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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Gracious greetings from this Fellow of the spiritual Brotherhood!

Theos Sophia or divine wisdom did account for spiritist mediumship, with many pages devoted to it alone in the Letters of Mahatmas to A.Sinnett. It was called Spiritualism in the 19th century, was well studied by the Master-Adepts of the Brotherhood, with HP Blavatsky devoting many articles and discussions about it herself (see book Isis Unveiled).

Regarding the contention by the spiritists—who now call themselves channelersthat they can communicate with the spirits of dead people, a false contention this one is. No less than Mahatma Kooth Hoomi or KH clarified the matter, that as a dead person departs via his astral body serving as vehicle for the soul and higher elements, no more will that person hover in the physical plane or even in the lower astral that corresponds to the physical plane (2nd astral subplane).

Wherever the departed soul goes—to the kama loka or negative regions of the astral plane, or move a rung higher to the middle astral plane—the departure is the observed phenomenon. In case the spiritist insists that s/he is actually talking to the dead person, who supposedly temporarily uses the spiritist’s own astral body as vehicle for expression, then any relative of the dead is free to put some test whether that entity is indeed the departed relative or another one.

It is factual however, that as the dead person departs for the region of the astral plane suited for him/her, the same person leaves behind a shadowy copy or sorts of himself/herself known as the astral shell. Mystics and masters also refer to it as elementary, while common folks call it ghost. Elementaries do remain in the lower realm for a while, even hover in physical space at times of the day, till they dissolve by disintegration in the future.

Elementaries have a fondness to communicate, with their instinctive reflexes to copycat the behavior traits of the departed ones. However, they can go beyond that, as the experiences of today’s channelers exhibit: of astral shells disguising themselves as Ascended Masters, Divine Beings, extraterrestrial ‘commanders’ and/or ‘group souls’, and more.

Channelers are of self-deceiving attitude that they experience the heaven worlds in the astral plane, and feel very gifted for possessing paranormal abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Unable to go beyond the astral plane, they have no way of distinguishing the real divine beings—who do not in any way regress down to the astral level (they don’t go there)—from the fake ones.

As I’ve already discussed in previous articles, spiritists possess damaged or wounded astral bodies, which accounts for the extrasensory perceptions they experience. They are being fooled by elementaries and other astral beings, making them delusional in their fantasies of being Chosen Ones. Damaged astral bodies disables a person from engaging in effecting social bonds, thus rendering them emotionally unstable, and can make them hosts to negative beings in the astral plane.

Channeler and spiritist are one and the same banana, the former concocted as a new word substituted for the latter. So what astral ailments afflict the spiritists, afflict channelers too, to make matters a bit redundant.

[Philippines, 07 May 2011]


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