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Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Good morning! Magandang umaga!

Let me continue with my peregrinations on the spiritual Brotherhood in Philippine life. I’ve already shared notes about the spiritual Brotherhood in the history and making of the Philippines, from its Lemurian days to the formation of the new nation (1880s-1900). I will delimit my reflection this time on the contemporary context, particularly the years 1974 to the present.

Filipinos who seek the yogic or mystic Path have been accustomed to stereotyping gurus as coming from India or the continent. Till these days the same imagery remains; fellow Filipinos couldn’t ever imagine that spiritual gurus have embodied in the islands as Filipinos and are now ascending in awareness to Master- or Rishi-level.

I myself grew up as one such boy then, who in the 1960s saw images of the Maharishi being exalted by the Beatles. As an adolescent in the 1970s, the beginnings of my seeker phase, I aspired to meet a guru, who I presumed resides in India. I surely admit to my gross ignorance, even as I am unaware that divine Forces have been working all along to make sure that I myself will mutate into a guru some day.

Lacking the resources to travel to the continent for an audience with living gurus, I contented myself in the 1980s with massive readings and yoga meditation which essentials I learned from a university professor. When I had time, I attended discussions of the theosophists in Manila, while I held informal discussions with fellow Travelers (we were unattached or free spirit seekers).

Only in 1994, when I was sponsored into the White Lodge, initiated by a living guru who is Filipino, did I realize my fundamental ignorance. The chats I had with the Guru FF (he hasn’t authorized me to reveal his identity) made me infer that the Brotherhood embodied many Adepts in the Philippines, for a greater purpose. On that year alone (1994), couples of hundreds of us advanced seekers graduated into mystics, were blessed by the Ancient of Days, and became Adepts of the Brotherhood. Some of our batch-mates took on the mission of guruship, myself included, coupled with other missions such as healing and/or community service.

Through our discussions in my core batch, it dawned upon me that we were a part of a greater force comprising of 144,000, the number revealed to ancient prophets yet. The coming of the White Robes, or Rishis, or Ascended Beings, or simply White Adepts, was told over and over again in the spiritual quarters of diverse cultures, in all of the world’s continents. The coming of the ‘taong banal’ (holy people) is the version told that came down on cult groups around Filipinas.

It was also intuited by each one of us, during our workshop discussions, that when a seeker is very well prepared to meet a guru or Teacher (guro in Filipino), such a teacher is just around the corner and is well prepared to meet the seeker. Which means that, in whatever country one is residing, at any given time, a guru is present to attend to the seekers, precisely because Rishis were embodied in all countries without exception.

Those gurus who are indeed Adepts of the Brotherhood were, rest assured, mentored directly by the Mahavatar Babaji. He is like a Divine Dean of all would-be and present teachers, and it is a must for an Adept to undergo His mentoring should s/he don the cloak of a guru. Yes, fellow Filipinos and expatriates in the Philippines, we gurus who directly came face-to-face with Mahavatar Babaji, and who continue to face him periodically for reflections, are in the Philippines. You need not go search very far for such a guru, s/he is just near your place, in whatever province or city you may be residing.

Not all of us Adepts though took on the guru task, and it is my hope that this will be modified a bit. Altogether we form a large team of over 1,000 Adepts sent forth here, who will conduct missions circa 1974-2012. This number could go as high as 2,000+, since the Philippines holds a special place in the planet as the Land of the Mother (refer to my other Philippine articles) and is home to the hyperspace portal to the other galaxies and star systems.

We comprise different age groups, from the oldest who are now senior citizens past 60, down to middle aged ones like me, down to the youngest who are in their 20s. I belong to those who continued the tasks began by the pioneers of the Brotherhood (those who began the Work for modern Philippines) such as the late healer Agpaoa. The youngest ones are still in formative years, and will be the leading Adepts of the post-2012 New Age as my own batch will retire in our seniority if that is applicable (we will physically ascend which makes retirement unimaginable).

The greatest numbers among us here are into healing, and the Adeptic healers do share teachings in terms of their own specific healing methods or paradigms. Most of us are professionals, who have risen like sphinx to the zenith of our professions as post-modern conquerors, while at the same time silently worked to raise our awareness and bring the Light of the Divinities to aspiring seekers and the broad public. On a rough estimate, I would put at around 1 per 500,000, or about 180, the number of gurus among us 1000+-2000 Adepts (including those who aren’t yet of Adeptic awareness but who will be there soon). That estimate is already large enough, as the more realistic ratio is 1 guru per 1,000,000 population.

Please don’t expect all of us to reveal our identities as Adepts of the spiritual Brotherhood. We have to work very silently or low profile, as we do our work in the physical plane that is territory of the Dark Forces. These Forces are of diverse groups and factions, including the Luciferans, Ahrimanians, Molochians, and Negative Aliens, the common task of theirs being their penchant for sabotaging the Work of us Adepts of Light. Mystics particularly are vulnerable to assassination attempts, and only when the Rishi awareness is reached will the Fallen Ones cease their attacks that are desperately futile to stop the Work at all. Only a few of us like myself were mandated to openly reveal to the public our identities as Adepts of the Brotherhood.

Among all regions of Filipinas, Manila (the entire metropolis) has the greatest luck in terms of the embodiment of Lightworkers. Being the most cosmopolitan of regions, it had attracted the most evolved souls, even as Manila ignited memories of our own original planets that were high-dimensional and way ahead as the prospect future of Earth. For most of my Adeptic life, I did the Work in Manila, where resides approximately 45%-50% of Lightworkers and Adepts. If you know how to meditate a bit, and you’re looking for a guru in Manila, just meditate on the theme and most likely you’ll meet a teacher in the Big City.

Because we’re mostly professionals, please expect that we dress up like contemporary urban professionals and habituĂ©s. We’re not in the habit of dressing up like some exotic, out-of-this world rural or mountain habituĂ© of old, even as many of us are now moving to uphill communities that are suburban and no longer rural. The Philippines is now 64% urban, so please don’t expect us avant garde types to dress up like some ancient exotic with long flowing hair or so, although some of us do exhibit long flowing hairs (both men and women).

There are ashrams or retreat centers in the islands, but this is Filipinas of the predominantly urban mode, so please don’t be searching for us in ashrams. We conduct our teachings more like training consultants via the seminar workshop modality, and thereafter tons of self-learning readings and practices. I myself impart spiritual teachings straight inside my classroom as a professor, and then attend to seekers with focused counsel who may arise from among my students—yes, there are such plenty of seekers among university students. I’ve also integrated the Teaching into team building workshops for NGO officials and staff, via the workshop modality. We are a country with plenty of training facilities including those along seaside and mountain resorts, so we gurus do employ such venues for our workshops.

Our purpose for being here? Broadly, to contribute to efforts of the Hierarchy of the Brotherhood to accelerate the evolution of humans to 4th Dimension. Specifically, to optimize Philippines’ role—given its 4th Dimension vibes—as regenerator of wholeness and soul healing, as prototype of future communities where the Work is advanced in healing and alternative economic systems, combined with collective karma yoga via community service, and to disseminate the Teaching of the sages and deities.

Many of us are already awakened to our Rishi awareness level, and are now a part of the Elders of the Race. Being so, we have taken on new tasks as members of the Brotherhood’s many councils, including the gatekeepership councils for our specific region (I cannot reveal what region this is). Some of us sit in the councils of the Galactic Command, where we have joined those ‘commanders’ of space legions from other worlds. There is no need to stress that our Light Bodies are already activated, as it is the Light Body that we employ to attend or convene meetings of councils located in the astral, etheric, and mental planes. This same Light Body can perform multiple locations, enabling us to attend to many seekers (in the astral plane) at the same time that we attend or convene meetings of couples of councils and committees.

To conclude, let me stress again, we are here embodied as Filipinos, though we do have reinforcements from expatriates. Please don’t entertain thoughts that God has forsaken the islands, which is just space-out delusion of persecution. This country has a special place in the bosom of the Divine Mother, being the ‘womb of the Mother’ on Earth, and so She had sent us here as a large Team.

Mabuhay kayong lahat!

[Philippines, 16 May 2009]


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