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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Theos Sophia, divine wisdom, is very clear about the septenary law and the law of evolution. The septenary law concerns the ‘law of 7’, such as the 7 Rays, 7 planes of reality, and so on. The law of evolution posits that man—the thinking being—evolves simultaneously in the spiritual, physical, and mental dimensions. Finally, in order for a soul to evolve, it has to devolve into the physical planes, till finally it evolves upward in the evolutionary arc to the divine spheres or globes.

Accordingly, there are seven (7) Evolutionary Rounds in all, as far as the human cosmogony is involved. Each round is then marked by seven (7) phases in all. The first round was the mineral, the second was the vegetative, the 3rd was the animal, and 4th was the devic-man. The 4th isn’t over yet, as there will still be two (2) phases to begin and end it. The 5th through the 7th Rounds are kept as secrets for now, though mahatmas gave some hints to the evolutes of those rounds.

The 4th Round, to which we properly belong, saw the beginnings of anthropomorphic man. The first two (2) ‘root races’ were shadowy figures, or etheric humans, which we can roughly dub as Pangean (land of Pan). The 3rd ‘root race’ was the Lemurian, with gigantic stature, that populated Land of the Mother or Mu. The 4th ‘root race’ was the Atlantean, which eclipsed its culture in Poseidon.

We are now into the 5th ‘root race’ called Aryan, which already passed through five (5) family races and has two (2) more to evolve before the 6th ‘root race’ emerges. The Western Man is the epitome of the Aryan stocks, and at this time the West had degenerated to Absolute Evil. We are in the downward arc yet of the 4th round, so this explains the ‘dark age’ that we’ve fallen to.

Theos Sophia is very certain about the operations of the One Universal Principle—‘God’ in the parlance of folks and cultists—that when Absolute Evil predominates, the quickening takes place till that race gets eradicated, and a new race is born. So the goal, based on the operations of the Law, is the constitution of the 6th ‘root race’ of Aquarians who will replace the deteriorated Western Man of the moment. The American and Australian ‘family races’ are the last ones for the 5th ‘root race’ prior to the advent of the 6th race.

In case some ignorant ones will dispute the ‘race’ notion, let it be asserted that the principle of ‘race’ is central to the Law of Evolution. Theos Sophia is very emphatic about this. It’s not a “take it or leave it” option. Based on a close scrutiny of patterns across eons, the Ascended Masters derived the presupposition of race as central to the Law, and so they went on to study and observe the evolutes across the eons, as they were permitted to secure data from the Akashic Records and higher sources.

The Law of Evolution of divine wisdom is also contraposed to the lineal evolutionist theory of the West (Darwin, Spenser, Morgan, Tylor were the founders), as it posits a cyclical pattern of evolution. Once a root race had served its purpose, it can never return in the future. Rather, a new ‘root race’ will appear, or better yet will be bred by the Elders of the Race.

The past root races already contributed the galvanization of senses of sight, hearing, feeling/emotions, and intuition. Aryans contributed the perfection of cognition or reason. The next humans will contribute the galvanization of the ‘mystical faculty’, perfection of esthetics, will, wisdom, and inspiration. The last humans will be like unto Christs or Buddhas for the general population.

[Philippines, 25 April 2011]


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