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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Let us continue with our reflections on the Illuminati/NWO chronicles. A couple of articles were already writ concerning the drug agenda of the ‘lizards of odd’. Let me add a third article to the topic: the use of church and rock music to entice folks into the drug subculture.

This area of study is a relatively well researched one. The writings of John Coleman and the Executive Intelligence Review analysts have documented highly revelatory information about the subject, and I find their researches as highly recommended readings for starseeds and seekers. From there, you can branch out to uncover the shadowy dealings of the Illuminati/Committee of 300 or C300 appurtenant to the drug agenda.

To recall the era of Western imperialism and expansionism, the then British East India Company was secretively employed by the evil adepts as a vehicle to engage in massive drug trade in Asia. Opium trade was classic cash inflow business of the reptilians or lizards, a dirty engagement that at one time led to a war—Opium War—in the orient.

The imperial powers eventually succeeded in weakening China to its heels, effected the division of some Chinese territories among the powers, and heightened the said powers’ foothold of drug production, trade and marketing in the emerging international domain.

With a large population to boot, China proved to be a fertile ground for popularizing drug use. Christian missions then served as perfect clandestine vehicles for drug dissemination, buttressed by secret societies and gangland circles (the future Triad organized crime groups).

During those opium heydays, the Jesuit order was hotly engaged in the drug trade itself, practically immersed in all of the phases of opium—from backward linkage (production) to mass market using community missions, and up through international marketing—that then multiplied its assets by many folds. The universities, basic education schools, foundations, and charities of the Jesuits today couldn’t have been conceived and made to grow without the opium trade of yesteryears.

That the Jesuits collaborated with the evil Illuminates of the opium trade heydays is among the proof of the lizard or reptilian core of the Society of Jesus itself. Otherwise, the collaboration couldn’t have been made possible.

Now, let’s fast forward to the 20th century, the advent of which marked the diminution of church powers as modernity drove religion to the backstage of the private sphere (it used to enjoy immense political power as a public sphere player). Religion’s efficacy as a tool to disseminate drugs was likewise reduced, thus challenging the evil lizards to find alternatives to church missions as sweeteners for narcotics usage.

Thus came intellectuals nurtured by the Illuminati to the rescue to brainstorm on such options. Among the influential ones was Theodore Adorno, philosopher of the Frankfurt school, who designed new musical modalities for the purpose. It was through those brainstorming by Adorno and company that the repetitive and simplified lines that you would find in rock music came into being.

Of course, there also were the music companies that were highly involved in the covert agenda to introduce rock music as a tool for drug usage. The Tavistock group took on the cudgels of popularizing texts (books, cultural materials) written by intellectuals it nurtured that tended to sway readers into the emerging fragmentary themes of post-modernism, themes that tended to celebrate the deconstructionist spirit of the times inclusive of drug-taking.

The United States was to replace China as the main mass market for the drugs, such as marijuana, heroine, cocaine, and derivatives such as LSD. C300-nurtured musicians Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones) and The Beatles were among those tasked with innovating on rowdy music targeting the youth, which would be known as ‘rock’. Acid rock, among others, became a platform for enticing LSD use.

From thereon, the rest was history. Till these days rock and other fragmentary music genre are the standards aired in radio stations, MTV channels, YouTube, and special events. It doesn’t matter if upcoming musicians are repulsed by the musical themes and beats they are coerced into recording and performing, with some musicians destroyed by the drugs and degenerate subculture associated with it.

The lizards do have their own kinds on their employ in the music industry, who are active agents in advancing the Illuminati agenda in the domain of culture. As there were Mick Jagger and Frank Sinatra in the latter 20th century, so there are the likes of Lady Gaga today. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that Jagger’s circle is tasked to initiate the younger Gaga into the Lucifer doctrines and practices, as they belong to a common niche assigned to them by the C300.

However, time has run out on the rock-pop industry. While both the Christian missions and rock music were able to foment damages they were intended to, they are merely chapters in Earth’s 3rd dimensional history. Planetary ascension will have nothing to do with them, rendering them into Jurassic items post-2012. Likewise will the drug industry disappear with them, thus ending eons of deception and veiling of reality domains (by the Dark Masters) thru them.

[Philippines, 04 March 2011]


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