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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw mula sa Kapatirang ispiritwal! Good day from the spiritual Brotherhood!

Writing from within the purview of Theos Sophia or divine wisdom, I will clarify in this note that channelingspiritist mediumship as it was known previously—lies outside the Divine Plan. Fact is, as elucidated by me in other articles, channelers comprise a large part of the articulators known as ‘false prophets’ that Master John the Beloved forewarned us about 2,000 years ago in his Revelations book.

Theos Sophia was directed by divine fiat to be disseminated openly at a time when the present 5th ‘root race’ of Aryans is rapidly deteriorating into Absolute Evil. The time for an open dissemination of the wisdom has come, aimed in the short run to produce as many masters & chelas (disciples) as much as possible, who will become the ‘Light workers’ of the forthcoming Golden Age of Light.

We are now into the galvanization of the last two subraces of the Aryans—the Australians and Americans (see Blavatsky’s articulations)—and so prior to the total descent of humanity into the dense spheres, upon the predominance of Absolute Evil (or AntiChrist Mind/Demonic Mind), there should be a production of more masters, chelas, and the eventual formation of the ‘Christ grid’ on the planet.

We Terrans are yet on the descending arc of the 4th Evolutionary Round (devic-man), and this process cannot go on forever without very destructive results. The One Universal Principle (God in folk lingo) balances things out in any planet or globe whenever Absolute Evil arises, which often happens whenever a ‘root race’ reaches the nadir of its development.

As early as 1974, the ‘Father’ (spirit-Force that bred each one of us as ‘sons’) began intervention, a process that not even Masters could predict nor fully understand. Previous to 1974, the Plan to install around 300 avatars & great masters was already in place, who worked in heated efforts to spread Theos Sophia. The Divine300 (to designate them as a collective whole) served as mentors to the planned 144,000 White Robes or Rishis who were sent after them, to minister at the ‘end of times’ (1974 through 2012 roughly).

In no way did the Divine Plan identify spiritist mediums or channelers as a major strategy to succeed in achieving ‘divine goals’ of planetary ascension and the evolutionary route to the 6th ‘root race’. I would challenge any divine pretenders among channelers to release documents or evidences that show the Divine Elders as responsible for providing them mandates to become “wayshowers for the people of God” as they delude themselves to be.

There is greater evidence to the contrary, in fact, as many channeled messages turn out to be garbled, convoluted, and dis-informative. Too many to count as prima facie evidence of deception and lies, including many that openly cast aspersions on the masters and divine wisdom that took them enormous sacrifices to disseminate.

And look at how many billions of beguiled souls in the world today are made to believe and flow with the convoluted words from the False Prophets. Just too many among the Herd Mind or herrenfolk beguiled by deceitful Pied Pipers!

As the late messengers and teachers Mark & Elizabeth Claire Prophet have succinctly clarified, those who will resort to a ‘misqualified use of divine energies’ will meet the crashing blows of Divine Justice upon the closure of this chapter of life we’re now into. The husband and wife tandem were among the Divine300, and truly they did ascend soon after their very hard sojourns replete with insidious attacks and demonic slanders from their detractors.

[Philippines, 15 May 2011]


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