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Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Magandang araw! Good day!

The knowledge about the true history or making of nations seems to belong only to an elect few: mystics of the highest caliber. What I can assure you, as a mystic-yogi and rishi, is that the mystical awareness is not inaccessible to the many, and when such awareness is reached, the knowledge about the true history of your very own nation can be accessed to rather facilely in the ‘cosmic websites’ or Akashic records. Those records are located in the 4th Plane, the plane of the intuitive, and anybody who had advanced in the Path can always access to those records of our ancient days to recent history.

Aside from the notes on human evolution and history I gathered from my readings of the great mystics such as Blavatsky and those contributed by local mystics, I was able to intuit many fundamental facts about my own country’s past. I would delimit my notes today about the past only, as I intend to write about current and future history in some other articles. In my book 13th Gate Unveiled, I already partly outlined there the spiritual Brotherhood’s role in the Philippines’ making, so let me start by re-asserting this basic contention: the Brotherhood was always there in the making of the Philippine nation, for one reason or another.

The Philippines’ making is no accident of history, no mere product of European colonialism and oligarchism. From the arrival of post-Deluge (Atlantis’ sinking) through the galvanization of the Age of Metals (agriculturalism) c. 500 BC-500 AD, through the formation of the nobilities and first city-states c. 700-1100, and onwards through the formation of principalities (rajahs, sultanates) beyond 1100, there is a conceivable qualitative leap in the techno-economic life and collective consciousness towards high-level epistemes (knowledge-capabilities) gearing up for a higher purpose.

At some time in the past, the islands referred today as Philippines or Filipinas got integrated into a larger polity, the Majapahit Empire. This was no ordinary empire that integrated potentates by way of aggression and occupation, but rather by inviting them and sealing covenants through trade arrangements. Little do people of both past and present realize the painstaking efforts of the spiritual Brotherhood in creating a consolidated regime of Light through this Empire. Awash with gold, this Empire was the wealthiest during its heydays, its ships the biggest that plied the seas, treasures that were produced for a higher purpose and not just to whet the greed of princes and emperors.

It was no easy process for the Elders of the Race to do so. Before this was done, earlier experiments were hatched in creating episteme-cultivating cultures in ancient Cambodia and the Sri Vijaya of ancient Indonesia. Spiritual masters and sages then embodied in those cultures to further enrich the knowledge and philosophical explosions that were already in progress. Then, at some later dates, those cultures died. With the departure of the Masters came also the decline in the cultures of those polities.

However, there were initial successes in those experiments, and those successes served as the criteria for decision making by the councils of the Brotherhood, the Planetary logoi, and the Office of the Christ to ensue with a more ambitious project of creating a larger and more consolidated polity. Such a polity would approximate the ancient Mu, even as its ascent to cultural zenith would unlock forces that would, in fact, revive many of those civilizational-epistemic templates and knowledge long buried beneath the seas after the sinking of both Mu and Atlantis.

The Philippines is the very site of the sunken subcontinent of Maharloka or Great Land, a land mass belonging to the larger super-continent Mu or Lemuria collectivity of land formations. It was the Land of the Mother, which means that it houses the ‘womb of the Planet’. Being of such divine nature, the Brotherhood will always generate forward ideas that will revive the polity, though such future polities arising will be of an adjusted form (adjusted to the evolving context, i.e. nation-states, region-states).

The Land of the Mother will always be the Land of the Mother, and will be of unspoiled nature—undefiled amid the despoliations by the forthcoming populations. Housing the ‘womb of the Mother’ on Earth, Maharloka/Philippines contains the cosmic portal that is the hyperspace gateway to the other galaxies (I’ve authenticated this through visions). Being ‘womb’ also reveals that this country was the very first zone where the primordial races of biological Man appeared—the Lemurian giants of antiquity.

Such being the facts about the Philippines/Maharloka, the greater is the reason for the spiritual Hierarchy to regain influence over and eventually control the islands.
This was the very reason why a race of sea-faring Malays, who were bred from the ancient Lemurian combined with the Atlantean strain and the Nordic galactic strain, were created as the last races of the Atlanteans (Kelts and Malays were the last, both bred with the Nordics implanted on their seed races). The Malays, seafaring and warrior-like sturdy, were to populate the areas previously the home of Maharloka-Sunda, Mu’s most important region, and will be galvanized across time to produce a root-stock for a ‘sub-race’ of the forthcoming 6th ‘root race’.

Let it be clarified that we Filipinos and our Malay siblings in both island and continental Southeast Asia are not those ancient Lemurians, not a continuation of those Lemurians. We superceded those ancient giants, our stature kept on decreasing by the millennia, and our faculties combine those of the Lemurians’, Atlanteans’, and Nordics’ (notably the Lyrans). The synthesis of these faculties is still taking place and isn’t over yet. We have passed through the 5th ‘root race’ of Aryans, we’ve become part of this race and had acquired the Aryan rationalist-empirical faculties, but we will be surpassing the Aryan stock that will be deprogrammed very rapidly in the couples of centuries ahead.

We Filipinos and Malays broadly are being prepared for the future. Our slim stature and lighter weight, far slimmer and lighter than even those 6-7 feet ancient Malays, are the body trends of the future, body that is fit for hyperspace travel. For mankind is now rapidly moving back towards the stars, and so some day in the near future our body built will be needed to cross the great divide in space—without traversing space but rather by journeying through the hyperspace portal above our archipelago.

The Aryanization of the Philippines came to a rapid advance upon the coming of Spain and USA as colonial occupants. Britain shortly ruled Manila for three (3) years, and even if it didn’t politically rule thereafter, Anglo-Saxon high culture penetrated the islands in tsunami-like fashion, and superceded the Latin high culture when America occupied the lands in 1900-46. No matter how brutal the colonizers were, this Aryanization process is important, as it led to the grafting of the rational-empirical faculties and the scientific-philosophic systems they represent on the collective minds and genes of the islanders. This 500-year process of colonization has the imprint of approval from Hierarchy, though the cruelties and enslavement came as ambuscades of the Plan by the Fallen Ones who may have wind up of the divine Plan from its very inception.

Around the 19th century, it was no exaggeration to state that spiritual masters embodied in the whole of East Asia, the southeast included, to fast-track the movement towards modernization. They came in surreptitious manner, donning the cloaks of philosophers, statesmen, bureaucrats, intellectuals, and merchants. The expectation that masters will embody as priests and church leaders is stereotyping, though indeed there were such masters in southeast Asia then.

The breaking off from the colonial yokes of the West was a task that the Brotherhood took upon itself, with blessings from the Planetary Logos. The excesses of the machinations of the Fallen Ones must be counter-checked by sending evolved souls in the region to begin the formation of national ethos and institutional modalities. It was within the context of this mission that the likes of Jose Rizal and his entourage of patriots were sent forth to the islands. A few thousands of miles away they sent Mohandas Gandhi and his entourage. After their arrival here and conducting their collective mission, modern history was created, the way for the coming of the future evolved souls was prepared.

The likes of Rizal and Gandhi are what I refer to as ‘gurus of nationhood’, for they taught us how to create a larger community beyond the parochial confines of blood and soil (ethnicity/clan). While typical gurus like myself intervene on the personal level for seekers and mystics, Rizal and Gandhi intervened on the collective level. By so doing, both of them revived the spiritual Force of ancient Mu, and are rightly regarded as Sons of the Mother. That Force is again increasing in power today, more so the Force ensconced in the Philippines that is the Land of the Mother.

Only blind fools will never come to see the import of the Brotherhood’s and Hierarchy’s efforts to regain foothold and eventual control of the islands. The veils are indeed thick, that many mystics the world over fail to see this recondite import of the ‘Philippine question’, of the importance of Mt. Banahaw that now houses the ‘chi of the Womb’ for the entire Aquarian Age, and the placement of the hyperspace portal in the islands. The Brotherhood/Hierarchy is coming back to the Philippines, and will retake this nation for the Mother’s sake in the times forthcoming.

While the other lands of the planet have been reduced to hovels of 3rd Density hell-worlds, the Philippines remained unspoiled as a whole. Let his be boldly declared: no other place on Earth has such a privileged position. The Philippines retains its 4th Dimensional vibratory frequency, making it a natural enclave for souls who are vibrating in 4th, 5th and higher Densities (social servants, healers, shamans, mystics, yogis, wizards, up through spiritual masters).

The Land of the Mother remains as holy as ever, which makes it excellent for spiritual recharging by the more aware sectors of the world population. Those souls who embodied here—my compatriots—may need to reflect on whether they have gained insights about the very purpose for their embodiment in his holy land. The great mass of laggards who are here today just do not seem to have an idea at all about what they are missing, while those criminals and ‘lost souls’ have completely wasted the opportunity for an acceleration of their journey back to the Divine by their presence here.

I guess at this point I have delivered my contentions clear: that the Philippines, being remnant of the ancient Maharloka/Mu, is the Land of the Mother, remains as holy as it was in antiquity (4th dimensional), is the location of the Mother’s womb and portal to the stars. This being so, the Brotherhood/Hierarchy will always have on their agenda the retaking of the Philippines and its refashioning, after all the catastrophic outcomes of post-2012 have stabilized, into a civilizational hub in preparation for the coming of the 6th ‘root race’ of which the Filipinos (future) will be a part of.

I’d end this note with the reflection on the name Filipinas (Spanish), which is translated into its Filipinized version as PILIPINAS. Per note from a shamanic poet (Almeidda), the term contains the root terms PILI (choose, to choose) and INA (mother). Fusing ‘choose’ and ‘mother’ would yield the identity of CHOSEN MOTHER or Piling Ina. Though articulated from a folk or cult-level discourse, there is much wisdom to this identity of the Philippines: the Chosen Mother, or chosen by the Mother. From our viewpoint as Brothers/Sisters of Light, it is the Land of the Mother. It will be so for many eons yet forthcoming.

[Philippines, 14 May 2009]


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