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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

From up Himalayas’ etheric space
With Light beings attending in sessions
Called forth by World Teachers we
Are as salts of the Earth

Brought forth to bring Light Above
Unto eager souls awaiting release
From encumbrances with ignoble Ignorance
Veils upon their eyes concealing truths

Likewise now am I decided anew
To re-enter the university’s august halls
There to rendezvous with sublime starseeds
Harbingers of the noblest goal of nirvana

A commitment to the Holy Cause
I’m coming back to sublime academia
Impeccable den of truth and wisdom
I’ve come back regained in strength
Will and inspiration fro the Heavens

[Philippines, 19 May 2010]


I have a great admiration for the academe, the university notably, even as I sat down to do professorial tasks when opportunities brought so. A citadel of knowledge and the arts, the university is a very effective vehicle for the conduct of spiritual mentoring work, a fact that I found out in my own experience.

Being a part of urban Asia, and embodying in a country that was on its way to an urban economy (Philippines, 68% urban by 2010), I found the university and related venues of instruction (workshops, trainings) as the means most fit for disseminating the Teaching and mentoring seekers. In the old Manila campus of the University of the Philippines, where I taught for almost 16 years, I met a professor there (Prof. Aragon) who too was on his way to White Robe missionary. I’m sure he is most contented with his role both as professor and White Robe.

I did leave the university teaching job as I felt it that I had some leadership and related missions to fulfill outside the campus. Those missions aren’t over yet, but the inclination to do university mentoring has been nagging me. Short of time now to fulfill this passion for sharing knowledge via the university, just the same I have it in my agenda to go back to campus teaching even way after the New Earth had galvanized.  

Those spiritual seekers who were born in an urban society should therefore deconstruct old thoughts that gurus can be found in recluse ashrams or spiritual retreats. Gurus like me are well blended with the urban populace, you can find us in your cities and universities, and be glad to know that there are thousands of us performing the guru role today.


May 2011

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