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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago

It is back and surely back indeed
This gigantic helix-like portal
To in-betwixt space across worlds

Sleeping in repose for eons
Closed it was by clashing forces
Benign as well as malevolent
Cut off from its nerve ending
Above my beloved Philippines
If but to undercut those enthused flyers
Of starships and patrol crafts both
Yes repose twas for eons long

Long forgotten or so it seems
Till waken it did like a gigantic lantern
Filled with Light on all sides
Dazzling Light to beacon flyers all
In humble 2008 did it spark with life anew
Led by galactic warriors a-flying patrols
Like many bees clustered on a hive
They guarded the Holy Spiral as it descended
Back to it umbilical cord zone

Never again to close down
Is it now transporting ships and souls alike
Here now cometh to reinforce the Plan
Of raising us all to higher climes
Upon the bustling of cocks enthused
On 21st of December 2012

[Philippines, 12 May 2010]


The hyperspace galactic portal, which connects Earth to the galaxies, has been re-opened in 2008. I already pronounced this publicly a couple of years ago. I was shown visions of it by my own Light Body Oversoul that was activated on the day of my spiritual ascension in late November of 2008.

Witnessing that portal offered me some hindsights about the role of the Philippines—remnant of the Maharloka subcontinent of Mu—in the unfolding cosmic drama. Not only did I witness the Light Forces re-opening the portal and guarding it with armadas of space armies, it was also test-run and utilized by the same forces to land gigantic starships on the upper astral domain (‘4th to 5th densities’ in some other language).

The message was clear to me then till now: that the Confederation of Light is ready in its task to rescue qualified Terrans after the catastrophe polar shift and Earth changes. I had the opportunity then to talk to their commanders as I visited the starships that landed and gave my goodwill notes as representative of the Elders of the Race.  


April 2011

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