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Erle Frayne Argonza

Magandang gabi! Good evening from this side of the world!

Let me share to you my reflections about Tolkien’s classic series, Lord of the Rings. I’m sure a lot of you watched the series, and may have read the text as well. As of this moment the world awaits another Tolkien film, which coincides with the rise of the European empire and a collapsing US economy.

To recall, Manila was in the doldrums economically when I watched the Tolkien series Lord of the Rings. As I watched the very 1st film—Fellowship of the Ring—I instantly felt the chill in my spine and shuddered at the foreboding predictions of near-forthcoming events intuited by the author way back.

The Ring sounded initially like the ‘ring of the Nibelungs’ narrative, one of the classic Nordic-Teutonic legends. But there was more to the series than signify to past events. The archetypes of the Tolkien series, to my mind, clearly signify the forthcoming battles of Har-Megiddo (Armageddon) as well as the coming of the Antichrist (Ahriman or Satan) and the World Dictator who will serve with Satan’s blessing.

The ‘ring’ archetype has impeccable semblance to the ‘spear of Destiny’. This spear was exactly the one used by a Roman soldier to pierce the body of Jesus 2000 years ago in Golgotha. Landing later in the hands of potentates and powers of Europe, the spear came to serve as the imprint of the rise and fall to power of its incumbent handler. It had passed on from Charlemagne to the Hapsburg emperors, till it landed in the hands of Hitler. Upon Hitler’s demise, the spear landed in the hands of the USA.

After completing the series—up until the finale Return of the King—and shuddering views amid goose bumps on my part, I was very sure that the Tolkien series was meant to pronounce to the world the coming of the Antichrist (Sauron) very soon, who will in turn vest the World Dictator (Saromon) with tyrannical power. The twin towers of evil (Antichrist, Dictator) will then move quickly to annihilate millions of people through wars and more wars, ending with an apocalyptic ‘battle for middlearth’ (contestation for ‘sandwiched lands’, notably Har-Mediggo or Armageddon in the Middle East).

Ahriman or Satan is coming to town. This was prophesied way back yet by masters in both the West and East. Every cycle of 5,200 years Lucifer (evil lord of the ‘hot forces’) and Satan (evil lord of the ‘cold forces’) take alternate turns in incarnating in the physical plane. Around 3,200 BC or so, it was Lucifer who embodied somewhere in ‘middle earth’. Krishna likewise embodied then, to counterbalance the evil vibes of Lucifer. That historic moment ended with the Kali Yuga or Dark Age upon the exit of Krishna.

5,200 years later, it will be Ahriman’s turn to incarnate. The year forecast for his birth was prophesied as 666 X 3 or 1998 approximately. But Ahriman is known to arrive earlier than expected, as revealed by the mystic-master Rudolf Steiner. And so, if we use the Steiner estimator, Ahriman embodied before 1998, and made his impact be felt worldwide around 1998 precisely.

Steiner was explicit in revealing that Ahriman will embody in America. We mystics know who he is, and he is someone who everybody least suspects to be the lord of all evil lords and Dark adepts. Around this decade he had secured his place in history, maybe actively involved in church life up North, and has begun to remind world leaders of wealthy nations to share their blessings to the poorer ones. Who could ever imagine that behind the face of this seemingly noble and philanthropic figure is a hideous evil hierarch?

I myself have arrived at a conclusion that this figure is Him, the long awaited monstrous abomination. I couldn’t look at his picture long enough, without noticing that it moves or is quite alive. This figure is aware about my presence here, aware about who I am (among White Robes), aware of my linkage of Light with White Adepts and spiritual masters in the physical plane right now. Look at how He deceives people, who may not even feel the abominable vibrations emanating from him at all.

I’m sure Ahriman is well aware of his purpose right now. Among his missions is to give his blessings to a global tyrant. This Mr. Tyrant is among the top political leaders of Europe where he was prophesied to incarnate (per revelation of Steiner). Like Ahriman, this abominable figure is likewise active today in his church. Not only church methods but also Eastern methods of yoga did he learn to procure energy for his hideous purposes. He is now waiting in the wings for his most awaited mission.

Tolkien intuited in the film series that the ‘ring’ (spear of destiny) will go back to Europe (signified by Smiegel the transmogrified being). For a long time the Teutonic lines of powers (Hapsburg), signified by Smiegel, beheld the spear. Under the graces of the spear for 1000 years, the empire later saw its tragic end. From the empire’s ashes appeared a mad tyrant, Hitler, who envisioned a world empire or ‘reich’ upon the granting of secular powers by the archangel of the spear.

But like any holder of the spear, Hitler’s power soon ended, and the spear passed on to the ‘hobbits’ (signifying humble mien and origin). The hobbit signified the USA, which indeed had humble origins. It was ‘hobbit’ or dwarfish relative to the gigantic Saxon-Teutonic-Celtic race from whom Americans originated, but nobody every expected that this ‘hobbit’ was destined to become a gigantic power itself.

Eventually this new power acquired two faces: the ‘hobbit’ face (signifying the magnanimous yet enlightened side) and the ‘tower of evil’ face. The unity of these faces or aspects is there amid the split personality traits, signified by the ring’s being held by the hobbits though only for a short while. But sooner or later, the magnanimous, light side will triumph against the imperious side, as the texts revealed.

While a hobbit was about to cast the ring back to the hot lava where it was forged (signifying the spear’s return to its origin), the little monster Smiegel suddenly grabbed it while traversing the air downwards. The ‘air’ signified the mental dimension: calculative, trickery, and so on. Though succeeding for a while, the holder (signifying Europe or its ancient royal bloodlines) will eventually be smothered by the fiery lava below. Likewise will the ring smelt and disappear in the lava.

Which means that upon the appearance of the global tyrant, he will immediately become the holder of the spear, and will be vested with limitless secular powers by Ahriman. He will then move quickly to foment wide-scale conflicts, embedded as he is by then in a unified, powerful Europe. With the recent signing of the Lisbon treaty, it is now assured that such a militarily mighty Europe is bound to emerge soon, an act which the tyrant now awaits so that he may become the president of the union.

The tyrant could indeed be the president of the union. Or, he could be among the top policy makers of the EU, and will call the shots from behind rather than expose his face frontally before the global community. Whoever He may be, he is now waiting in the wings. As of this writing, we are just counting months before this ‘man of the hour’ will receive his formal mission: strong man of the mighty Europe.

Given the propensity of Europeans to openly display to the public what they wish to hide from them, it is most likely that Mr. Strong Man will appear frontally. Nobody will ever suspect the exceeding evil of his character, as one will find out later. And nobody will ever suspect that “He is the one,” as people will be thinking more of somebody who will call the shots from behind as the master evil. No sir! People will never suspect that the one leading frontally is the long awaited strong man and evil tyrant.

To make matters worse, the film series ended with the return of the kingly bloodlines to power, as if this bloodline is so benign. Please note that long have the powers of Europe acted behind the scenes to ensure that the Merovingian bloodline be preserved, that the most powerful leaders installed to the thrones are of this bloodline. This evil cabal of mad men and women believe in the lie that the
Merovingian line descended from Jesus and Mary Magdala.

Through the Tolkien series, the viewers’ minds are being conditioned to accept the royal bloodline as a goodly company. Maybe the possibility of restoring the kingly office as ceremonial power in Europe will emerge during the reign of Mr. Strong Man. I wish that the Europeans use their heads well when this option will be presented to them: this ‘return of royalty’ is the line of demented powers.

The option of the evil cabal is to create a trans-Atlantic 4th Reich, with the secular power (tyrant) seated in Europe and the spiritual power (Satan) seated in the USA. Those peoples who suffered so much misery and cruelty in the hands of the imperial West should better wake up right now at the turbulent events unfolding and the coming to power of this ‘two towers of evil’. The embers of war are now getting stronger, the destruction of developing nation-states the new game of the mad leaders of the West. Afghanistan and Iraq are gone, Iran will be next, and so on till the fires of war will cover all the continents of the planet.

As the Tolkien series revealed, the plot is to decimate the world populations till very few will be left. The Pied Pipers of the depopulation program are the eco-fascists, those paid agents of the global oligarchy who keep on harping the lie that “humanity is the evil” that had resulted to the destruction of Mother Earth.
The lie is meant to drumbeat the evil strategy of massive population destruction through Malthusian means (wars, bio-warfare, genocide, etc). Man is evil, so let’s destroy people. What utter abominable madness!

Wake up, Fellows of Earth! Wake up and move to action to prevent these demented forces from winning and destroying humanity, nature and the planet! We shall overcome! Amen.

[Writ 29 March 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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