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Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Good day! Magandang araw!

At this moment of scribbling notes, the news of 2012 prophecy is now ringing across the globe. A movie is coming out very soon with the 2012 theme, and I could already see the deadly awesome power of this new film in case that it could make or break 3rd dimension consciousness.

So many forecasts were already done in the past regarding the post-2012 or polar shift scenario. From Blavatsky to Cayce to the present stock of spiritist mediums, information keep on being churned almost by the day regarding what happens right after 2012 to the land formations of the planet.

As far as we Adepts of the Brotherhood are concerned, our perception of the aftermath of 2012 is based on a non-deterministic model of reality. We recognize the fact that in 1974, a nodal point in the ascent of the New Age frequency wave (the New Age of Light began in 1934 yet though its wave was feeble), God Almighty began intervening directly on Earth. Thereafter, the timeline direction of the planet experienced a change.

With the Almighty’s intervention serving as a new factor (‘intervening variable’ as we scientists term it), it had turned rather toxic to forecast events like they would happen 100%. Events such as the California sinking could have happened in the 80s yet, but look at what the timeline change has shown so far. Those events of massive land mass inundations after 2012 may no longer happen at all, if we follow
the logic of the new interventionism.

What we can only do now is, like what we do in the scientific disciplines, to use scenario-type methods to forecast the future. Taking this in mind, if we want to see what will happen to the ‘womb of the Mother’ (Philippines/Lemuria) comes post-2012, we can forecast scenarios using a minimax scaling (minimum-maximum). I can present most likely scenarios as follows:

• Massive flooding, as waters come rushing from both sides of the polar regions, and converge in the equator where RP (Republic of the Philippines) is situated. Most likely, the waves from the north pole (as ice caps there melt) will hit RP first, while those from the south pole (where ice caps equally melt) will hit Australia-Indonesia-New Guinea first before turning on to RP. The impact would be like that of a double whammy of tsunami waves arriving at intervals of 2-3 hours distant. The north waves would most likely be the strongest, and maybe of higher altitude. [In a vision, I saw a tsunami that dwarfed the coconut trees and the 6-8 storey condominiums in Manila’s Roxas boulevard.] The same wave patterns will circumnavigate the planet and return, though already cushioned and of lighter impact.

• 70% of the Philippine territorial land formations will instantly be flooded on the 1st wave of tsunami alone (Day 1 & 2). The waters will then keep on rising steadily till as much as 80% of the islands are flooded. After weeks of turbulent climate and weather, the waters will still rise, flooding as much as 90% of the land masses. After around 40 days or so of turbulence, a calm after the global storm. Water will recede a bit, leaving the country with around 15% remnant lands from its previous endowments. The waters will stay at that level for at least 200 years, before finally receding as polar ice formation takes on accelerated pace and absorbs back waters loss previously. [Let me leave this scenario till this point.]

• On the first two (2) days alone of the massive flooding and turbulent weather, as much as 30 Million islanders will be wiped out. Needless to say, those located on the coastal regions will be the first to exit the physical plane. As the days go by, another 20 Million will die and exit. Of the 96 Million population by that time, 13 to 14 Million (maybe more) will be rescued by the Light Forces and quarantined in the ‘Light-shielded zones’ of 4th dimensional spaces (surface, below the waters, space, underground cities). The remaining millions will slowly die, exit, and be transferred to planets that may suit their vibratory frequencies and level of awareness. [Let me leave the scenario at this point.]

What is clear to me and my fellow Adepts is that the ‘womb of the Mother’ will experience massive inundation. The waters signify a cleansing effect on the holy land that was badly trampled upon by the Fallen Ones and 3rd dimension peoples. The waters will serve as the equivalent of ‘global amniotic fluid’ for the planetary womb, which indicates the coming anew of a race that will supercede the present Aryan-dominated stocks. The root stock White Race will be deprogrammed very soon, in accordance with its own collective karma and Divine Plan.

The 4th dimensional Filipinos, who may number around 14-15 Million, including 1 Million overseas Filipinos, who are the true scions of the Divine Mother and Her holy land of Maharloka (Philippines) where resides the womb, will then have to join the rest of humanity who will construct the communities and polities of the New Earth [Divine grace may even add up more Filipinos to the figures cited]. They will undergo a collective purging of the last vestiges or veils of dark energies they inherited from their forebears (both Malayo-Asian and Aryan), as a process of preparing a new cultural-psychic template for each one of them. The new template will be aligned to 5th density modality, bringing this ‘new people’ more in kinship with the Pleadians and Arcturians of the same mould.

Such a pattern is important, as it is a key to understanding the psychic and cultural processes emerging from among other peoples across the Pacific, who will be prepared as biophysical medium for the 6th root race. As already explicated in previous articles, the awakening of the spiritual Force of the Philippines (this is now approximately past 20% activated) will be the key to the activation of the other regions’ spiritual endowments, thus enabling that huge leap of the planet to 4th dimension. The patterns arising from the new Filipino thereafter should then be observed closely, this being among the keys to understanding the wherewithal of the other evolving subraces that will comprise the 6th root race.

As soon as Earth will stabilize, around the period 2200-2400, it can be safely prognosticated that the flood waters will have receded, and the definitive land formations of the New Earth for the duration of the 21,000-year Age of Light, will have crystallized. With galactic, geologic, climatological, and biological, and physical parameters fully changed by then, we can see that demographic patterns across the planet will follow those of newly found sustainable population principles. Around the end of the transition, it is most likely that the psycho-cultural templates of the seven (7) subraces for the New Man will have been galvanized.

During those times will the planet witness the full transition of the Filipino people from nationality to race. That is, where we only have a Filipino nationality today, in the not-so-distant future this will be superseded by the Filipino as a race. The evolutionary formation of this race will take place a longer period than the others, for one reason or another, as this people will see yet its own galvanization as New Man’s 6th generation yet of subraces, or 6th subrace. Assuming, of course, that Divine Plan will proceed well.

Since the Dark Forces will no longer be around anyway in a planet that has been fully consolidated by the spiritual Hierarchy and Light Forces, no apprehension about the formation of the 5th Density peoples of the future will be in the offing. The revisions in the Plan will be considered more from factors internal to the planet and to the paces of accelerated evolution of each and every human community that will mutate to 4th density after 2012, 4th density being a modality for the transition period lasting 400 years (Earth will move quickly to 5th density thereafter).

There shall be a contingency arising then, after 2012, of concentrating certain sections of the population, the criteria of which are already in the blueprints Above but which I will not deign reveal yet at this moment. Nor will I reveal matters about the exact regions and numbers of regions where such populations will finally be relocated to begin New Earth construction as early as 2020. What is rather facile to see is that among the subgroupings would be the concentration of a critical mass of Filipinos if to make sense at all of the agenda to transform this nationality into a subrace in the very long term. There has been a tendency of Filipinos today to marry among themselves, though a Filipino can marry a fellow Filipino of a different ethnicity (exogamous marriage).

Eventually, at some point in the future, probably during the 2030-2050 period, a decision may be done by the planetary state then installed, to permit the Filipinos to migrate in ‘exodus’ from their temporary shelters to their more or less permanent settlements in lands surrounding the ‘womb’ area. These would be lands from the new land strip across the Pacific, of an elongated mass that will be of size anywhere from 1 Million up to 2 Million square kilometers. And, probably in around six (6) other smaller sites, including the new southern lands (that will replace the Australia-New Zealand formations).

It will be of utmost interest to observe later the new land strip. Subcontinental in size, this will be the natural habitat for the 6th root race, nay will this be the center of all cultural and technological explosions beyond 2500. It is likely that the Manu of the 6th Race will decide to base Himself here, and monitor developments for His assigned race for thousands of years to come. As this happens, the Philippines’ remnant islands will also have become enlarged as the waters subside, thus endowing humanity with huge gains of lands in the ‘womb of the Mother’ that will be used largely for higher spiritual purposes. The synergy between the subcontinental strip and the ‘womb’ will be immense, as it is central to galvanizing the collective and individual awareness modalities of the New Man.

As the ‘womb of the Mother’ stabilizes and gains more lands, the Light Forces may decide to install military facilities and forces here, inclusive of space military academies where applicable. This being the site of the galactic hyperspace portal, it is just but logical that basing facilities would be installed here, not only to serve as sentinel forces for the ‘womb of the Mother’ and the ‘galactic umbilical cord’ (portal) but also to serve as one of major bases of guardianship for the key cardinal points of the planet. Being probably of 5th to 6th densities in frequency, the future Philippines will be a natural site for encampment by the Galactic Forces and its command center for Earth located here.

I’d now hasten to infer that the ‘amniotic fluid’—comprising of flood waters—will have its own timeframe to fulfill a cleansing purpose and signify the amniotic fluid for birthing the New Earth and the future 6th race or New Man. I shall no more belabor to discourse that the forthcoming floods aren’t raging waters from an angry God that should be feared, preferring as such to regard those same waters as cleansing and birthing fluids by a planet that has mutated to 4th dimension in consonance with a totality of phenomenon concerning the mutation of all the universes (omniverse) by one dimensional modality higher than the existing state.

Of an angry God who has come to punish the sinful, none such God exist, this being an antiquated line of the Luciferans who couldn’t seem to gain points in their life trajectories without controlling folks through intimidation and gross peddling of fear and grand lies. The coming of the floods should be welcomed in fact, for they signify that the New Earth will have arrived at last.

[Philippines, 18 May 2009]


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