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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



In John’s Revelation book he narrated

Of an evil Dragon who dragged with it

One third of the stars or so


‘Tis no other than the Draco Empire cited

Alongside Orion and dense aliens warred

Against the Forces of Light past eons ago

Over four (4) grand cycles came to past


‘Twas the same wars fought passionately

By Lucifer and Michael and their minions

Celestial powers did take side in it

Like today’s world powers side in wars

Fought by potentates and client-states


‘Twas told too in Greek mythology

With Perseus the Pleadian fighting passionately

Versus Karkens or Draco’s might

That invaded Andromeda in antiquity


They were the epical star wars then

Their wars assured will ensue again

As Draco-Orion Forces now prepare

One last stand they fight in despair

Prepare too for the narratives they beget

The tales you tell grandchildren o’ tomorrows


[Philippines, 28 July 2010]





Star wars are real, and I’ve written a series of articles regarding the Empire of the Draconian-Orion alliance. I also supplemented those articles with a series of writings about the Illuminati who are corrupted adepts of Illumined Ones from Orion as they were originally called.


The Star Wars series surely got me hooked up into it not only as a fan but as an analyst whose adrenalin is made alive by solving enigmas in life. The movie series surely revealed a phenomenon of conflict between the forces of Light and Darkness that took place hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Jedi knights, noblest warriors who performed guardian roles and kept the balance in the universe, are as real as you can imagine it to be: they are Warrior Adepts of Light, and indeed as Guardians they do perform the role so described in the movie series.


Well, the sad news was that Earth was taken by Orions during their invasion about half a million years ago. They and the Draconians did tangle early humans in genetic breeding experimentations, the result of which are the Terrans of today. The only good news coming out of the past ‘star wars’ was the ceasefire (truce-like sort of) between Michael and Lucifer, and that ceasefire has been observed till these days.


The Guardians among the spiritual Masters are actually behind the leadership of the Confederation of Light whose chief leader is no other than Sananda or Jesus. The Great White Brotherhood, via the Guardians (Jedi-like), thus provides guidance to the confederation many of whose members are not exactly benevolent. In the absence of the guardianship of masters, the confederation would be another “to each his own.”




May 2011


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