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Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Last June the 12th of 2008, the Philippines or Filipinas celebrated its 110th year upon its founding in 1898. Just exactly how many people in the islands and the planet are aware of the significance of that 110 period ending in 2008, from a mystic vantage point, is a point to ponder upon.

The Philippines is the Land of the Mother, the very subcontinent Maharloka of ancient Mu that was the very center of kingship and cultural life of antiquity. Though the subcontinent is now largely submerged, the remnant islands—Philippines—remain to serve as a sublime beacon for many events yet to come in the future. It remains to be 4th Dimensional despite the decadent degeneration to 3rd Dimension of the entire planet. It is the Mother’s womb, and being so, the Spiritual Hierarchy also has in its agenda the re-ascent to full power and control over the islands in the distant future.

Around the 1880s the islands suddenly burst with new life as patriots of youthful zest began clamoring for independence from Spain, its then colonial master. Among them was Dr. Jose Rizal, an evolved soul who, along with an entourage of evolved souls, were tasked to accelerate the process of re-awakening of the Lemurian spiritual Force and create a new nation. It was to be Asia’s first modern nation-state, a dream that came to reality in 1898 when revolutionary forces formally declared an independent state.

Their minds vibrating in so feeble a manner like any 3rd Dimension being, the leaders of the new state never realized the full import of the divine revelations imprinted in the flag so adapted for its founding day (12th of June). Almost all the important archetypal emblems of the spiritual Brotherhood are in that new flag, thanks to the freemasonic background of the state leaders whose esoteric frequencies was a reason for the Brotherhood’s message-sending through that flag.

Right on that flag is the very revelation of a period of 110 years that will come to pass before another crucial event will come to pass in the islands: the opening of the hyperspace galactic portal. The same portal was closed in the very ancient past by diverse galactic forces, to make sure that the planet won’t be a playground of its perceived opponents. Some day in the future, the portal will be reopened again, to jibe with the mutation of Earth back to 4th Dimension. Per my visions in late 2008, the portal was re-opened in the last quarter of that year, which thus permits
Galactic Confederation Forces’ contingents to travel to Earth through hyperspace, thus cutting short the time it needs to traverse the distance from their point of origin. As we Filipino mystics know all along, the portal is in the Land of the Mother: Maharloka or today’s Filipinas/Philippines.

The following are the codes that contain the 110-year period of waiting or hiatus:

• The 8-Pointed Sun (inside the white-colored triangle) contains the number 8. Added to the three (3) stars (inside the same triangle), yields 11. 8 signifies mystically the 4 forces (earth, water, earth, fire) multiplied by the polarity of positive-negative or 2. Three stars have an even higher meaning, which I will touch on in another article. Suffice me to say that they signify the Master-vibration of the Great White Brotherhood.

• The four (4) sides of the overall rectangle shape, three (3) sides of the white-colored triangle inside, and the three (3) ‘sticks’ of the letter Y or Yod inside (the separator of the tri-color red, white, blue), when added altogether totals 10. Let’s see what happens when this is multiplied with the 11 above.

• 11 X 10 = 110. This is precisely the number of years from 1898-2008, the period of waiting for that great event of the opening of the hyperspace portal.
To coincide with the re-opening of the said galactic or cosmic portal, the Brotherhood created councils comprising of Adepts from the 144,000 Rishis or White Robes who are now here, tasked to serve as gatekeepers of specific zones of the planet. I am not authorized though to reveal how many zones or regions are these, or how many Adepts/Masters were assigned per council. One such council serves as the cosmic harmonizer and collective gatekeeper of a region that has at its very heart Luzon island where Mt. Banahaw is located. As already revealed by this mystic before, Mt. Banahaw is where the planetary chi is nestled today and where it will stay during the whole Aquarian age, signifying the full import of Filipinas during the shift to the 4th Dimensional New Age of Light.

Let me now go back to the Philippine flag. Visualize the flag hanging like drapery, where the white triangle comprises the upper vertical portion. Flowing downwards smoothly, you would easily see the color white (inside the triangle) on uppermost portion, the color blue on the right side, and red on the left side. The three (3) stars are positioned in such manner that two (2) stars are on upper portion, with the 3rd star just some space below it.

As already revealed in my book 13th Gate Unveiled, the triangle pointing downwards signifies the spiritual planes or spaces of highest Divinity. It signifies the declaration by the Almighty Providence that Filipinas/Mu was always God’s creation, is the Land of the Mother, and will always be so up through the future eons of Earth’s evolutionary stages. At the middle of the triangle is the Sun with its 8-rays, signifying the Father element of the triad of Father-Son-Spirit/Mother.

The stars signify broadly the Master-vibes of the spiritual Brotherhood. Stars at uppermost portion thus signifies not only the presence of star-born galactic forces guarding the portal and islands, it also signifies that the Sons & Daughters of Light who comprise the spiritual Brotherhood will be guarding and nurturing the islands and is peoples from antiquity to future. The stars thus signify the Son vibes, Son referring to both Brother and Sister. In Filipino, the term is Anak (child) which is gender-neutral.

The two (2) stars on the upper portion signify the Ascended Master vibes. Which means that from its very inception, the Ascended Host, comprising of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Christed Beings, always had the Philippines/Mu on their agenda of soul ascension. They have always been involved in the history and evolution of the subraces and ethnicities of the Philippines that are a constitutive part of humanity. They have never abandoned the islands, even as they have sent the most advanced Rishis at this particular time, who are in fact Ascended Masters, to prepare the grounds for the forthcoming New Age of Light.

The same Ascended Beings are in command of the Galactic Confederation, the federated union of all Light-allied human races from various worlds (planets) and star systems of the Milky Way. They are very much concerned with the hyperspace portal here, and the role that Filipinas can perform for advancing the missions of the Confederation to help return Earth to its cosmic origin.

The single star positioned lower than the upper two stars, are a continuation of the Master vibes. It signifies the Master of Wisdom, or saint/sant/hierophant/sage/mystic, who assists the Ascended Host in enabling humans to evolve back to the Godhead. This they do through the spread of the Teaching, or higher mysteries, backed up by healing, revelations & prophecies, sciences & philosophy, creative genius, and enlightened leadership. Such sages have been sent forth to Filipinas since the very beginnings of its history, were sent forth as a significant team during the formative period of 1880s-1900, and have steadily been sent forth again after the 2nd world war.

Around the latter part of the 110-year period, Rishis who comprise a part of the 144,000 White Robes, were embodied here directly as Filipinos, many of whom are now spiritual masters silently doing their noble tasks. The very luck for these Rishis is that they were sent in a 4th Dimension-vibrating country, a truly gifted privilege. For no other country in the planet has this privilege of holiness, save for patches of 4-D vibes within generally 3-Dimension countries. It isn’t an exaggeration to state that some of these Filipino-born Rishis sit as members of the high councils of the Galactic Command, aside from sitting as members or officials of councils of the Earth’s hierarchy of the Brotherhood.

Some other Rishis were sent from outside Filipinas as reinforcements. They are of Asiatic or Caucasian hue, seemingly un-Filipino, but are of the Brotherhood plain and pure. Hardly anybody notices their presence, save for seekers and mystics whose spiritual formation they handle directly. Like their Filipino counterparts, they also sit in the councils of the Brotherhood and Galactic Command, which are all located in the planes higher than the physical (cannot be harmed by hostile Dark Forces down here).

It is too said that the Philippine phase of history might end soon, by late 2012 after the Polar Shift. Not only this country, but other country’s national histories are also ending up soon. When the new 4th Dimension Earth will stabilize after a period of catastrophes, we will only have a single Planetary State comprising of seamless web of cities and ethnic communities.

My only wish is that those souls sent here today, laggards included, will be rewarded a bit for the sacrifices of having to endure the miseries after the long period of imperialist colonization. I do have an idea about how many Filipinos will survive the polar shift, but this is no time to reveal anything about said numbers. In the last instance, God Almighty will ensure that everybody’s souls is save, whether one will graduate as 4th Dimension Earth resident or will be transferred to other planets for the less evolved.

[Philippines, 15 May 2009]


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