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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Warm greetings from my habitat the Pearl of the Orient!

From the purview of Theos Sophia or divine wisdom, let me add more reflections on the channeling phenomenon. I will focus this time on channelers as mediums of animal spirits.

In the Mahatma Letters to A.Sinnett, Mahatma Kooth Hoomi or KH was emphatic about animals as having their own ‘animal spirit’ (note that Mahatma Kooth Hoomi Lal Singh & Mahatma El Morya Khan were still in physical embodiment at that time, and were in synergy with Blavatsky & company of chelas). Upon the death of an animal, e.g. pig, its ‘spirit’ would move over to the astral plane reserved for it. Any meditation practitioner, from seeker to master, would normally see visions of the animals looking as solid as they are when they were still alive, except that at the moment of visioning the same animals are in the astral plane.

To go further, Mahatma KH clarified that the same animal spirits normally communicate to Spiritualists. That was the 19th century term for spiritist mediums, and Spiritualism was extensively studied by diverse stakeholders inclusive of spiritual masters and their chelas or disciples. To repeat the KH expose, animal spirits speak through spiritist mediums who go by another name as ‘channelers’ in contemporary context.

Divine wisdom was impeccably precise about the contention that animals possess souls of their own: collective souls rather than individual or individuated souls. Animal souls have already come a very long way in their evolution from the mineral through the vegetative Evolutionary Rounds, and on through the animal Round. Animals then evolve into higher forms such as the devic realms could offer.

I normally see every kind of animal during my meditation visions: roosters, hens, horses, tigers, lions, pigs, dogs, cats, fishes, and what have you. Being so fond of pets, as they were part of my growing up, my compassion struck cords of empathy for the astral animals. O! How they would find amused by my Presence (via my Light Body)! They would normally face me and give me the pitiable look, and I feel so enamored particularly to pigs as I perhaps miss interactions with them when my family raised some of them during my childhood through teen years.

But I make no mistake of communicating to them directly, much more so to let them use me as medium. I would simply observe them amusingly, and not even touch them at all which I can do using my gigantic Light Body. I could just surmise at how those animal spirits would coalesce as a ‘group spirit’ who would temporarily possess the astral body of a channeler and send thoughts that could sound like human or even divine being.

Thus, expect that channelers would claim having received communications from elementals, devas, Commander Ashtar, Pleiadians, Arcturians, angels, Archangel Michael, and so on, when in fact those sending the communications are coalesced animal spirits. This is a very normal occurrence, just to emphasize the theme.

Lacking the faculties to distinguish the real from the illusory, as the astral plane is the plane of illusion, the channelers are then beguiled into sensing those beings they claim to communicate with such as Commander Ashtar or the Elohim. But a chela whose gaze can penetrate through astral veils and is aligned at least to the mental plane, can easily see the animals while on the way upwards to the mental plane during meditation sessions.

Can the channeler scribble the messages on computer or paper? Of course, by all means any channeler who is fairly literate can scribble the messages. No matter how garbled and convoluted they are, the same channeler feels very special for channeling messages from the Elohim, Jehovah, or whoever there is the animal spirits can concoct. A note of naughtiness from the animal spirits alright, nothing evil but simply naughty.

[Philippines, 21 May 2011]


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