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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Good evening from the Pearl of the Orient!

In some previous notes I delved on the matter of Theos Sophia or divine wisdom, with the contention that it is the central most authoritative articulation or discourse on the wisdom and truth at the highest levels. The Hierarchy of the spiritual Brotherhood, or Divine Elders, decided finally to release the long-concealed truth to the general public.

The question that many of us gurus of the Teaching asked over the past century of its release is: are the Terrans of today ready for divine wisdom? What is the extent of the preparedness?

To be able to answer the question, I had to evolve in the Path to become a guru or Teacher (guro in Filipino). Already meditating regularly, well studied in metaphysics, and having found tools for practicing the principles, I began my guru tasks at age 30. That was in 1988 yet. My scientific discipline told me this: I need to test in the real world the principles and practices, before I could conclude about the level of preparedness of Terrans.

I did every kind of test-casing to introduce the 7 Rays, septenary law, and practices (healing, meditation, inner balance, physical culture) to my own students in the university. Outside the university were folks who were my clientele in my NGOs (non-government organizations), so I integrated some principles and healing/balancing tools during their trainings in leadership, organizing, advocacy, and so on.

Along the way, I found the need to mentor students on one-on-one basis too. In 1994 I was formally initiated into the Great White Brotherhood by Guru Felix Fojas, a Filipino Initiate of the Brotherhood. Already a mystic, I found it all the more encouraging to proceed with mentoring tasks. During those moments, my old campus fraternity I was able to help revive, and this became my vehicle too for disseminating divine wisdom as taught by the masters.

After two (2) decades of intensive mentoring work, this much I can say: Terrans aren’t ready yet for Theos Sophia. I experienced so much disappointments and frustrations, and social injuries as I was betrayed by people I thought I could entrust organizational tasks with. Take the case of meditation for instance: after passing the science and tools of meditation to hundreds of people, only very few handful today practice it. Now, as I joined social networks later (internet was born), I found out from fellow teachers the same frustrating experiences they had with students or chelas they handled.

So I am very sure of my conclusion: not just Filipinos but peoples across the globe aren’t ready yet for divine wisdom. They still cling to Herd church spirituality, spiritism/channeling, psychism, and superstition. Even in the social networks, you would see people who are supposedly ‘starseeds’ or ‘lightworkers’, but who aren’t the least shining with Light of a dazzling countenance as they are indifferent if not hostile to the teachings of the Masters.

“Many are called but few are chosen,” says the old adage. How factual indeed such a ‘hypothesis’ can be! After disseminating principles and tools to the many, just a handful of learners (students, chelas) I mentored are enduring the Path guided by Theos Sophia. I won’t be surprised if after decades of mentoring, only one or two will be very persistent and become Masters some day. This is the truism on the surface of Earth.

[Philippines, 18 April 2011]


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