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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

The ego surely has every way
To ambush your psyche
Like bandits waiting to waylay thee
It comes with thunderbolts
Of thoughts so dark and gloom
They’d make you depart
From your sublime humanity

Such as to make you wallow
In dirty cesspools
Of arrogance and hubris
Large may the pool be
Yet dirty is it as ever

Arrogance and hubris won’t ever
Pay enough and won’t reward thee
Save but to sink thee
Deeper in murky waters of evils
Such darkness will come back
Upon thee when most unexpected
Like a boomerang gleefully flying
To return to its own thrower

[Philippines, 20 August 2010]


Arrogance, delusion, pride all go together as evils experienced by the lower self or psyche. You would notice how many are those who claim today to be representatives of the Divine Beings, and by examining the contentions they make—that are ambiguous and deceptive—you know that they are engaging in delusions. And they delude the public with an aura of humility, mind you. Yet they arrogate upon themselves the huge role of Divine representative! What philistine hubris!

Such evils could hide themselves from the uninitiated or ignorant, but not from sharp empaths, psychoanalysts and more so from evolved souls. Just by reading through about three hundred (300+) channeling articles writ in 1992-2001, I was able to perceive through dark marshes and saw the arrogance and hubris that went with them. Those channelers, who are actually spiritist mediums that perform necromancy (calling the spirits of dead, animals, negatives astral beings), are psychologically unstable, and to prove my point let them undergo psychiatric test. I can see through them, being an empath who conducted listening & counseling on hundreds of troubled souls.

Arrogance, hubris, delusion, pride are all poisons to the soul. Any truly willful seeker should be determined to deprogram them from the psyche. The tools of deprogramming vices are provided by an initiating guru, as I normally do to those I mentor, and should be applied diligently. There can be no excuses for missing out on deprogramming certain vices or evils such as lying, cheating, arrogance, pride, as the failure to take them out will redound to reinforcing veils in the Path.

Unable to deprogram vices and take down veils in the Path, Divine Grace can never be fully given by the Almighty, and the advancing seeker will remain dangling in the ‘purgatorial regions’ of existence. Burn down all evils, take down all veils, and Divine Providence will grant nirvana, the 1st phase of true liberation, unto the devotee or seeker or mystic.


May 2011

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