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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Mula sa puso nitong Adept ng kapatirang Ispiritual, isang mainit na pagbati! Warm greetings from the bosom of this Adept of the spiritual Brotherhood!

The Christ grid is now up in the EMF (electromagnetic field) of the planet, a reality that had alarmed Lucifer’s ground adepts no end. I had visions of the divine energy grid after my 2008 spiritual ascension, and made some inspections of it via my Light Body in 2009. I am very confident that no force whatsoever can destroy this cosmic grid.

Creating the Christ grid was no easy task for the spiritual Hierarchy. In fulfillment of the task, thousands of Buddhas and Christs were sent forth down here across the eons that passed as Earth fell down to 3rd dimensional state. The Buddhas and Christs were respectfully assisted by masters of wisdom and innumerable chelas of theirs role-playing Light helpers.

One sublime result of the efforts of the Ascended Host down here was the successful erection of the Christ grid. With this energy grid now fully in place, a leap in consciousness was enabled, thus accelerating the generation of more ‘service for others’ or SFO Terrans who will populate the New Earth post-2012. Terra herself is ready to move up to the next dimension, enabled further by the energy grid.

We could just imagine how distraught are the dark adepts over the new development. Already sadly mourning the termination of Lucifer for over two decades now, and awaiting the further deprogramming of other evil masters, here comes another phenomenon that they can’t manipulate and control to their advantage.

The dark adepts, whom I refer to also as ‘lizards of odd’, better face the reality that the Christ grid is outside the ambit of their destructive agenda. They can never do damage to any part of it, more so to destroy it, so they may as well resign to the fact that the cosmic grid is now accelerating the generation of new Light workers & helpers, and undercutting further the reptilian influence of the ancient genetic make-up of homo sapiens sapiens that they manipulated in the ancient past.

The Christ grid also serves an added function to the Gatekeepership councils of the spiritual Brotherhood (see separate article on the gatekeeperships). The Lord Metatron had implanted extra energy sub-grids on Terra’s EMF, the function of which is for stabilization and neutralization of attacks by the Illuminati/NWO such as super-storms and super-quakes (induced via HAARP or Tesla Earthquake Machine). All that a gatekeepership council (it has 12 White Robes each) does is to conduct collective focused meditation on the sub-grids and the Christ grid, and use the magnified power of that collective meditation to scale down catastrophic events.

Take the case of Manila and Singapore, cities that were on the agenda of the NWO for destruction via the Tesla quake machine. The gatekeepership councils in the region simply collaborated to focus hyper-magnified energies in the said cities during the scheduled attacks (they have come to pass), thus assuring the non-destruction of both cities. The magnificent cities are still standing tall till these days, aren’t they?

Across the other regions of the globe, the NWO also has catastrophic agenda on schedule, many of which were also effectively scaled down and/or neutralized by the Brotherhood’s gatekeepership councils in those respective regions. Now that thousands of White Robes were already fully ascended (their physical bodies already ascended), they can work full time on their gatekeepership tasks, unhampered by the Earthly life that they used to live.

Cognizant of the new reality of the Christ grid that is beyond their control, the ‘lizards of odd’ have been devising ways to generate narratives about it. They have fanned out underlings and paid propagandists whose tasks are two-fold: (a) seize the initiative in creative writings about the grid and then subtly distort the content of the stories; and, (b) dismiss the Christ grid as a mere mythology of lunatics and psychotics or not worth an intelligent person’s attention.

The propagandists in charge of those tasks are disguising themselves as Lightworkers who are supposedly tasked with multiple missions to tap the grid supposedly for beneficial purposes. They present themselves as channelers who are receiving messages from Metatron, Sananda, Michael, and other divine Hierarchs, entities that are actually Dark Masters located in 5th density disguised as Ascended Masters.

Such dirty operators are now very active in the New Age and Lightworkers’ social networks, each one maintaining as many as couples of accounts. Their identities are of course hidden in pen names or code names, their accounts thus used to fabricate lies about their being Light workers. They openly slander, denigrate, and malign the White Robes and seekers who are present or active in the same social networks, sometimes using verbiage that is utterly vulgar and demonic.

At any rate, as of this writing, there are just a year and couples of months to go before the 2012 event. Awareness leap is happening for millions of starseeds and evolved Terrans, a fact that the evil lizards can no longer stop. The dark operators are only compounding the deadweights of their karmic debts with their destructive slanders and black propaganda against the genuine Light workers, debts that will find commensurate payment upon Judgement Day of 2012.

[Philippines, 07 March 2011]


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