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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Good Day from this fellow of the spiritual Brotherhood!

Dark masters are making a last-ditch attempt to extend their self-acclaimed mandates on Earth and the sector of the universe—Lucifer’s sector—that rebelled against the Almighty Creator. They are fairly aware of the Divine Plan to supplant their hierarchy—the Old Hierarchy—with a new hierarchy comprising of Ascended Beings very soon, so they are in panic at this very moment.

It is true that the Lord Ancient of Days did govern Earth in a concurrent capacity for many eons, and that governance remains till these days save for the physical and lower astral planes that are enclaves of the Fallen Ones. The new hierarchy of Elders of the Race is now coming to shape, some updates of which I have already shared to the public (e.g. formation of gatekeepership councils).

Out of His great love for humanity, the Lord Ancient of Days released powerful energies from his very own basic essence in 1934, signaling the forthcoming new age of Light. The release of information regarding the ‘materialization of hierarchy’ was also allowed on that decade, an information that expanded later in the 70s with the rishi JJ Hurtak’s mandated mission thru his book Keys of Enoch.

Among those mandated earlier to share the information about that ‘materialization of hierarchy’ was the channeler Alice Bailey. She being no master of wisdom, I didn’t find it enticing to read her notes on the subject, even as I have long declared that higher truths I shall derive only from master-initiates of the Brotherhood. The writings of Bailey later landed in the hands of Lucifer’s adepts who seized the initiative to spread it (Bailey’s spouse was exposed by John Coleman as a member of the evil Committee of 300 or C300).

The plan of the Dark hierarchy, as revealed a hundred years ago by the master Rudolf Steiner, was to embody Ahriman down on the surface—in the West. In addition, the former tyrant Napoleon Bonaparte will be re-embodied—in Europe—to role-play the tyrannical leader of a united Europe, who will be directly possessed by the World Anti-Man during his mandated leadership.

As to why it was Ahriman and not Lucifer who will directly re-embody on Earth was a mystery at that time. Today that mystery has been deconstructed, since Lucifer was deprogrammed (destroyed in the Lake of Fire), thus rendering Ahriman or Satan as the next dark master most qualified to assume the role that Lucifer left.

The Evil Ones have thus configured the plan within their camp to reinforce the coming of both Anti-Christ (Ahriman) and Anti-Man (global tyrant) with massive possession of dark adepts down the surface by many dark masters (situated in the astral, etheric, mental planes). Just exactly how they will be able to do that now, with massive search & arrest of dark masters & minions by the Lord Gabriel, is their huge tactical problem.

Bonaparte is now in Europe, a politician who is partly balding and who had done a massive make-over of his image from military dictator to the technocratic politician that he is today. Seated in Brussels, with the blessings of one of the daughters of prince Bernard (Bilderberger group’s head), he awaits his formal mandate from Ahriman who had embodied in the United States of America.

The dark adepts are waiting for mass possession by their bosses of dark masters, and could hardly wait for their consolidation of powers via a consolidated trans-atlantic 4th Reich headed by Bonaparte. But their time-frame has been badly altered, as the Hierarchy of Light has been neutralizing their moves and jailing their evil masters en masse.

Yet the bigger X-factor that has been deterring the Old Hierarchy from full execution of their ‘materialization of hierarchy’ is the on-going direct intervention by the Almighty Father on Earth. Begun in 1974 yet, the Divine Father had clearly departed from his ancient policy of non-interventionism. Earth’s timeline has quite changed already with His Most Divine intervention, and nobody can ever read nor anticipate the Father’s omnipotent mind.

As the dark masters and their puppet adepts are making their last contingency plans for an abominable ‘materialization of hierarchy’, the Council of 24 Elders and the Christ Michael are now preparing for the forthcoming arrest, trial, and deprogramming of a long list of evil masters led by Ahriman and Caligastia (evil prince of Earth’s old hierarchy).

The unrepentant dark lords are indubitably of a very stubborn mien, their evil nature unfathomable, and so they never give up on crafting contingency plans. Desperate to extend their polarity games across the swaths of galactic territory they occupy, they just can’t seem to realize the consequences of their coming deprogramming on their own subordinates.

The Illuminati’s ‘materialization of hierarchy’, a truly desperate one as it engulfs them in flames of self-destruction, is now largely a futile agenda. Faced with the transcendent might of the Infinite Mind & Love of the Father, the Illuminati’s efforts pale too minutely and are falling into chaos and disrepair ever which way they go. They will never succeed in their abominable agenda.

[Philippines, 10 March 2011]


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