Friday, September 10, 2010


Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

I have already shared some notes before about the hyperspace portal that connects our planet to the other galaxies and star systems, and onwards to the Central Sun of our universes. As already articulated, this portal was closed in antiquity, in the aftermath of the catastrophic galactic war that overflowed to this sector of our universe, which marked a steady downward slide of Terrans into the hovels of 3rd Density life.

Likewise did I share notes about the reopening of the same portal—by the Galactic Confederation forces—as the Earth’s vibration rapidly moves back to 4th Dimension. As per my vision last year, the portal was already reopened. The portal, as we know among circles of Filipino mystics, is located in the Philippines, a 4th Dimensional country, approximately above the borders of the Philippine plate and the Sunda plate (above Palawan island).

The Philippines being the remnant of Lemuria, it embodies the very same mystical significance of the mother continent. Its ancient name was Maharloka, the Great Land, and it was the very center of life in the whole of Lemuria. It is no exaggeration to state that Maharloka was the flagship civilization that enabled Lemuria to reach its zenith as the world’s greatest civilization ever. Now that the planet is moving back to 4th Dimension frequency, the Philippines is regaining its significance in the cosmic drama currently unfolding, being the ‘womb of the Mother’ where the ‘galactic umbilical cord—hyperspace portal—Is located.

That the same portal is located in the Philippines (Maharloka), which retained its 4th Dimensional vibration despite a 3rd Dimensionality of its base planet, makes the ‘womb of the Mother’ even more emphatic in fact. Not only is the Earth as ‘child of the Universe of the Almighty’, linked to the Central Sun via a major portal, the same Earth has grown to be a Mother whose womb is Maharloka/ Philippines, and as such reproduces the same nurturing nature of the Divine Mother or Cosmic Mother.

Thus, without question, the Oneness between Maharloka/Philippines and Gaia, the Deity whose body the Earth is, is established, determinate, immutable. This Philippines that we know today, of which I am a scion, is just but a passing phase of an overarching reality—the womb of the Mother—that is immutable. As far as the Almighty Providence, the Creator of all Creators is concerned, the Mother role has been assigned to this part of the planet.

Being so mandated, the umbilical cord to the universes’ or omniverse’s Central Sun is likewise assigned to the area or region, this being a privilege of a planetary womb. A planetary womb is the place where the initial races are experimented on, the prototype or genotype breeds then launched to ride the evolutionary laws and mature to physical perfection and mental perfection.

When the time is ripe for the human races to move upwards the evolutionary arc and speed up spiritual evolution, the same umbilical cord is ensured activation and access by the Light forces tasked to assist in the acceleration processes, the very same cord being now a beacon of the evolution not only of humanity but also of the entire planet as it is brought nearer the center of the omniverse and away from the edge of the Milky Way where it was located for nigh eons long.

The very same portal or umbilical cord need not be relocated elsewhere, for being of a higher dimension, it can only be positioned in a place or spot on the planet that remains unspoiled by human intervention and 3rd dimensional descent. Such a spot could only be but its original spot in the first place, which indeed remains 4th dimensional in overall vibratory frequency till these days.

There are other mini-portals across the globe actually, and one can testify the presence of such portals by their energy configurations. However, they are mini-portals at best, even as there is only one major portal. The same portal, during its closure stage (a long time by our count), deterred the predatory forces from Draco & allies from returning to Earth unnoticed. The closure of the portal means that the invading predators have to pass through a longer route, and by doing so they risk being noticed and tracked down by the Confederation forces.

On the other hand, the same closure had a delimiting effect on the Confederation forces that desired to come here on a rapid time frame. To lighten such a burden of having to traverse longer space and hyperspace routes to this sector of the Milky Way, the same Light forces have to station reinforcements right in our solar system. By so doing, they can immediately neutralize Draconian forces that may slip through the sector, the same act buying time for reinforcements to travel over from the same long routes.

The portal is now open, and so fellow Terrans, we need not fear any longer about delays in the arrivals of Light forces should we experience another wave of invasions from the Dark ETIs or extra-terrestrial intelligences. The very same portal is now being used by our ascended Terrans, who form a part of the 144,000 Rishis and their advance apprentices, to travel to other worlds, learn lessons from the latter, and/or conduct tasks in the councils of the Galactic Command. Without the portal, it could have been more cumbersome a process for awakened Terrans to do tasks in the 6th Density in particular, which serves as the clearing point for cosmic interface as well as station for the mother ships of the Galactic Command.

That being so, let it be known that the Gatekeepership Council of the region where the Philippines is a member of, performs an extra task of clearing house for many Lightworkers who may already be qualified to visit higher-dimension planets and the learning stations of the Galactic Command. Needless to say, the Council performs an extra task of monitoring the portal from this side of the universe, monitoring being an element of the broader overseer task that belongs to the military command of the Galactic Confederation (the military ships are in the portal’s opening, making space patrols 24 hours of the day).

In case that there may be some questions about how long will it take to travel from Earth to other galaxies or star systems through this portal, this much I can say: around late last year, I was permitted, as part of my inter-dimensional warriorship task, to traverse the hyperspace via that portal, to register visual intelligence scanning on certain constellations. Approximately in the range of 15-50 Lightyears, it could have been next to impossible for me to traverse the space without a vehicle.
Using my own Light Body, under the command of my very own thoughts, I was amazed at the travel time of barely ten (10) minutes of near-light speed travel which my Light Body entailed to travel to each of two (2) constellations I visited. If a Light Body can travel that fast through the portal, how much more those space vehicles of the Galactic Confederation?

So, fellow Terrans, that fact should erase apprehensions among you that at any time now the Draco Empire & allied forces would come invading again and re-implanting us with new genetic codes that would enslave us forever in 3rd density living. It is now too late for the hostile, evil forces to repeat the predatory invasions and occupations they have done in antiquity, too late to even embroil our solar system
and planet in anti-universe energy fields that they can direct to our space sector.
Their invasion efforts in the past ten (10) years were thwarted, and they risk total destruction if they would attempt another invasion, for they can no longer access the hyperspace portal. Their coming will be so obviously noticed in advance, pinpoint their locations, and render them as sitting ducks by Confederation firepower.

Within a few years, beyond 2012, the entire planet itself would be traversing space to be repositioned in the universe along with the solar system. No matter what changes there are in the poles and position of the planet, the ‘womb of the Mother’ will remain to be Philippines/Lemuria, and the hyperspace portal shall remain in the womb area. These are among the graces of the Almighty not only for the Philippine nation, they are graces for the planet and Terrans as a whole, even as Philippines/Lemuria is among such sublime jewels that Lightworkers and the more aware persons better countenance.

[Philippines, 17 May 2009]


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