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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Sagradong pagbati sa inyo! Sacred greetings to you!

This messenger, White Robe and guru, articulated on the Illuminati theme in many previous articles. The purpose was to show the threads that link the Earth hierarchy of evil to the dark masters who comprise the Luciferan hierarchy, indicate the compass of their broad operations, and permit you to see the futility of their actions with the coming advent of the Ascension of Terra and the entire universe.

Let me now conclude that theme by declaring that the Old Hierarchy, comprising of the Illuminati/Dark masters, is rapidly losing its power over Terrans as the Earth moves up in vibratory frequency, and as the Divine Plan for the planet takes greater root by the day. By 2012, the Divine Hierarchy will retake back Terra for the Almighty Creator, and a spiritual government will be installed.

Previous to my coverage of the Illuminati/NWO, I elucidated on the constitution of the future planetary state that will be led by the World Leader-Avatar, with the newly established Gatekeeper councils of the spiritual Brotherhood serving as base for training future planetary Guardians who will be executors for the Avatar Christ. A future planetary army will also be established, as articulated.

Let it be echoed that the Divine Hierarchy shall comprise the New Hierarchy for the planet, while the Old Hierarchy will be dismantled and the dark masters be jailed. Lord Gabriel’s office is now accelerating the arrest and imprisonment of the dark masters, and it will just be a matter of time before the Old Hierarchy will completely cave in and dishevel.

As soon as Terra enters the ‘null zone’ on the 21st of December 2012, the combined Celestial Forces of Michael & Gabriel, Seraphic Forces, and Galactic Confederation of Light will take over the planet for the Almighty. The Lord Jesus/Sananda will then appear in holographic form on the atmosphere of the New Earth to herald the aegis of a New Earth and introduce the 144,000 White Robes who will be Ascended Masters on that day.

There will nary be an interstice of New Earth that will remain un-covered by the Forces of Light. Those evil ones who will attempt to mount a counter-coup will be deeply frustrated, as their firepower will prove to be inferior and ineffectual. Most immediately, a sweeping arrest of NWO leaders still living will be undertaken, and they be transferred to the Negative Planet (4th density-negative) that awaits them. The most exceedingly evil of NWO leaders will, however, be jailed in the kama loka (hellworlds), and remain there for eons to come.

The most exceedingly evil of dark masters, such as Caligastia and his subalterns, will be arrested and brought to trial before the Council of 24 Elders. Their direction is the Lake of Fire, where they will be deprogrammed, consumed, and the last Light in them—that they sucked out from billions of victim souls—will be returned back to the Prime Creator via Metatron the Receiver of Light.

Thereupon, the Christs shall come back to Earth and will be seen in the full view of everyone else who will populate the New Earth. Metatron, Michael, Maitreya, Gabriel & Archangels, Jesus/Sananda, Chohans of the spiritual Brotherhood, Melchizedek, shall descend on Terra to provide the most Divine Blessings, guide the New Earth on her early sojourn, and formally mandate and bless the planetary state that shall be installed.

Thus fully secured, with Seraphic Forces reinforcing the divine protection and guidance in spiritual governance, the New Terrans will then be given the time to consolidate their gains, re-orient and train for the building of new communities and future cities, and constitute the social infrastructures for the new world. The Office of Christ Michael will thereafter be given the time finalize plans and pre-position the Light Forces in a resumption of the ‘war of the heavens’.

Needless to say, there will be ample time for healing, to disgorge the stress and anxiety caused by the catastrophic changes. Rescue operations will be massive, with a large bulk of New Terrans quarantined for sometime in the mother starship provided by the Galactic Confederation. During those times of rescue, relief and rehabilitation, the Christs will be around communicating directly to the New Terrans to share Divine wisdom, inspiration, compass of life, and healing.

That time of the Christs returning is now near. The plan for creating the New Hierarchy for Terra will galvanize in full by then, thus giving fruition to the cherished dreams of liberation for the planet.

[Philippines, 13 March 2011]


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