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“Many are called but few are chosen” goes the ancient adage. Few are chosen not because some ‘unseen hands’ make the many rot in lower awareness, but because the many chose such paths of stagnation for themselves. We humans are free will beings, so if a Terran of today chooses to remain glued to the astral domain as his/her heaven world, then so be it. The spiritist mediums chose the latter, just to stress the point.

The Path to Self-realization (activation of the higher self or soul/atma) is the path to liberation (moksha) or salvation, by which the Aspirant can experience the state of nirvana. Nirvana is known to mystics and masters as the 1st plane of the 3 highest planes of existence, or the spiritual planes. An Aspirant who really chooses freedom chooses no other Path than that leading to nirvana and the state of bliss that accompanies it.

Theos Sophia or divine wisdom was ordered released by divine fiat to the whole of mankind regardless of class, race, gender, nationality. The first tranche of systematic works on the wisdom was released by the theosophists around the last quarter of 1800s through 1920. Some later facets would be released by anthroposophy (care of Rudolf Steiner), kriya (Sri Yutekswar Giri and Paramahansa Yogananda as lead swamijis), and ‘Enochian keys’ (John Jacob Hurtak as lead Initiate).

Kriya was very emphatic in its task to let people understand the full import of the science and practice of Yoga. By yoga is meant in its original term of ‘yoke’: the union of the lower and higher selves. Both Kriya and anthroposophy prescribed the focusing on the higher glands notably the pineal being the Christ energy center.

Going back to the question: can spiritist mediums undergo the science and practice of divine wisdom in order to evolve further? Yes of course, by all means they can undergo the lessons of divine wisdom, configured to their specific psyche and soul type.

The late great master Paramahansa Yogananda gave us the following formula for self-realization: 25%-Aspirant’s efforts, 25% Guru’s interventions, 50% Divine Grace. See how large divine grace is? Too large to reckon with, but without the person deciding to undergo the lessons and accelerate in self-development, divine grace can’t be granted.

I myself met two (2) lady mystics who began their spiritual Path via spiritist mediumship. One, Madam Hermie, was my batchmate in the Great White Lodge in 1994, and did healing via guidance supposedly from Sto Niño. The other, Madam Rachel Somera, was also initiated into the Brotherhood by the same guru who sponsored me though Rachel was of a different batch, did outright communications with dead persons.

Sister Rachel had departed from spiritism after 1999, as she was strongly urged by her Master Guides to move out of it. She was into heavy readings of divine wisdom by that time, as we met in the international psychic conference to forecast the future of the Philippines & planet Terra (she was reading Kriya when we met). She had moved to Teaching as her spiritual vocation, which made me feel so happy for her.

The spiritual master who initiated me into the Brotherhood, Guru Felix Fojas, also had a time in his life to do automatic writing. He openly narrated his experiences with the said form of channeling. A brilliant public relations man and poet, he fits more into the mold of a mystic than a psychic, looks like the echelon executive that he was then, and smokes like Blavatsky did. He eventually stopped automatic writing, as he found out there was no need for this in the Path.

Contrast the life histories of the Enlightened souls above to the hundreds of millions of channelers today who pretend to be representatives of the Divine Beings on the surface of Terra. Hundreds of millions of self-acclaimed ‘wayshowers’ the latter are, who subtly if not overtly slander and malign the masters. Deluding themselves with being mandated gargantuan tasks as huge as God Almighty’s, they are candidates for elimination from Terra at the close of the 4th Evolutionary Round. It isn’t too late yet for them to humble themselves before the Lord Ancient of Days—Planetary Logos of Terra—and absorb divine wisdom wholeheartedly.

[Philippines, 18 May 2011]


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  1. In the article What are UFOs? we spoke about the connection between UFOs and humanoids. We spoke about how some people believe that they have seen these spacecrafts and also how they have communicated with their inhabitants. Some of them believe that they have received special messages from these humanoids to transmit to people – messages that are generally quite conventional.
    On the other hand, when it is a question of spiritualism and a connection beyond the border, they are similar. In spiritualism, it is believed that there are also other things besides mere air around and near us. These are mainly deceased spirits with whom people can be connected to receive and deliver messages.
    Many people also like to think that they have been in contact with their relatives and their next-of-kin, receiving messages from them. On the other hand, others believe that they have been in contact with well-known people such as Napoleon, Picasso, Carl Jung, pharaohs, kings, or even people who are mentioned in the New Testament. The best example could be the famous medium, Arthur Ford who claimed to have been in connection with 8,000 deceased people.
    However, we may ask whether it is possible that in this case, just as in the UFO phenomena, it is only a question of deceit? Many people who have been dealing with these things do not take this into consideration, making a great mistake.
    We are going to look at this issue closely and mainly from the point of view that there is a spiritual world that tries to lead people away from God. We will look at this in the light of these following points:

    - There is a spiritual world
    - Why are mediums needed?
    - Practical observations
    - What does the Bible say about the whereabouts of the dead?
    - "In connection only with good spirits".
    - Where does the ghost phenomena come from?

  2. Hi....I like ur clear n articulation of channellings as being nothing but demons who impersonate as divine being conveying false messages thru a medium..many r waking up to this fake channel n removing themselves frm hvin anthng to di do with them..
    Having said tat...I wld like to point out sonething tat has bn resonating strongly in my heart n tat d Christ energy is actually residing in d heart n not d pineal gland...I did alot of research on this 3rd eye/kundalini n discovered tat it has bn compromised thru genetic splicing tat was done on humans thsnds of yrs ago...its a very deep n almost sounds outrageous plot well put in place 20 or so centuries ago to fool d spirit into d false contruct of its a really long explanation n I cant write it all in here...but what wld say to u is...u hv d nick for truth n ask u to research urself about what d actual implications r..
    What happens to those who die n move on...they go on to d etheric realms...but did u kniw tat d etheric level has traps n false angelic beings lite n music tat attract spirit n when they head up to go for source..thinking they r reaching d Source....they r captured...their memory erased...deprogramed n then reprigramed...the process is much lije d electricution they conduct on mental patient...but take this...d spirit nedds a billion volts of current ti be erased of memory...then they r reprigramed n forced ti reincarnate...
    Everything tat a person goes thru in life n dies is no coincidence as d ol say goes...hw true it is...cause its bn thrust upon d being in d form hynostic implant program...
    Religions r all programs...with facets of good moral teachings to keep it well hidden...each person is chosen to live according to d program they create n shuff in d soul essence of tat spirit...For d spirits who hv vague memories of their dreadful capture refuse ti go up n leave Earths ground...cos they r afraid...that we call ghosts r spirits tat stay clise to Mthr Earth n r protected bt Her...truth so deep n hard for any 3D mind to conceive...
    Going back to 3D...its bn hijacked n a wormhole to d 4th lower D where it is a black hole...d largest of all dimensions...where there r hierachies who over millions of years hv forgotten d true Source. .some r lost...evoloved but lost...some really mean good n truly believe they r gods...but anyone who activates their d passage for these being to hook their tentacles to capture spirit essence...u must understand these beings hv cut themselves frm source n desperately need energy of human soirits tat hold d most powerful siurce energy...they feed on hole does not generate energy where they reside...Gurus n swamis r prigramed to guide d mass to acceot their false lite into them(hypnotic programing) much like creating an umbilical cord tat makes u d source if their power over u n feed off ur energy...
    The pineal gland is being calcitated coz d elites dont want to follow d masters plan...they were just suppose ti keep us blind n veiled in illusion by d beams they hv bn shoiting via their soace ship d moon Levan...n theres another one behind it called Lilith...mind control n a shield around d earth...everything is nit what it is...its d artificial projection of what they wish us ti see...HAARP is a grain in d sand compared to network pylons they hd implanted deep within d Earth...
    Recently scientist hv discovered that our heart gives out 5000 times more electromagnetic waves than any chakra point if d body...
    Please I urge u to connect d dots n do ur own research...
    OM SHANTI ※♥※