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Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago



Interviewed by a searching student

On first hour o’ the day

After a storm had passed

Queried she if angels exist

Or that I believe in angels


To which I quipped with certainty

“A matter of fact and not belief

Angels are” with nary an eyelash batted

Love Beings they are

Whose Presence cleanse and balance

The Earth’s dirtied aura

A whole domain of life they inhabit

In abodes of exquisite architecture

They too help each one of us

As an Inner Guide and sentinel


Connected they are

To the Cosmic Heart of the Mother

They are the Heart’s benign resonators


May they grown and prosper too

And experience the abundance

Of the universe


[Phiippines, 25 July 2010]





Angels are a distinct species-being created by the Prime Creator. Being distinct, they have lives of their own, worlds of their own, and ‘ways’ unique to them (‘culture’ in human terms). They constitute a distinct cosmogony too, so that our own Ascended Masters who are so vastly knowledgeable about human cosmogony wouldn’t hazard a moment to peregrinate on angels and cycles of evolution.


I recall that, in the midst of a typhoon, when I thought classes weren’t suspended yet, a student asked me whether I believe in angels. I replied that angels are a fact of life, not just “belief”. They are Architects of Forms, while we humans are Thinking Beings, to say it matter of fact yet in simple words. They are in synergy with other creations in the cosmos, such as the Devic beings (nature beings) and humans.


Every now and then, as a neophyte mystic in the mid-90s, did I request for angelic assistance to depower evil entities that do commit psychic attacks on helpless folks, and I do it simply be invoking the Archangel Michael for assistance who responds by sending a team of ‘blue lightning angels’. Such angels are then to take command for me during the operations phase, and then let them depart and thank them after their mission is fully accomplished.


I have also at some junctures in 2008 through early 2009 pass by the world of angels, and came to observe their abodes. I don’t normally do that, as angels deserve their privacy too like us humans, but having committed myself to doing Teaching tasks (lectures for instance) to angels when opportunities come, I was permitted upon the clearance of their own Masters to do visits. Cherubims visit me right in my bed room every now and then for two decades now, and their presence simply brings me profound happiness. They are very, very shy, just to remind you.  




May 2011

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