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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

After 2000 years a cosmic drama gets to be re-enacted. Mystical masters such as Rudolf Steiner have clarified to us this knowledge of cycles before. This idea attracted thinkers Oswald Spengler and Arnold Toynbee who used the same 2000-year period to characterize their theory of cycles of civilizations. When science and mysticism converge, theory becomes fact, fact is theory.

2000 years ago Rome’s Republic was in fragments, chaos was the order of things, and out of that chaos the Empire galvanized. Cosmic evil descended so low as to dominate the physical plane altogether. It was the chief reason why an Ascended Being, Jeshua ben Joseph, was sent forth by the White Lodge’s highest councils to counterbalance that chaos and check-mate the descent of Earth towards further chaos and evil.

The marked descent to evil by the figure known as Octavius at that very moment has been quite well documented. The nephew of Julius Ceasar, and close to him as he was to Ceasar’s confidantes and co-leaders, Octavius rose meteorically to monopolize all powers of state unto himself, bamboozle the allies of Rome through invasions and destructive onslaughts, and created ‘synergistic anarchies’ or ‘synarchy’ through ceaseless wars of aggression across the borders. That Empire was to last for 500 years, later on passing the flame to Byzantium.

Synarchy has come back today, in a new form as global synarchy. Even before the 19th century ended, evil forces were already at work in Europe, through secret societies and the universities, to ensure that the ‘seed thoughts’ for a future globe enflaming in seeming ceaseless rhythms of synarchy leading to economic-political catastrophe, were being germinated and planted across the globe but most specially in England and the continent (Europe).

Well niched among the economic-political-military-intellectual elites of the West, the synarchy incubators likewise planned the long-term conduct of continental wars that were patterned after the Napeleonic wars and USA’s civil wars. Possibly the subcontinental Taiping-Manchu conflict in China was also studied with care. ..And the future plan calls for three world wars, the first two already come to past. The planned Arab-Persia conflict being the 3rd war is now shaping up.

The object of re-enacting Rome’s synarchy is to justify the need for a global ‘new world order’ of tyranny. The re-enactment of Rome’s ‘rule of law’ and pax romana will also find new space, as ‘world rule of law’ in a ‘pax U.N.’ or ‘pax Atlantica’. The empire’s base, as already tackled by me in a separate article, will be the alliance of the USA-EU as a two-headed yet single monstrous state. Japan will most likely stay close to this power axis as its Eastern co-axis.

If Rome’s drama were to be re-enacted after 2000 years or so, necessarily the central figures of that time will also be re-embodied to pursue roles almost near to or equivalent to the past. The most focal figure of that time is no other than Augustus Ceasar, first Emperor of the degenerate Roman Empire. His allies and chief enemies will also re-embody, permitted as such by the Karmic Board to fulfill their own equivalent roles in the unfolding cosmic drama in minutiae on Earth.

Made aware by the writings of the mystic-alchemist Trevor Ravenscroft as early as the late 70s yet of this renewing cycle and drama, and in the 90s by his book about the Antichrist, I did anticipate the coming of both Satan and Augustus Ceasar whose embodiments were pre-visioned before by the mystical master Steiner. In a separate article I already wrote about Leviathan or Satan, confirming his presence here today, as a person of enormous esteem globally, born and residing in the USA.

Aware of what to expect, I did meditate recently (this year) to check on ‘cosmic data’ about Augustus’ own whereabouts. With great luck I did saw a vision of Augustus, as a politician or so in Europe. His face had the looks of one known Hollywood actor, exudes power but also abomination, and must be around ages 38-42.
In that vision, I was shown his face, after which came visions of trees and foliage. I shuddered as I saw him, as I realized that HE WAS ALREADY A MATURE ADULT ready for the picking, and realizing that the prophecies of Steiner and other mystics were happening ON THE DOT without delays whatsoever. The vision could mean the following:

• The Re-embodiment is a politician today, and is pursuing his mission in the realm of the public sphere.

• He is back in EUROPE where he is destined to fulfill his role.

• He could be a most focal, ideological leader of the Green Movement or party, as signified by the vision of trees & canopies.

• He could have been born in the Ardennes region of France, or the region bordering France and Germany, which used to be total forest. The vision of trees could signify this too.

• He could also be both: born of combined Frech-German stocks, in the Ardennes region, and is a core leader of the Green movement and/or party.

• He will oversee the conversion of the Green movement into a full totalitarian movement, beginning the movement’s career as the totalitarian party of the 21st century. Eco-fascism thus replaces communism, fascism, Islam, Arab socialism, and other totalitarian movements of the previous century that have failed or are bound to crash.

• He is now very much prepared for his role as global strongman. The only thing he awaits now is the consolidation of Europe into a totalitarian monster, and its allied fusion with the USA/North American Union into the mighty Empire juggernaut of the near future.

I can intuit so many other things about this abomination. Steiner already revealed that Ahriman will personally bless him and give him the go-signal for massive ‘washing of the blood’ across the globe via a world war and up-scaled synarchist conflicts. In addition, I can intuit that he is now searching for his former enemies who will again be in conflict with his interests.

This Abominable Emperor will be at the lowest ebb of his spiritual evolution, is totally immersed in Black Magic of the highest order, and is being mentored directly by Satan himself (in the absence of Lucifer who was already deprogrammed by the Almighty). As such, he can easily penetrate the physical veil and search for his enemies via the electromagnectic or EM templates of the planet, perhaps thru means available to his Order (we mystical White Robes use meditation techniques to penetrate the veil).

By the way, Steiner and Ravenscroft also revealed that the same Augustus Ceasar re-embodied later as Napoleon Bonaparte. And before that, he came forth as Cesar Borgia, from that most powerful family of the famed mercantile city-states that funded and orchestrated the bloody Crusade wars and inquisitorial bloodbaths.

Let me do some more reflections about the incarnational patterns in another article. Suffice me to clarify that the Emperor is back today, as a European of French-German (Gaul-Latin-Teuton) bloodlines, and a politician of the highest caliber. His Abomination is now knocking at the doors of Europe that has been prepared in advance for His Coming.

[Writ 03 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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