystical science…). Inclusive of such contributions are the invocative interventions or mantras.

Malay culture is among the major cultural families the world over. There must be around 350-400 million Malays across the southeast Asian region, making them so diverse in form. Malays were among the last races of the 4th ‘root race’ (Atlantean), and were among those who survived the deluge that marked the end of the last glacial period (which ended Atlantean civilization and hegemony).

Malays were most likely bred from out of the dark-skinned Lemurians of antiquity. Of gigantic stature, the Lemurians gave birth to the black peoples today. During the advent of the dark-hued Lemurians, a branch of it would become the Polynesian race. A branch of the Polynesians were further isolated and chosen to breed a more light-colored hue of brown pedigree, the Malay race.

One would find in many folklore scattered across island Southeast the traces of the conflicts between the parent race (tall dark-skinned Polynesian-Lemurians) and the offspring race (brown shorter height Malays). There is hardly any ethnic group in the region where the belief in giants doesn’t exist. The ‘shorties’ (Malays) turned out to be smarter and agile than the ‘gigantes’ (Polynesians) who would in the end lose or are isolated.

The Philippines alone, which the Hierarchy chose for me to embody, has about 100 ethnic groups. Scholars have already accumulated research materials about the folklore of the islanders, which indicates a vast storehouse of symbolic constructs that outmatch those found in the West or ‘middle East’ (another ethnocentric Western invention).

Let’s take the category of myths and legends. The Anglo-Saxons have just but a single narrative of Beowulf, which was evidently culled from the Nordic-Teutonic traditions of antiquity. In contrast, the Filipino legends have a variegation of versions, such as Lam Ang of Ilocos, Biuag & Malana of Cagayan, and so on.

If a coterie of scholars would consolidate all the folklore of Filipinos, Malaysians, Indonesians, Bruneians, Southern Thais, Timorese, indigenous Formosans, and related ethnicities, they would most likely be overwhelmed with the magnitude of results. At least 100 volumes of an encyclopedic compendium would be the result.

During our centennial celebration of Philippine Independence in the 1990s, scholars from the University of the Philippines generated around ten (10) encyclopedic volumes of folklore. That is just the tip of the iceberg of Malay folklore, as one can see.

My contention is that it is in folklore where we can mine the higher mysteries and discover their parallelisms and similarities with those already established (e.g. Vedic, Tibeto-Lama, Tao, Hebrew…). While typical esotericists would use scriptures of their choice cultures for mining higher mysteries, among the Malays it would be in the folklore rather than scriptures.

Only astigmatic or parochial minds would reduce scriptures as the sole basis for extracting higher mysteries such as universal laws. Any Western esotericist who’d claim “Hey those Malay guys don’t have scriptures at all so their contribution to high knowledge is negligible” is as smug as the bigoted Victorians imperialists of yesteryears.

Such bigots have a one-dimensional way of looking at things, a fixed idea about sources of knowledge (their way—scriptures), and turn out to be incompetent in dealing with mystical studies amid their university exposures and doctorate degrees even. Ignorance killed the cat, so did ignorance snuff out the chance for mining Malay culture for mystical knowledge.

No wonder that among the 144,000 White Robes sent forth at the ‘end of time’, thousands were embodied here in Southeast Asia. We have Teachers everywhere here, in all sub-regions of the southeast, who hopefully would unearth the Light that has been seemingly trapped in the antechambers of Malay culture.

We have no need to import other traditions here in fact. Even in meditation tools, we have indigenous ones embedded here, now being unearthed by Teachers and seers. I don’t even have to mention martial arts and healing (herbals included), fields that have clearly demonstrated the practical aspects of the Teaching that has been embedded in Malay culture.

So, while the scripturalists of the traditional mold go their way of flattering themselves with having unveiled truths, let the folklorists go ahead and unveil the same truths from out of the folklore of the Malays. For the Teachers sent forth here as embodied Malays, go ahead and spread the Teaching silently, gradually sharing in the process your learnings about the Malay stream of higher mysteries.

In ending this note, let me invoke AKO YAONG AKO. It is Filipino for I AM THAT I AM. I discovered this mantra translation a year ago, and I invoke it every now and then. Ako Yaong Ako! Siya Nawa.

[Philippines, 13 May 2010]


Friday, October 8, 2010



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

Bulol literally means mute. The bulol that I will share to you isn’t the typical disabled person we know. Rather, this mythical bulol is the Watcher of the Dead of the Igorots or Cordillera mountains peoples. I’d advance right here that the Bulol mythos has deep mystical significance, which I will share to you today.

If you happen to tour the Cordillera Mountains, an entire region up North Luzon (Philippines), you will encounter the sturdy Igorot peoples. They are among our indigenous peoples, and they share common cultural traits that merit them as a generic group.

Like most of our indigenous peoples, the Igorots are so rich in myths and legends. They surely have contributed immeasurably to the country’s vast storehouse of symbolic constructs (myths, legends, folk lores) that are heritage yet of the Lemuro-Atlantean ancestry of the Igorots (all Malay tribes for that matter were of Lemuro-Atlantean roots).

A male Being, the Bulol is believed to be the Watcher of the Dead. As soon as a person dies, his/her soul (a) arrives on a river where s/he is consequently met by Bulol riding on a banca (canoe), (b) after which Bulol will ferry his/her soul over across the river (c) where s/he alights and then transfers to a chariot in waiting which (d) will fly him/her finally to the Almighty Creator.

As a trained observer (analyst, hermeneute, semioticist), I can see couples of symbols and structures revealed in the narrative. Let me begin with Bulol. I can very easily see that Bulol is among the guardians or Watchers of the Astral Plane. Indeed such a Being exists, who, to repeat, is guardian of a certain sphere of life, the astral plane, particularly the mid-subplane of the astral plane.

River is a means to convey the element of Water or astral element. A soul being ferried across the river means the soul has to move over to the astral plane and its diverse subplanes, from the lowest to the highest (5th Density is another term for higher astral).

The Watcher of the astral plane doesn’t communicate to souls of dead folks, which is captured by the mute state of Bulol. If he does, the Watcher does this through thought communication.

The banca (canoe) signifies the vehicle used by the Watcher to ferry the dead’s soul (within the astral body) to the next level of ascent. There is no fixed vehicular form, it could vary depending on the cultural wordview of the person who just died (e.g. huge fish for those living in coastal areas, banca for inland cultures…).

At the end of the ferrying journey, across the river, one has to alight. This signifies that the astral plane has an end, no matter how seemingly serene and heavenly the plane may be. And that end is the 7th subplane of the astral plane.

The next step after that journey is the ascent of the mental-to-causal planes. The mental plane is characterized by the Air element, which was captured in the Bulol mythos in terms of the chariot flying on air. At the beginning of that journey, the person’s own Angelic guide who is personal guardian, will meet and accompany the soul to the next level.

Angel guides are precisely positioned in the mental plane equivalent for their cosmic species. They can of course make use of equivalent vehicles to fetch and ascend the person, such as that one signified by the chariot.

The end of that journey is the causal plane, sometimes called the ‘higher mental’ plane. Being the seat of the intuitive faculties, the higher mental plane is the beginning of formlessness or ‘pure energy’. Arupa, as it is termed in Sanskrit. Fire element is the natural facet of the 4th or higher mental plane.

The Bulol narrative stops there. The chariot accordingly flies up the sky (soul moves across the mental plane), and that’s the end. No more related principles were revealed to the folks other than the entry to the higher mental plane (signified by the highest heights of the sky).

What the Bulol tells us is that the ancient father-race of the Igorots devised a way to conceal higher principles in so clever a manner. They found the folk lore way as the means to achieve that. If one were to examine every facet of Igorot life, nay of Philippine cultural life, one would find similar instances of symbolic constructs concealing very recondite truths.

As to why the principles of reality planes and elements have to be concealed in folk ways, suffice me to say that the world of antiquity was rapidly ending as the last glacial period was also coming to an end. With the prophesied inundations of old lands by melted polar caps, ways have to be devised to conserve universal principles for the survivors of the floods to tag along with.

The last glacial period saw the demise of Lemuro-Atlantean (e.g. Maharlokan) civilizations. Among those that survived and thrived were the Malays, and among them were the future Igorots of the Cordilleras. And, along with them, the Igorots conserved a vast storehouse of ancient knowledge waiting for mystical scientists to decode and share to the world.

[Phiippines, 13 May 2010]


Monday, October 4, 2010



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

Let me share some peregrinations this time on the 144,000 White Robes. Across different cultures and diverse spiritual representations, there has been the commonality of prophecy about the coming of the 144,000 White Robes or Rishis. Who are they? What broad purpose where they sent forth here?

Thousands of years back, since the beginning of the Kali Yuga some 5,200 years ago, there was already the preponderance of hope amid a coming Dark Age. Such a thought led to sublime revelations—by transdimensional Mahatmas to disciplic Adepts below—about the galvanization of hope via the embodiment of 144,000 yogic Adepts at the end of the cycle.

The ‘end of cycle’ refers not only to the end of the 5,200 years of Earth’s immersion into the ‘anti-universe’ field that brought about the further descent into 3rd density, it also refers to the end of the ‘grand cycle’ of 26,000 years of the solar system’s revolution around the Alcyon/Vega systems. The Mayan scientists calibrated the exact end of that cycle on the solstice of December 2012.

Let it be clarified that all of the 144,000 yogic Adepts so referred to, are here on Earth today. This Guru Ra is one of them, and there are, per my estimate, around 1,500 of us in my host country (Philippines) silently advancing the Work. We are here now as an immense equalizer force, to help balance the rather asymmetrical numbers and powers of Dark Adepts (led by Masters who are of immense numbers too).

We White Robes are reinforcements to the higher beings—chohans, mahavatars, deities (7th plane Beings), Almighty Creator—to quicken the (a) production of more ‘spiritual cadres’ of Light workers, and (b) finish the strategic ‘project’ of erecting the Christ grid on the planet’s EMF (electro-magnetic field).

For those who may not be familiar with the facts, about 200,000 years ago, in the aftermath of the Orion Wars, Lucifer & operators caused a catastrophic division of Adepts on Earth to take their stand in the conflict. 60% joined Lucifer for that matter, and more external players reinforced the Fallen Ones after that. That accounts for the immense superior numbers of the Fallen Masters on Terra.

As explained by the Maharishi JJ Hurtak (let me call him that title), in his Keys of Enoch, the Dark Masters/Adepts are so numerous that even if the Almighty Father sent forth thousands of Buddhas before, the results still fall short of completely undercutting the influence of the ‘masters of lesser light’. Two steps are being taken by the (spiritual) Hierarchy to address the situation: (a) reinforce the Work with 144,000 White Robes, and (b) gradually arrest and detain the Dark Masters.

The ‘White Robe reinforcement option’ calls for the programming of evolved souls (all of whom did live on Terra for some lives now to perfect acclimatization to 3rd density) into Ascended Masters on or before 21 December of 2012. That means the end-goal is to ascend each White Robe to a 6th plane Being: a Christed One.

Once a White Robe begins activation of his/her Christ Body Oversoul, the dormant Light Body is consequently activated. Many if not most (over 50%) of us are in the Light Body activation today, and this will increase yet as the younger ones (late 20s to late 30s) will experience the same.

Along the way, as the evolved souls did the collective task and individual contributions to the Work, they rapidly moved up in awareness. Consequently, many of the seekers they handled have moved up in awareness to levels of 6th density and higher. [Psychic level is mere 5th density, and is considered low awareness in mystical science.]

Furthermore, as the Light Adepts did their tasks in consonance with the Plan and as per directive of their respective guiding Chohans, the Christ grid was completed. It is well built Up there now, I’ve had monitoring scans of it a couple of years back. The Melchizedek, Adept Drunvalo, said it well, that the completion of the Christ grid has made possible a leap in consciousness for the whole of mankind.

Let it be further clarified that the 144,000 White Robes are performing their tasks as Melchizedeks, which involves guru tasks at the maximum. A guru performs secondary tasks such as healing, protection of students, depowering malevolent entities (on defensive stance only), and disseminating alternative paradigms. Christo-Buddhic-Raphaelian task would be another term for it.

Those of the 2nd intervention step—of depowering, arresting, and detaining Dark Masters & operator-Adepts—is largely a grand task of the Celestial Forces led by Archangels Michael & Gabriel. Let me label this task as Michaelian, a mission that has been going on for some time now. [Lucifer himself was arrested, tried, and deprogrammed in the 1980s yet.]

The two (2) tasks complement each other, even as it is clear to us rishis that our task is primarily Melchizedek—teacher, messenger, alchemist.

After the planetary ascension, however, some of us White Robes will be mandated to perform Guardian tasks. These future Guardians are now being trained Above for the task. They will later be joining the (a) Celestial Forces (co-commanding masters of ‘vertical’ or angelic-archangelic forces) and (b) Galactic Confederation Forces or GCFs (as space commanders of future war fleets of the ‘multi-lateral forces’).

The Guardians will be executors of the World Leader who is here with us now. Fact is, those Guardian trainees are now reporting to the World Leader on a regular basis Above. The number of the Guardians and their deputies is classified information at this moment. They will be co-administrators of the future planetary state chaired by the World Leader mahavatar.

From out of the larger Adeptship of the White Robes will come the Gatekeeper Melchizedeks who will operate the diverse gatekeepership councils Above (now being established). They will likewise serve as Gatekeepers of future cities. (Governance plan is in place, though let this be treated as classified information for now.)

The youngest among us White Robes—who aren’t Adepts yet but are in advanced phase as seekers, or near-mystics—are now in their late 20s. By 2012 they will be in their middle age, mature and prepared enough for the ascension to 12th density awareness.

In caption, the 144,000 White Robes are evolved souls, who had lives previously in diverse star systems, embodied on Terra here as starseeds, and are bound to ascend to Christed Ones. Those with activated Light Bodies among us rishis have ceased to be planetary beings as we have mutated to cosmic beings.

Purpose-wise, we were sent as Melchizedeks to reinforce the actualization of Divine Plan on Terra. And so shall the Plan of Light, Love, Power close evil governance and restore God’s rule on Earth. So mote it be.

[Philippines, 05 May 2010]


Friday, October 1, 2010



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Good evening! Magandang gabi!

So many energies are flowing to Earth’s lower dimensions at this juncture, a pattern that has been more less sustained since the ‘harmonic convergence’ yet (c. ’87). Let me share some notes about the matter.

The year 2004 was a threshold year, as the vibratory frequencies of Pisces and Aquarius equalized on that year. After the equinox of Sept. the 21st, 2004, the Piscean vibration began to downscale (this will reach around the 2070s yet) while Aquarius’ vibration dominates and will move up steeply for another 400 years before reaching plateau.

I will delimit my notes to the energy flows past 2004, which characteristically moved upwards on sharper curve (like in an exponential curve). From 2004 onwards, Light workers & helpers felt the impact of the enormous energy descent that converged with the vibratory ascent of planet Terra (Earth) itself, thus leading to physiological changes symptomatic of ailments.

There has been indeed a hyper-convergence of macro-energies since that time on. By macro-energy I would refer to large-scale energy emanations and transmissions of a planetary or trans-planetary scale. This will be distinguished from energy emissions within the planet specific regions, such as an energy spot, which I would signify as micro-energy.

What has been taking place is the hyper-convergence of macro-energies coming forth from planetary, inter-planetary, solar/stellar, and galactic sources. The same macro-energies were magnified by ascended or divine beings, with the aim of further accelerating the adjustments of the planet, biotic forms, elemental forms, and humans to finally fit into the desired frequency modulation levels comes post-2012.

Incidentally, the logoi of the planet, seated in Shamballah, have been monitoring the energy patterns as well as adding their contributions to the energy descent. The energy emanations from Shamballah are in fact continuing, at intervals of three (3) months for specific releases. Every solstice, the Lord Gautama Buddha himself releases ‘integrative energy’ that aids in Light workers’ integration of the seemingly disparate energy patterns.

Incidentally, during a monitoring of the events, I was permitted to see what was going on within Shamballah itself that could explain the ceaseless bombardment of energies on a planetary scale. I found out to my amazement that a gigantic transducer, sort of a huge equipment, sends off the Shamballah energies.

The vision of the method of emanating energies means that the frequency and amplitude levels of the energies can be modulated based on precise calibration system. The ascended beings in the Holy City cannot just release certain wave patterns without careful studies of them, and with the prudent approval of the planetary logoi.

As far as my inner knowledge is concerned, a wave of ascension energy will be released comes this June 21 solstice (summer in the north, winter in the southern hemisphere). This coming one is different from the previous ones, in that it will begin the physical ascension of a portion of the 144,000 White Robes (my intuition tells me that those who are now quite old and weary will go ahead and become Ascended Masters).

Those same Ascended Ones will reinforce the Chohans and ‘associates’ (masters all) in their council works in the astral-etheric domain. Many councils were formed up there recently, and those bodies would need newly ascended masters to operate. Together with the Ascended Host, they will all be blasting the lower dimensions with energies from the Councils which are separate yet from those of Shamballah.

Fact is, the energy emanations from the Councils, which emanate straight from out of the essence-beings of the masters, has been going on also for some time now. This is a parallel effort to that of Shamballah, the scale of impact being equally macro.

What Light workers should rejoice about is that integrative energies will be flowing out in greater ‘photonic’ impact along the way, thus alleviating the pains of transition that each one has been experiencing. The Lord Gautama himself emanates integrative energies straight from out of his essence-being, in so potent a manner that the energy outrightly softens the seemingly dis-integrative or near-schizoid effect of the disparate macro-energies.

So, Light workers & helpers, be gladdened by the news. God so loves Terrans that He would do everything, with the aid of the Ascended Host, to elevate the planet and its people via energy flows right within the Holiest of cities where seated are our planetary deities.

[Philippines, 04 May 2010]