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Matiwasay na araw mula sa kapatirang Ispiritwal! Pleasant day from a Fellow of the the spiritual Brotherhood!

Continuing with our Illuminati/NWO chronicles, let us genuflect on the narcotics agenda of the evil adepts for this note. Narco-agenda goes further than the purported legalization of drugs, so let’s see what’s behind the totality of narco-trade operations by the Illuminates and subalterns. The further delimitation here is the stress on the economics of drug trade, the occult portion to be treated in another article.

Narco-trade is largely done via networks of organized crime or mafia operators, just to remind the readers. Mafia groups serve Lucifer’s adepts for various purposes, including arms trade, money laundering, drugs trade, and every kind of criminal engagements. For this note, do mark the focus on the use of mafia networks for narco-trade.

On the western side of the evil cabals are the British drug traders who have entrenched themselves in the trade for so long a time now. Inside China they are nestled too, allowed by the communist leadership to operate with certain caveats to observe. In all continents they are top operators, with mafia groups at their service (except for the Yakuza and Chinese triads that report to the eastern adepts of Lucifer).

British narco-traders transact drugs largely using gold as the means of exchange. This could be one reason why the gold standard was abolished in 71/72, with the intent to hoard gold so that its price can be manipulated by the financiers. Part of the hoarded gold is used to buy and sell drugs—opium, heroin, cocaine, etc.

Trading in gold will also leave nary a trace of the trade contrasted to trading in currencies. Gold can always be re-melted by the drug seller, thus leaving no trace of where it was minted or produced, while the drug buyer (British traders) would then cart away the narco-merchandise for marketing and distribution in the USA, Europe, and other countries. Mafia groups, to stress, are involved as 3rd party operators, thus rendering the British operators truly clandestine and untraceable.

The proceeds of the drug deals are then ploughed into banking, currency trading, financial derivatives, and related portfolio investments. Some of the proceeds directly finance industrial and services sector businesses.

A group of economists, the Executive Review analysts, revealed recently that the Inter-Alpha group of companies, largely based in Europe though with global operations, have in their list many investors whose assets are traceable to drug money. You won’t be surprised to find out that they comprise the who-is-who network of financiers surrounding the Rothschilds and fronted by George Soros.

So as you ought to realize, the gargantuan assets of the financier oligarchs are to a large degree made to balloon via the drug trade, aside from the derivatives and speculative operations. This facet of the operations entices the very same evil operators into working to legalize drugs in the short run.

As to the connection of drug trading to intelligence covert operations, much have already been written and reported on even by the mainstream news. The connection was also depicted in movie scripts, indicating the widespread public knowledge of the narcotics-covert operations link.

Let’s take the case of the United States’ CIA. Burdened with the expectation to fund diverse covert operations, the CIA has been engaging in narco-trade to raise funds. Such a modus allows the operatives to amass unlimited funds that will be exempt from the oversight inspections by the US Congress. Part of the drug trades’ proceeds is used to procure arms for rebel or criminal groups tasked to do special operations.

In the Asia-Pacific region, there has been a modus Vivendi of the western drug traders (largely British) and the eastern mafia groups to maintain a drug balance. That means not one of them should dominate the drug trade in the region, but rather there should be a ‘balance of trade’ involving both parties at any given time.

At one juncture, the balance of drug trade was almost offset, when the Philippine state was governed by president Joseph Estrada and his mafia minions. Estrada’s circle constitute mafia godfathers themselves, and their presence in the presidential palace practically ensured that the Chinese triads, who comprise their main partners, will dominate the Philippine drug production and trade.

Expectedly, there will be a domino effect of triad operations, with southeast Asia (ASEAN + Hongkong + Taiwan) eventually going into the hands of the triads. Alarmed by the sudden tilting of the balance, the western Illuminati used its covert operators to overthrow the Estrada regime in 2001, thus returning the balance to where it was before 1998 (year when Estrada was elected and took his oath).

The hatchet man used to connect to Philippine civil society groups was no other than the former president Fidel Ramos, a stooge of George Schultz (C300 or Committee of 300). Schultz in turn reports to Henry Kissinger and Queen Elizabeth (head of the C300). Ramos was also the hatchet man used by the Trilateral Commission to overthrow Marcos (for refusing to sell black market gold to the Illuminati/C300 for use as US gold bullions).

In the 2010 presidential elections in the Philippines, Estrada made a 2nd attempt at the presidency. My reading of his candidacy was that the Chinese mafia was trying to make a comeback as monopolist of drug trade in the Philippines, hence their support of Estrada’s candidacy. Part of the drugs unloaded by Chinese ships to Philippine shores or transited via fishermen were intercepted by the drug enforcers in the Philippines, proof of the massive operations part of whose proceeds were used to fund Estrada’s campaign.

The drug trade will be a never-ending story worldwide, as one ought to realize. Narcotics are targeted for legalization, oil the investments of financiers, fund the dirty covert operations of intelligence groups, and provide money for the mafia groups that serve the evil adepts well. Let me close the note at this point, and move on to the behavioral facet of the drug trade later.

[Philippines, 28 February 2011]


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