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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good afternoon from Manila! Magandang hapon!

Napoleon Bonaparte is back from the grave, reincarnated to fulfill his destiny as a European strongman and global tyrant. I already began my musings about this sordid figure in a previous article, where he was identified as the first emperor of the fallen Roman Empire: Augustus Ceasar. He has returned to role-play as Emperor the 1st of a united Europe.

For lack of information about his name, let us simply label him as Emperor Palpatin, or The Emperor. Palpatin, if you recall the Star Wars movie series, was that morbidly dreadful tyrant-sorcerer of the galactic Empire whose planetary members suspected nothing of the brewing plans by the tyrant to transform the Republic into an Empire by using the democratic or parliamentary process.

The same thing is happening in Europe now, where seemingly democratic processes and institutions were utilized to create a centralized Europe. Little do Europeans realize the grave consequences of their own actions, that behind the shadows lurk evil Adepts of the Dark Lodge who are obsessed with consolidating powers in Europe into a single Empire lorded by a Tyrant of a 4th Reich.

The Lisbon Treaty was already signed, though there are some glitches as the Irish rejected the treaty via popular referendum. But the treaty will be signed just the same, it will be enforced, and all powers of state shall be concentrated from nation-states to Brussels (Union capital). Palpatin could very well be the first emperor of this evil Union, even as 2000 years back he rose to tyranny meteorically to become 1st Emperor of Rome.

The clock now ticks for Europe, for in just matters of months from now the 7th and final treaty of the Union will be enforced. Most probably a union-wide president will be elected, while a union-wide premier will be managing the parliament and certain executive institutions. This will still have the semblance of a republic, though it could be the first and last of a European republic.

Palpatin is now waiting in the wings, waiting to put order in a Europe that will be mired in anarchy and mass risings as nation members of the Union will begin to see the evil scheme behind the treaties they signed across decades. Such unrests will be felt, at a time of economic crisis and possibly collapse, thus bringing back the continent to the time of the Weimar republic. This time around, it won’t be just one country as Weimar was almost a century back, but the whole continent of Europe will be burning economically and politically.

Carpe diem! Hail Palpatin! Hail the Emperor! Thus will He be sought for by middle class and elite families who will be so tired of all the strife and hyper-inflation. Then shall he come forth to center stage, the most promising Messiah of the United Europe, who will bring order to a continent in flames. He will then stretch his arms to America, and will negotiate a modus vivendi with Washington to create the North Atlantic axis on a joint co-leadership.

Just as Hitler was the vessel of the Antichrist almost a century back, this century it will be Palpatin’s turn to be overshadowed by the Antichrist or Ahriman directly. As already mentioned in a previous article, Palpatin will be mentored directly by Ahriman during his formative years, such mentoring still taking place till now. Palpatin is in the lowest ebb of his spiritual sojourn, and is being initiated into sorcery.

Upon taking the throne of Europe, Palpatin will be overshadowed directly by Ahriman who, as tackled in another article, is back in the physical plane today, reincarnated as an American. The Napoleonic wars will then ensue both within and outside the borders of Europe, in a version of ‘brimstone and fire’ aggression that will combine the wars of Napoleon and of ancient Rome.

As the European empire unfolds, another equally important event will be taking place in Washington DC: the mutation of the USA into a tyrannical police state. The North American Union treaty will be signed and enforced, probably by 2010, which will integrate the USA-Canada-Mexico countries into a territory with a single economy and currency (Amero). The seemingly republican Union will, like unto Europe, turn into a dreaded police state.

Both Europe and North America cannot move on economically and politically by themselves, given the antipathies that will be displayed by southern states towards them. To save their economies and surmount possible hostilities from emerging markets, they will be compelled to negotiate for mutual co-existence. Thus will arise the 2-headed Empire that was already tackled by me in another article.

For how long the 2-headed Empire will last we have no knowledge about. A planet that burns in ceaseless conflicts will resist forecasting of a determinative manner. I can only surmise that the conflicts will shape up as a new 30-Year War altogether, a World War III that will be more catastrophic in effects compared to all previous continental wars. When that war is over, Pax Atlantica will be in place under the consolidated 4th Reich.

It seems that only a soul as brilliant in warfare and conflagrations as Palpatin could fulfill the role of unifier not only of Europe but of the entire North Atlantic in the years ahead. That is what Ahriman will make people believe anyway, what the Luciferan Illuminati will popularize as grand lie. And in the name of order and bread shall people approve finally the ascent to power of their long-awaited Palpatin of the dreaded 4th Reich.

[Writ August 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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