Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

It is raining hard as I write right this note, the whole Philippine archipelago seems to be taking a bath from the showers of the monsoon rains. With not much winds to whip up the rains, the showers come as a blessing altogether, as they elevate our water reserves needed for drinking and plant cultivation, to the merriment of our planters.

As I write this note, I am reminded by repeated visions for years now about an abominable being we know as Leviathan. This mythical being, described in the Old Testament bible as reptilian-looking, was identified by mystics and masters as no other than Ahriman (Satan, Shai-tan) himself. In the hierarchy of evil, Ahriman co-shares power with Lucifer, the other hierarch.

Around the late 90s yet, I began to see during some meditations a being that was like the Loch Ness monster. Its neck was also long like the Loch Ness’, its feet seemed to have some wide thing that can make it paddle through waters. But it likewise had the looks of a dinosaur, looked much bulkier and heavier than the typical Loch Ness, its skin much thicker like unto armor’s.

For years I took it for granted that I was seeing a mere reptilian thing, possibly already extinct or maybe still existing but is rather rare. There was nothing in the books though that could make me properly identify it. I often seem to view it from a distance, like it were around almost a half mile away from me, the nearest around 100 meters away, but never so near.

Not until the 2nd quarter of this year, 2008, did I view the thing so near like it were just four (4) meters away from me, did I realize that it was Leviathan. I wrote a separate article about that vision, which has to do with former fraternal brethren who betrayed me and my service fraternity, who were to my own shock the people of Leviathan or were under his control.

In that vision, while watching Leviathan, my spirit Guides stood guard beside me (in higher dimensions), my Master J to my left and my Master Seraph to my right. They actually made the vision larger by bringing the image closer to home, which made me realize that it was Leviathan.

Why I am shown Satan in his reptilian Leviathan form surely makes me ask questions. Why not view him in his form as a fallen Seraph? Probably I am not psychically prepared to see him in his typical form, so the mythic form has been the one ‘downloaded’ to my inner visions by my Guides who are both Ascended Beings and who both belong to the cosmic White Lodge.

These are the update notes I was able to intuit about Satan, culled from my many visions:

• He is VERY MUCH ALIVE. This fact contradicts those garbled heraldries posted in websites claiming that Satan was already cancelled out.

• The visions of His Abomination around the late 90s were alert signals by my Guides that Satan was about to appear in the physical plane to fulfill his mission here at that time.

• The same alert message was an authentication that Satan had a manifestation on Earth, probably an embodiment of his essence-fragment. He could have other embodiments in fallen planets in other star systems and not Earth alone though. But he is HERE in the physical plane too, though his Inner Essence is niched in the 3rd Plane or elsewhere.

• Which means that his manifestation was born decades earlier than the late 90s. He was already an adult in the late 90s then, and was already known the world over.

• That essence or soul-fragment manifestation is RESIDING IN THE UNITED STATES, confirming the earlier prophecy of Rudolf Steiner that Ahriman will embody in the USA at the turn of the century.

• He has come here to directly serve as chief High Priest to all the Dark Lodge formations, and will personally bless the Global Tyrant or strongman who will appear in Europe very shortly. (That global ‘Emperor Palpatin’ will be treated later in another article.)

• I am around 80% certain for now as to the identity of Ahriman/Satan in the physical plane. Yes, he is very well known, is Caucasian in hue, and is so philanthropic nobody will ever suspect that he is the Most Evil One. He knows me too, he stares me in the eyes through his print media pictures—YES HIS PICTURES COME ALIVE WHEN I STARE AT THEM FOCALLY!

Let me just go on keeping the public eyes guessing as to Ahriman’s identity. But be on the alert, His Abomination is alive though his co-partner Lucifer is now dead (cancelled out by the Almighty and Lord Michael).

So much for this vision narrative. If you are a Lightworker, you would hardly care about Ahriman’s presence here. Lightworkers have already won the day, as their mission of co-constructing the Christ Grid of Earth is now completely done. Only those laggards and recalcitrant ‘low density beings’ among us are still under His Abomination’s control.

Blessed One, fear not! Let us watch as His Abomination’s constructs will fall very rapidly in time. It is Satan who is desperate for last-ditch offensives, for victories. His people better choose Oneness while there’s still time for this. Aum.

[Writ 03 August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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