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Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Banal na araw! Sacred day!

One may wish to know how long will the Philippine republic last, and then reflect thereafter what is the significance of the ‘career’ of this new republic. To note, the Philippines comprises of remnant islands of ancient Lemuria, it being the Great Land (Maharloka) where the world’s greatest civilization ever was incubated and galvanized. It is the ‘womb of the Mother’, where ancient Adamic races were evolved by the spiritual Hierarchy. It housed Mt. Banahaw, the world’s solar plexus energy spot, and niche of the planetary chi for the duration of the Aquarian Age.

As a modern republic, it began only in 1898 when independence was first established. Modernity was partly to be carried on by the Americans, who introduced Anglo-Saxon culture and institutions upon their occupation of the republic in 1900. It was not till 1946, however, when the history of the Philippines as an independent state was truly experienced.

Using 1946 as the beginning of our measurement, we will assume, on the basis of accepted prognostications among Adepts of the Brotherhood, that the present history of nations will last only till the end of 2012. 2012 less 1946 yields the number 66, meaning 66 years of existence as an independent nation-state. 66 is 6 multiplied by 11. Let’s see what these numbers reveal in terms of the destiny of the nation.

• 6 is the 6th Ray of the Godhead, of which there are a total seven (7) mystical rays. 6 is the Ray of Service, the ray of servant of God and Divine Hierarchy. The conduct of service as a way to the Godhead is karma yoga. Service yoga or karma yoga is centered on the solar plexus/abdominal chakra, the center of association, of community extension and caring, of charity and philanthropy. Empowered by the heart chakra, service becomes a truly ‘service for others’. The number 6 is also found in the founding year 1946, and in the founding month of June that is the 6th month.

• 11 as a destiny number is a power number, together with 22 and 33 (also divisible by 11). 11 is the conqueror’s number, one who is bound to rise like a phoenix, or is capable of a meteoric ascent to public acclaim. It is bound to lead, and lead strongly like a conqueror. A nation with this number is destined to be a conqueror nation or a trend setter nation. It was the Philippines that set the trend for creating independent nation-states by breaking down the enchainment from colonial yokes. This country also set the trend for unifying its southeast Asian neighbors into the present ASEAN, a group of nations that is projected to turn into an economic and political union.

• Fusing 6 and 11 would yield a character of Being that is destined to lead the world’s nations in showing how collective karma yoga can liberate the entire nation from its own collective karma or sins. To be able to do this entails enormous sacrifice, including facing continuous discrimination by other nations for being the ‘servants for others’ (as the overseas workers have shown for decades now) and for behaving like a subordinated potentate to powerful nations (RP is pretty servile to
America, the IMF-World Bank, and yet retains its authenticity just the same).
Those pointers are enough to demonstrate the true powers of numbers being the very mystical code that encrypts the destiny of the nation. By examining the duration of the independent republic, we were able to uncover deep messages of the spiritual Brotherhood embedded in the same numbers as shown above.

Matching the numbers 6 X 11 with the planetary solar plexus (Mt. Banahaw) would move our reflections even a step ahead. If the Philippines was the very center of life in Lemuria, and that this was the manifestation of the very role of being the ‘womb of the Mother’ (womb is in the abdominal area, which amplifies Banahaw’s relevance), and that this is happening at a time of re-awakening of the dormant Lemurian spiritual zeitgeist among Filipinos both at the personal and collective levels, then it is facile to infer that in antiquity the propensity of the Lemurians to show devotion through service is a granite-rock trait.

The re-awakened zeitgeist somehow explains the reason why, development-wise, the Philippines is hard up in becoming a fully industrialized country with heavy industries at the core. Industry is fire element, and although fire is partly an element of Philippine/Lemurian life it isn’t the most focal one. Rather, the solar plexus trait that is attuned more to water element, is the determining category for diverse social and economic life forms in the islands, more so during its present and future stages. So, rather than galvanize a heavy industry-led industrial economy, RP’s economy moved quickly to the service economy type of development, rendering the country nearer to the post-industrial model.

To magnify the discourse about the solar plexus-driven growth here, do reckon with these facts:

• The services sector contributes 55% to the national income. Industry and agriculture together can only muster 45%. Over half of the domestic labor force is also in the services sector. Retail, tourism and transportation alone contribute to over 30% of national income and employ over 30% of the work force. There is also a large base for domestic helpers employed locally and overseas.

• Out of the 98 Million Filipinos, 8+ Million are located overseas as contract workers and immigrants. They are employed predominantly in the services sector, while their remittances contribute to the services section of the national income accounts. 12% of the national income comes from overseas Filipinos. Domestic helpers, nurses and caregivers are among the topmost employed, rendering them indeed as servants of other peoples and nations. 350,000 are seafarers, or 28% of the international maritime workforce, without whom the entire global maritime industry will collapse.

• Filipino professionals are also skewed in the service-oriented type of careers. Teaching employs the largest at half a million, while huge numbers are managers, engineers, health professionals, communications-related professionals, human resources, infotech-related services, and police/military services. The latter sector saw the ballooning of business processing professionals most specially call center agents, who will surpass teachers soon and may reach a million by 2012.

• Civil society is likewise a very large and powerful sector. Philippine civil society is reputedly the world’s most vibrant, a model for political science studies. Hundreds of thousands of staff and volunteers serve as its work force. It is able to leverage its strength to produce laws, public policies, enable good governance, and elect legislators as party list officials.

• Social development has become a powerful tool for change most specially from the 1980s onwards. The term ‘development worker’ has become a fashionable word and missionary, even as many professionals and artisans would also want to identify themselves as ‘development workers’. The social workers, their development siblings, comprise a large group of highly valued professionals, and surely the nation weeps every time that a social worker dies tragically.

• Even sports heroes have become heroes also due to their charitable spirit. Take the case of the legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao, who has openly been sharing his take home pay from his fights to the needy folks and struggling athletes. This is no longer the gung-ho individualistic hero of Victorian days, but the hero inspired by the Lemurian ethos of charity.

• The hospitality of Filipinos towards visitors and friends is classic. That is why the hospitality industry is also moving up the ladder. This behavior combines a goodly vibrating heart chakra and a well developed solar plexus chakra—collectively as a people, and individually manifesting in many Filipinos.

• In international diplomacy, the Filipino statesmen have become very important figures in enabling dialogue among nations that haven’t been seeing eyeball-to-eyeball for a long time now. The latest dialogue among Japan, Korea, and China, who have mutual grudges after centuries of mutual bellicosity, was largely done, thanks to the efforts of Filipino diplomats and the chief executive.

• Multi-level marketing, a business type that is strongly help-other oriented and emphasizes the power of team (community), has been making powerful waves among Filipino earners. About 2 million of the workforce are in this business today, who remain ecstatic over their having helped other team members prosper in life.
Judging by the exemplary conduct of the Filipinos in the field of service, and the diverse manifestations of the same, we can safely conclude that the Filipino is indeed the top exemplar of collective karma yoga worldwide. Exit all nurses in foreign hospitals where they are employed, and such hospitals will cease to run. As already mentioned, exit all Filipino seafarers, and the global maritime industry will collapse overnight, for no nation can parallel the service prowess and competencies of the Filipinos in this sector. Exit the Filipino people from the planet today, and a chasm will be created in terms of the karma yoga of the entire humanity.

That is not to say that the Filipino is the most important people of all. That sounds nauseatingly ethnocentric. What the facts are saying is that the Filipino is the exemplar for collective karma yoga as a way to the divine. Such an exemplary behavior is needed as the new races to emerge in the global canvass will exhibit high communitarian inclinations worthy of a successful balancing of the self and chakras.

Who knows that the Almighty’s reward for the Filipinos could be after 2012. The Philippines has always remained 4th Dimensional, vibrating at a modality known as 4th Density, so perhaps the collective behavior of the Filipinos will fast-track the mutation of the Philippines to 5th density modality. Individually, perhaps as many as 1/5 of Filipinos, both here and abroad, will be given passage to the New World by God Almighty after the polar shift, thanks to their communitarian ethos.

There are surely many surprises that could pop up unannounced around the corner. Let us see what those surprises will be after 2012. For now, let us all reflect on the need for building greater community and dedication to Godly service, for here lies a key to solving age-old problems of the human condition.

[Note: In case that anybody insists the Philippine as a modern nation-state began in 1898, let it be so. 1898 to 2012 yields a total of 114 years. 1 + 1 + 4, or a summation of the numbers in 114 years, yields a total of 6. So whether you begin counting in 1898 or 1946, you’ll end up with the number 6.]

[Philippines, 20 May 2009]

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