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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

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Destroying nation-states is among the macro-agenda of the Illuminati and its organizational networks in the NWO. Destroying nations through invasions and ethno-nationalist wars are the more obvious ways of fragmenting nations, the classic cases being the former Balkan states. Destroying nations via currency attacks is the less obvious path to destruction, so let us reflect on this rather baffling form of destruction.

The Divine Mother birthed many nations of the world, and so it would be a demonic act to destroy those entities that She took so much pains to give birth to. Rest assured those entities and beings that intentionally and deliberately destroyed nations will be paying the cost of their karmic debts post-2012. Among them are the Illuminati hierarchs (also called Committee of 300 or C300), such as those who destroyed the economies of East Asia in the late 1990s.

As already articulated in past articles, the Illuminati technocrats and big business were able to compel conservative politicians to enforce the policies of privatization, deregulation, and liberalization on their respective countries and on other countries as well, circa late ‘70s through the ‘80s. Earlier than that, they were instrumental in knocking off the gold standard, in effect leaving currencies to be traded with one another like commodities without the proper securitization by the precious metal gold.

By the 1980s, couples of developing economies from Asia, known as the dragons and tigers, were able to rise above the doldrums, thus attaining prosperity amid the constrictions of the C300’s Trilateral Commission. By the 1990s they were cited worldwide as the exemplars of former agrarian economies turned into truly developed industrial economies. Little did such countries know the catastrophe that was awaiting them from the scheming financier oligarchs of the West.

The grave mistake of the said Asian nations was that they liberalized their economies too much, thus permitting portfolio or short-term investments to permeate them. Such investments were largely unregulated, and can be pulled out any time that a crisis would make investing too risky.

The group fronted by George Soros, among others, was particularly experienced in the new modus of ‘currency attack’ to destroy a national economy. In 1992 the Quantum Group, which comprises of roughly 99 ‘who is who’ financiers in Europe, attacked the British pound, thus rendering the pound sterling a as guinea pig for future attacks elsewhere. So mightily powerful was the financial blow, that the Bank of England gave up its seemingly heroic effort to stave off a spiraling crisis via bail out schemes. A financial crisis confronted England on that very year, a crisis that bode ill for other countries.

Five (5) years later, in the months of June and July of 2007, the same group had maneuvered to invest ‘smart money’ on large scales in East Asia, a region that had largely complied with IMF-World Bank dictates to institute monetary & financial liberalization. Industries, realty, and commercial banking received gargantuan investments from the Quantum and network of companies and friends, in a region that became very vulnerable to organized currency attacks.

Then came the chains of currency attacks beginning with the Thai Baht, Thailand having been heavily exposed to financial derivatives in the reality, banking and financial sectors. A chain of attacks then followed, such as Indonesia’s, Philippines’, Malaysia’s, Hong Kong’s, and other countries’ currencies. By July of that year, the economies attacked by the predatory financiers were practically in ruins, with Thailand hit the most by whirlwinds of crash across wide economic sectors.

As a result of the currency attacks, trillions of dollars were siphoned off the Asian economies concerned via divestments of portfolios. Thus, the developmental gains that took the struggling Asian nations so many decades to build, were pulverized catastrophically overnight. Mass poverty, almost a thing of the past, returned with a vengeance overnight too, thus fueling mass unrest and geo-political fragmentations.

Indonesia, where poverty was already down to a manageable 10% before the meltdown, was so badly affected that Suharto decided to institute currency controls. He was already in the process of convening a currency control board, when the Trilateral Commission agents decided to overthrow him through organized, well funded popular revolution. Poverty returned like uncontrollable fire since then, a reality that had spilled over to the succeeding years up until these times.

Though the nations of Asia weren’t totally fragmented as to dismember parts of the nation, the currency turmoil was sufficient to weaken their political and economic institutions. Their leveraging powers vis a vis NWO banks, development agencies, and international organizations were badly eroded, a fact that has been perpetuated till now.

Malaysia was the only country that was able to address the economic recession then resulting, via currency and capital control policies by premier Mahathir. Had the recession spiraled down further, Malaysia’s ethnic groups could have slugged it out against each other, leading to a balkanization of the federation (Singapore already left it much earlier). Mahathir therefore began an economic revolution that other countries sought to copy but to no avail.

The very same criminal modus of the Quantum Group has been replicated recently in Europe, where the evil cabals were able to burn down economies in the Euro-zone. Much earlier, the same criminals earned trillions of dollars siphoned off from the US economy via vulture funds and/or financial derivatives operations, as offshoots of the 2007 realty crisis and recession. The entire north Atlantic has been put under relentless attack by the same cabals, and the erstwhile world powers have become helpless sitting ducks in the process.

While the world’s nations are able to put up a united front against terrorism, drug trade, human trafficking, and environmental degradation, such a coalition act cannot be replicated in a frontal fight against the dirty financiers. This is one case where the ‘lizards of odd’ are able to destroy the economic foundations of nations, get wealthier and end up unpunished, and at the end of the day they dangle humanitarian funds to peoples through their charitable foundations that were funded largely by looting and plunder of nation’s coffers.

Fortunately for Terrans, the end of the money economy has come. Post-2012, which is just over a year from this writing, will see a new system in place, reversing ancient evil Empire systems founded on greed and hoarding. Meanwhile, those destructive elements responsible for destroying social and economic foundations of nations and balkanizing others await their transfer to the negative 4th dimension planet reserved for them.

[Philippines, 25 February 2011]

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