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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

The Star Wars and Star Trek series are among my favorite cinema series. I’m sure many readers and seekers out there also manifest this fondness for the same series. The most obvious reason why people like the same films is because of their novelty and special effects. Since the realm of the obvious is the terrain of the simpletons, I won’t dwell on this any further and instead highlight the less obvious.

Let me focus on Star Wars, with the following thesis: viewers’ fondness for the series is due to the recondite archetypal nature of their texts as well as their revelation of the real in the cross-galactic terrain. Star Wars are real, and this is what people fail to see at all given their propensity for the humanist hubris that only the Earth is populated by humanoid life-forms.

As to the archetypal nature, the series clicks precisely because those images—archetypes in psychoanalysis and hermeneutics—seen by viewers unlock certain mysteries or texts that are hidden deep in the collective unconscious of people. That is why movies as well as dreams and mystical visions are powerful, in that they unlock messages that are coded in symbols. The challenge is to decode the meanings behind the symbols.

I would say that, during a film viewing, a sensitive soul (old soul) could easily unlock the hidden messages more than the shallow souls (young and middling souls). They may not be able to identify the exact meanings behind the symbols, but somehow something is telling them that “they understand.”

Regarding the reality about the Star Wars, let me first remind the readers that in the emerging world context the dividing line between the virtual and real will increasingly be erased. And as the effective erasure comes with time, so will people realize the deeper reality behind images that they see and feel around them, such as the imageries of the Star Wars series.

Star Wars are for real, dear fellows. All one needs to do is browse the internet for such topics as ‘galactic confederation’, ‘Draconian empire’, ‘Orion empire’, and other related topics, and one will begin to mine a humungous amount of data and information about the subject. The Star Wars series had unintentionally brought to our attention the real narrative that’s been happening across the galaxies and across the lower dimensions of life for well over 100,000 years now.

Even at this very moment of my writing, I was able to perceive through my meditation visions the coming to the solar system of beings from the Draco system. Fearsome and dreadful in looks, I perceived them as early as 2002, and I was able to intuit that they are scouts who are doing intelligence gathering in the solar system. Till these days I see faces of these kinds, some of them reaching as far down as my home country the Philippines in search for souls that they can capture and embody as
newly born Reptoids.

That is, fellows, there are now clashes between contending forces in the universes or ‘omniverse’, and the clashes are again spilling over to our solar system. 100,000 years back the same forces fought their wars across the galaxies, and when the same wars spilled over to our star system the forces of the archangels Michael and Lucifer took sides in the conflicts. The war was called the ‘Orion invasion’, a narrative that came down to the later generations as the ‘fall of Lucifer’.

A truce was declared after those wars and battles. Sad to say, no one was winning then. The simplistic story that Michael’s forces won may need to be re-investigated. For such a war that involved so huge an amount of energy and contesting players, it is unimaginable to conceive of a total victory by any side. Just like the wars of the present in our own planet that often end in deadlocks and concluded with truce, so was the galactic war of the past concluded with a truce (see

But truces are made to be broken, and often than not those on the ‘Dark Side of the Force’—the forces represented by the Dark Lodge and its executor Draconian-Orion alliance—violate the truce. Even here on Earth the representatives of the Dark Lodge persistently violate the truce. The earth was recognized as a school where both forces of Darkness and Light can fulfill each one’s mission without having to harm each other. But such is not the case, as the Dark Side continues to attack those on the Light Side notably the mystics.

The ‘Light Side of the Force’ as depicted in the series signifies the Galactic Confederation and the spiritual backbone that underpines it, the Great White Lodge. Not all forces in the ‘Confed’ are exactly enlightened, though the leadership core is of the Ascended Host. Many thousands of worlds comprise the Confed, which is led by the Ascended Master Sananda (the oversoul of Jesus Christ). The worlds gathered under the commands called ‘Ashtar’ and ‘Arcturian’ are integral to the Great White Lodge.

In the film series the highly bellicose and militaristic ‘Sith Lords’ realistically depict the Draconians who are of the reptilian life-form. The ‘Trade Federation’, on the other hand, signifies the Orion Empire which in fact is imperious in the area of inter-galactic economics. But in reality, it is the Orion Empire, being monetarily endowed, that is on top of the chain of command, while the Draconians are satisfied with their role of executor militarists who form the bulwark of invasion forces of the Draconian-Orion Alliance. In the film series the broad Alliance is signified by the Empire.

Likewise did the film series depict images that signify the Light Forces, via the Jedi Knights. The Jedi is archetypal of the warrior-wizard who indeed exists in reality. The highest military commands of the Confed comprise precisely of these kinds. But make no mistake, these commands have never faltered nor been defeated generally though they did lose some battles from past till the present. Some parts of the ‘omniverse’ did fall into the hands of the Empire (centered in Orion), and this fall was signified by the decline and death of the Jedi in the film series.

But a defeat in any part of the omniverse is only temporary, and sooner or later its enlightened warrior-wizards will rise up from the ashes and reconnect the lose world with the Confed. In the film this was signified by the coming of Luke Skywalker. And so accurate was the film in depicting the genetic foundations of a special type, that whoever possesses such genetic strain of warrior-wizards will most likely succeed in life, nay rise like a sphinx as a great warrior-wizard or Jedi even when raised in isolation from its genetic source.

In my own experience, many times the Confed forces have made contact. Being an adept of the White Lodge in the Philippines, it is but natural that the said forces are interested in my development. The Venusians, appearing via a godly lady named Leah (twin flame of the teacher S.Rachele), have contacted. Likewise the Sirians who, surprisingly, don’t appear in human form but in other ones. A race of Cyclopean-eyed beings have also contacted. And I expect more of them ‘from above’ contacting me in the next couples of years.

But the exciting contact will be right here on the ground. Admittedly, as of this moment, none such contact has been done yet. I’m waiting for it to happen, anywhere in the planet presumably. I may be drinking coffee in a café one day, and then a Caucasian looking fellow would suddenly approach my table and introduce himself as a scout or intelligence officer from Lyra. Maybe some Pleadeans and Vegans are now keenly observing me from above, and one day their spies here on the ground will approach me. Or, a Japanese-looking guy who approaches may actually be an Andromedan scout.

Maybe before the contact, I will be informed from above by my own spirit guides, the Master J and the Seraphim guardian, about a rendezvous. Being now in an awareness level that makes me revive ancient mysteries buried in my own unconscious, I possess within me many hidden secrets. And maybe this spiritual information is something of value to both Terrans (we people of Earth) and the Confed forces.

I am also aware that the Dark Ones are watching, and maybe they may also do some tricks by contacting me on the ground and introducing themselves as Confed people. But before any such event can happen I’m sure that my own Guides will do the prevention of a rendezvous. My Guides know my bellicosity towards the Dark Ones, that in the event of such an encounter I won’t have second thoughts in striking lethal blows on them. So these Fallen Ones better make sure they come in a spirit of Oneness and good faith if they wish to come near me at all.

A long time ago the Empire forces have receded from the planet, leaving behind only but a fraction of their original form while many others decided to incarnate as Terrans. But given the visions I saw, and those seen by other mystics, it is now likely that the same forces are coming back to Terra. Not only here, but I can easily intuit that they are targeting a huge swath of star systems, of which the solar system is but a fractional component.

I’m having a feeling that the Empire’s invasion has begun, and yes I did get information through the internet that confirms the beginning of another massive Orion-Draconian invasion. It seems to time with the shaping up of a 3rd World War. Will the Empire use the coming war as a smoke screen for the arrival of its forces? Hasn’t the advance forces already arrived, and have been commanding the Dark Lodge people here to do their bidding?

What makes the Earth so special that the same forces want to make it as a command station of sorts? Will they really come here to take hold of the planet and its population, or will their arrival simply be done by a token force, the object being to activate long installed communications and espionage facilities? That the Earth will simply be a war station in a string of planets that they will use for invading an even more important star system?

Will the Confed forces arrive just in time to rescue the Terrans? Or are they already here in fact, as reported by many mystics? I myself have begun to perceive in my visions the mother ship used by the Master Sananda, which is my only way of confirming the presence of the Confeds right on Earth and in the solar system. The question is, am I seeing the present Confed, or is the Confed we perceive an advanced arrival from the future (arrival via time travel)?

Exciting yet dreadful times, isn’t it? Indeed, yes. Now finally, to re-echo, Star Wars are for real and for a long time yet to come will the clash of the galactic giants spill over across many worlds.

[Writ 13 February 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]


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