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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Good day from this Fellow of the spiritual Brotherhood!

The ‘quickening’ is now taking place as I write this note. By ‘quickening’ is meant the acceleration of events leading to a mutation in human awareness, the object being to locate humanity nearer to the threshold of the next ‘root race’ during that will mark the ascension phase of the 4th ‘evolutionary round’ of Earth humans.

Let me remind the seekers, mystics, and so-called ‘starseeds’ (those who lived few embodiments on Earth) that I perceive reality from the perspective of Theos Sophia or divine wisdom. Divine Wisdom is also referred to as ‘the Teaching’, ‘universal mysticism’, ‘mystical science’, the ‘7 Rays’, ‘occult science’.

I stand squarely behind Theos Sophia, as it is wisdom directly inferred from Above by the deep studies of Mahatmas, Chohans, Dhyan Chohans, Dhyani-Buddhas (Archangels), in other words by Ascended Masters. I was mentored no less by the mahatmas and chohans of the Great White Brotherhood, or simply ‘Brotherhood’, and I tried in my own ways to bring the Teaching to seekers on a digestible version as the ‘7 Rays’.

Theos Sophia used to be learned only by the prepared or elect ones—the Initiates of the ‘inner mysteries—in as much as the unprepared Terrans tended to corrupt teachings of the purest wisdom. Plato, for instance, was an Initiate, and knew as a protocol of the Brotherhood that he can never openly release to mankind the truths that he held as an Adept. Paul, apostle of Jesus and Initiate of the Brotherhood, also kept mum about what he knew, sufficing himself to write discourses that were fit for the uninitiated folks.

Then with the gathering of momentum for the quickening, the Chohans of the Brotherhood decided finally to release Theos Sophia to society at large. Certain mahatmas from the Himalayas—where a center of the Brotherhood has been in operations for so long now—were mandated precisely to interact with select fellows—HP Blavatsky, A.Besant, A.Sinett, Q.Judge—who will serve as heralds of divine wisdom.

Living great masters, notably Kooth Hoomi and Morya El, were directed by the Chohans and Mahachohan to interface with the contacts from the West and India who defined the appropriate vehicle as the Theosophical Society. Needless to say, the Great Grandmaster of the Brotherhood, Lord Kolki, gave the go-signal for the release of divine wisdom, around the last decades of the 19th century.

Amid the internal storms and squabbles within the institutional vehicle—Theosophical Society—the release of Theos Sophia to the chosen heralds went unhampered, up through the entry of new leaders such as Rev. Leadbeater and Geoffrey Hodson. At one juncture, Mahatma Kooth Hoomi must have been drained by the excessive disputations regarding philosophy, process, and structure within the society, that he took some months of retreat.

But the grand project to release Theos Sophia to the general public must ensue. The urgency to release it was already the exigency of the moment. The result of the heraldries was the monumental 3-volume Secret Doctrine, penned by Helena P. Blavatsky, with co-articulations by the mahatmas.

The milestone planetary ascension is now near, Theos Sophia was already correspondingly spread to the peoples of planet Earth, and so it may be time to evaluate—down here on the surface—where the dissemination has gone through. What is clear, regardless of what forms the evaluations will take, is that divine wisdom has been available to everyone since its release, with reality unveiled at last without expurgation of the finest details of knowledge and wisdom.

[Philippines, 07 April 2011]


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