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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang araw sa inyong lahat! Good day to you all!

“Hi there Sonya!, I am Santo Niño, and I have chosen you to do something special for me,” says an invisible being to a young lady in the countryside. Unable to distinguish the real from the fake, the same lady then recorded took note of the introductory narratives by the seemingly naughty ‘divine infant’ who is believed by superstitious Filipino folks as the ‘infant Jesus’.

Not knowing what the entity is, the lady Sonya continues to entertain the communications and the mandate from heaven to do a great mission for the benefit of mankind. Psychologically unstable that she is, with history of depressive disorder or so, she then begins to digest the pronouncement that she was chosen to do a special mission.

The messianic delusion thus gets through Sonya’s psyche even more intensely as the weeks past, more so that the same invisible entity opens her 3rd eye (astral eyes) to a greater extent then she ever imagined. She sees visions of sick people everywhere, even of her family members in sickly mien in the future days, and a coup d’ grace of sick people who will die in great numbers.

Till finally she accepts the mission, and begins to do two (2) tasks: healing the sick, and pronouncing heraldries as messenger. Sonya then becomes the talk of the town, as she tests her newfound mettle on some folks. Till the news of her spread far and wide, and the career of a healer guided by Santo Niño begins.

Multiply such a narrative by the hundreds of thousands in a region, up to millions in large countries, and you can see how many are those paranormally endowed who are being deceived by asuras or negative elementals. The accounts and discussions of the same entities possessing and speaking through spiritists were parts of elucidations of Theos Sophia or divine wisdom, as articulated by spiritual masters.

So deceitful are the asuras that they pretend to be every sort of benevolent being. Come up with a long list of such beings, inclusive of alien beings such as Commander Ashtar Sheran, deities notably Sanat Kumara, and more. Likewise do they disguise themselves as Guardian Angels, which is the factual case affecting perhaps a couple of billions of countryside folks today.

I did encounter one lady who began her career as a healer guided by Santo Niño. Fortunately for her, she moved in her liberation Path by studying the ‘jewels of wisdom’, and being of service to others. She was among my batchmates who were initiated in the Great White Lodge in September 1994, with Guru FF as initiating master.

Whenever H (I won’t reveal her name) was with us, inside the Guru Felix Fojas’ car or inside our discussion group in Manila, she would suddenly go into a trance. Her voice abruptly changes to that of a child’s, and she would make naughty types of forecasts for each one of us, e.g. “you’re going to die.” My peers and I couldn’t make heads or tails of the phenomenon, though out of respect for a would-be mystic we didn’t bother to investigate who that unseen being is.

How many are like H who are able to move ahead in their respective Path amid largely obscure spiritist beginnings isn’t known. Remember, “many are called but few are chosen.” Few will tread the Path that lady H took, while at least two (2) billions who are still aligned to the folkmind or Herd Mind today are normal vehicles if not victims of asuras.

[Philippines, 09 May 2011]


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