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I write this note to share some reflections about my own encounter with Theos Sophia as the ‘wisdom of all ages’ handed to us by the Ascended Masters. My learnings of divine wisdom was actually done in many lives already, since my initiation into the Essene Order around 2000 years ago (I became an Elder of the Order during that embodiment).

In its most unexpurgated, comprehensive, update version though, my exposure to ‘wisdom of all ages’ spans only two (2) embodiments: (a) as a German professional, circa 1890-1944; and, (b) in my present embodiment as a Filipino intellectual. My thirst for the highest wisdom lessons just couldn’t be quaffed well by any set of metaphysical lessons other than those coming straight from Above, so imagine my excitement during the two embodiments over studying the expanded versions.

Germany was already in danger of getting mired into a Dark Age, and so the Hierarchy sent forth seekers and mystics there to ensure that not all is lost in the ‘fatherland’. Steiner and Bardon were among core mystics sent forth there. I met Steiner through his disciple, General von Moltke, who was my mentor as a university student and young professional.

Steiner was with the Theosophical Society at its inception in Europe, though he later had some differences with its core positions. I did respect Steiner’s decision to re-formulate divine wisdom in his version of it: anthroposophy. Steiner’s version echoes in the European context what is roughly Kriya philosophy in India, with stress on the ‘pineal’ as the focus of meditations being the Christ center.

Upon my entry to university life as a college boy in Manila, I encountered both anthroposophy and theosophy, as I stumbled upon them inside my campus (University of the Philippines). That was no coincidental discovery of course, as I already had a direct meet up with Chohan El Morya at age 18 (during a dream vision), and the Master guided me directly from Above, such as to point to me where readings are available.

From the pamphlets and philosophical reviews about theosophy did I discover that Theos Sophia was available for sale at the headquarters of the Theosophical Society or TS, in No. 1 Iba St, Quezon City, MetroManila. So I did begin visiting the TS right after my graduation in 1980 (with a sociology degree), attended some discussions there, and gradually collected my theosophy readings. I decided not to join the TS though, as I found its members fanatical who made a cult figure out of Blavatsky. Divine wisdom was not about making cults, for sure.

Those of Steiner’s writings I again encountered at the main library of the University of the Philippines upon my return there to take up graduate studies in late ‘83. Then I found out later, as I visited the Goethe House (it was in Quezon City then), that Steiner books were also available there.

It was surely tough to integrate facets of divine wisdom coming from the TS materials and anthroposophy, but my position is clear about them: they are both contributions to articulating divine wisdom, and they were written by living great masters.

There was yet a 3rd stream of articulations of the same, as I found out later: Kriya philosophy, as propounded by Paramahansa Yogananda. Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahayasa, and Sri Yutekswar Giri articulated Kriya straight to PYogananda. The great master was mentored by Sri Yutekswar Giri who was still alive then, who in turn was mentored by Lahiri Mahayasa and Mahavatar Babaji.

Three (3) streams of thought contributed to contemporary articulations of divine wisdom, and no matter how disparate they sounded in content, I took the challenge to integrate them all just the same. They came straight from Divine Beings, and as I young seeker I digested the policy of accepting truths only from Ascended Masters.

[Philippines, 14 April 2011]


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