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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Goodwill and fraternal love from this Fellow of the spiritual Brotherhood!

The NWO/Illuminati chronicles surely drives your adrenalin to heights enough to increase your social awareness, so let us continue with it. For this note, the focus will be on the ‘organized misery’ agenda of the lizards done via their institutional networks dubbed in conspiracy theory circles as New World Order or NWO.

‘Organized misery’ refers to the totality of paradigms, policies, plans, strategies, tactics, tools, and actions that tend to keep communities and nations in marginal states. Such a marginalization serves to concentrate wealth in the hands of the lizard elites who, as you all know by now, are adepts of the Dark Masters.

Organized misery has been an agenda that is eons old. Keeping folks in states of marginalization will let them become dependent from the elites for sustenance and survival, thus ensuring the power of the lizards over the great masses. Kept forever in state of dependence, the underclasses’ psyche is then trapped in fragmented state, thus reinforcing their souls’ adrift in lower awareness.

It will take us an encyclopedic treatment of the subject if we trace the various cycles and forms of organized misery since the coming of the Empire to this planet. So I will have to delimit my own treatment of the subject to the most recent historical period, beginning with the collapse of the gold standard in 1971.

After the 2nd world war, development was pursued by the post-colonial countries or 3rd world (agrarian economies). Couples of developing countries thus launched their industrial paths of development, such as my own beloved Philippines. The gold standard became sacrosanct securitization means to stabilize national currency, the dollar was recognized as the international currency yardstick, and dirigism (state intervention) was adapted to fast-track growth and establishment of strategic industries (e.g. steel, cement, textiles, coal & gas, chemicals).

The Illuminati/Committee of 300 or C300 (hierarchy) later found out, to their chagrin, that development programs encouraged population growth. That is, development led to national wealth accumulation/growth that, in turn, led to better health technologies that, in turn, extended life spans of people. Development thus led to larger, ballooning populations (‘population explosion’ was the neo-Malthusian scare line).

From 1971 onwards, the world was witness to the reversal of viewpoints and policies on development, and the revival of Malthusian theory. Development funding for poorer countries must be drastically reduced, expenditures for social equity and services must be eventually reduced, and population control policies must be instituted in the 3rd world, so came the new policy paradigm.

In 1979-‘80 came the wave of ‘conservative revolution’, with Thatcher and Reagan serving as frontline executors of Illuminati/NWO agenda. Privatization, deregulation, liberalization, tax reforms, decentralization, currency wage freeze, increasing utilities prices, and reduced budgets for social services would be the result of the Reaganomics policies, and were imposed by the World Bank-IMF Group on the 3rd world, as a resolution of the 1986 international conference on privatization (held in the USA).

The IMF, a truly thuggish institution, became the NWO instrument to impose austerity measures and those policies mentioned above, the impositions referred to as ‘letter of intent’ or LOI on debtor nations. The evil schemes eventually led to the rapid rise of poor folks and the stagnation and decay of economies that were just starting on their road to prosperity. GDP per capita went down by as much as over half of what they used to be before the austerity measures, while impoverished folks swelled to pass 2/3 of national populations.

The Philippines, which was enjoying some growth and industrial ascent till 1981, became a favorite guinea pig by the IMF for imposing the evil policies. Debt peonage suddenly tied down the economy, depression was experienced in 1983-86, poverty swelled to 2/3 of the population, and the economy stagnated for two (2) decades. It was only after the country’s graduation from the IMF program last decade that Philippine income doubled, though poverty still remains at a high level of 33% of households (2006).

Poverty breeds hunger, and hunger kills without compunction. The narratives of poverty and hunger across the developing world could fill up hundreds of volumes of encyclopedia, and the narratives are still piling up today. Just about a few developing countries (tigers, emerging markets) are able to rise above the pauperizing strictures imposed by the NWO on the poor nations, and these countries have to grope upwards in very rough terrains of prosperity to give jobs and lessen poverty and hunger for their people.

Organized misery today not only serves to continue to trap the souls of the folks in the purgatorial regions of the damned, it also serves to advance the heinous agenda of depopulating the planet in the long run. The globalization policies of privatization, liberalization, deregulation have in effect destroyed the physical economy or ‘real economy’ of both North and South, and led to a predatory ‘virtual economy’ founded on predatory finance.

Even the favored nations that serve as Illuminati nests, such as the USA, were badly de-industrialized, leading to even more unemployment and poverty. If the Illuminati can successfully engineer pauperization and marginalization in both North and South, then nothing can stop it from engineering large-scale dependence of countries on greedy financiers who can make and unmake nations and populations. The road to depopulation is therefore wide and open, or so it seems.

But the planetary ascension comes soon, and the New Earth rising will end such pauperizing practices. Divine Hierarchy itself will exercise authority and development initiatives in the New Earth, done by excluding the lizard Illuminates who will be transferred to the negative planet reserved for them where they can exercise their greed and organized misery with gusto before negative persons who will also be joining them as their clientele base.

[Philippines, 23 February 2011]


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