Saturday, April 25, 2015



IN FLIGHT (Poem 28)
Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Cross the boundaries
Of the vast fields of Knowledge.
Drink! Drink aplenty from the inexhaustible
Pool of Erudition!

The mind that is forever prepared
That which is decided to be
A chisel to carve out grandiose beauty
Out of blighted human commonwealths
Will never be seduced
By Ignorance
Whose villainous forces have
Erected quagmires that waylay
Unsuspecting victims.

Drink! Drink more from the inexhaustible
Pool of Erudition!
Your journey’s flight is about to make

Knowledge makes every waylaid
Fetter by Ignorance
Impeccably passable.
[Writ. 07 Sept. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]

The Teaching is very clear about the need for growing the knowledge repositories and capacities of a person, likewise to improve capabilities based on knowledge and tools. Science is the 5th Ray to the Divine, it responds to the need for building knowledge by the Aspirant, and it helps to sharpen one’s analytical and linguistic intelligence.
Even spiritual truths are packaged today as ‘spiritual science’, with both spiritual paradigms and technologies (tools, methods, practices). Both material and spiritual science perform very important roles in illuminating the Aspirant and in expanding the absorptive capacity for higher truths.
On a much higher level, an Aspirant must seek to uncover the core universal laws, find subsidiary expressions of them, and see relevant tools and practices derived from them. Self-knowledge is that aspect of knowledge that has to do with the inner self, and is of central import in the Path too.   
What is important to consider is that never take knowledge for its own sake. Knowledge should provide tools that can aid in self-understanding and grasping objective reality, tools that aid in self-realization. Knowledge for its own sake can lead one to the Dark Path, such as what befell those physicists who developed the Bomb in Alamogordo and dropped them on helpless women, children, aged folks in Japan.

April 2011

Tuesday, April 14, 2015



IN FLIGHT (Poem 43)
Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Dwindling verdant environs sadden me.
Will I in flight be rest assured
That tempestuous over-exploitation shall spare
The last remaining flora of endeared Mother Earth?

Our dream of finally containing
The mad urges to fell woods and ravage flora
Is fading like flickering flames of a candle.
‘Twas refurbished as part
Of the bizarre landscape of obscurantism
That has been deviously superimposed
Upon the benign canvass of civility.

O! Green leaves and all the myriad
Colorful flowers in your company
You are all starry jewels before my eyes!
My heart is filled with enjoyment
Over your untarnished affection.
Do you not long for one like me
Who’s almost trapped forever in the cages
Of mortal man’s edifices?

O! Dearest plants, you who make me sober,
Give me solace in times of torment
Add vitality to my being,
Deserve the undying care of all mankind
Even as you kept your pledge to Mother Earth
That you shall nourish all creatures alike.
[Writ. 24 Sept. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]


One just cannot sojourn in the Path of Light without ‘respecting the integrity of creation’ and experience a Oneness with Mother Nature and all of her endowments. Any Aspirant who claims to be moving forward in the Path, but who is so alienated from nature and her God-given creatures, suffers from a deep-seated malaise of ‘anti-creation’, of nihilism and sadism.

Terrans are so badly afflicted with the malaise of anti-creation, of alienation from Mother Nature and her creatures. They now suffer the karmic backlash of all of their disrespect for nature, such that Earth is now on the verge of catastrophe partly due to Terran neglect and destructiveness.

Not only that, certain demonic minds have been consciously destroying cities and regions through weapons of mass destruction or WMD such as the Tesla Earthquake Machine or TEM. Chemtrails and biowarfare ailments (AIDS, Ebola, SARS, birds’ flu) destroy both nature and humans. Endless bombing operations by military forces destroy nature and creatures too. Madness is upped, for the gains sake of greed and lust for power by the global elites.

The Catholic Church has this maxim of ‘respecting the integrity of creation’, and chose St Francis de Assisi as the patron saint of nature or ecology. I do appreciate this noble move by truly loving persons in the said church, and the designation of an Ascended Master, St Francis, as the inspirational Guide for eco-missions. Let it be so for this church, and may other churches also follow suit and practice what they preach about ‘respecting integrity of creation’.


April 2011

Sunday, April 5, 2015



IN FLIGHT (Poem 39)
Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Let me in flight bear the tricky vogue
Of breathing. ‘Tis no plain engulfing of air
Deep into our bag breathers and then breath-out.

Breathe the air of Life!
Don’t ever breathe like one who’ll later walk
Like an intoxicated cockroach dazed.
Don’t ever breathe so un-artfully whence later
You’re cast down as a phlegmatic mammal.

Breathe the substance of Life!
That’s when the pumping is gentle
And rubbish air is smoothly expired
And when sweat cast off debris
In strenuous flexing of the muscles.

The mind thereafter is cleansed
As one’s probing make the answers
To myriad questions bend upon the inner screen.

Breathing is a key to many doors
That lead me to my destinations.
[Writ. 19 Sept. 1987, Univ. of the Philippines, Quezon City, M.Manila.]

Meditate. Learn to meditate, let it be a focal science and tool in your spiritual sojourn. This is what the poem is all about.
I began to meditate during my college days yet, circa 1979 or so. At first my meditation schedules were irregular, but after a bout with malaria that almost got me dead in August 1982, I decided to meditate regularly. By 1983 I was meditating for an hour a day, with some days when I would have two (2) meditation schedules.
My brain cells were already dying out due to smoking and drinking before that, I could feel my thought process atrophy, and so I decided to meditate regularly. Aside from that, I went back to my studies, to take up masters of arts (sociology), and so my regular voluminous reading got me back on the road to a lively mind. Meditation helped me to stabilize my health and make a quantum leap in my mental acumen as well at a time when I was back in school.
By 1988, at the age of 30, I was ready to pass on the meditation tools to enthused seekers. So that was how long it took, from 80 through 88, before I can confidently begin Teaching tasks. Fast forward to 1994 when I ascended to mystic phase, and was a full guru thereafter. Fast forward to 2008, when I spiritually ascended to rishi or White Robe phase. How could have I evolved soul-wise without meditation?  
April 2011