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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good Day from this Fellow of the Order of Melchizedek, Adept of the spiritual Brotherhood! Magandang araw sa inyo!

Let me continue with the Illuminati/NWO chronicles, with focus this time on the planned 2-headed Draconian 4th Reich. As articulated by me in my previous articles, both spiritual and social writings, a North Atlantic 2-headed Empire will shape up as a political calcification of the New World Order or NWO, with the returned Napoleon Bonaparte acting as the tyrant or strong man.

When I began to articulate on that theme, circa 2007, the possibility of a 4th Reich was taking shape rapidly, with mid-2009 as the target time for instituting the Empire. The years 2006 through ’12 is known as the ‘great tribulation’ period of seven (7) years, with the mid-2009 targeted as the time when a Draconian order would be installed into place.

Bush was seated as the USA’s president, and the US section of the Illuminati was planning to install him as a dictator. That done, the next step was to strengthen the NAFTA further into a stronger alliance, so that North America would comprise the west wing of the 4th Reich.

The next step was to integrate Europe politically through the Lisbon Treaty. The treaty could have made possible the eradication of nation-states, replacing them with dozens of region-states of similar or equal sizes and populations, and vesting all power on Brussels. All the nukes of France and Britain will then be transferred to Brussels as the Union’s military arsenal.

Those steps done, the reincarnated Napoleon Bonaparte, who was also Augustus Ceasar in a previous life, will then take his reign as the strong man of Europe. The Union will then comprise the east wing of the Reich, with Bonaparte serving as the focal strong man. Per my latest vision, a daughter of Prince Bernard has been moving behind the scene to fast-track this option, while the politician Bonaparte has the full favor of the princess.

Bonapartism will then be instituted as the official state ideology in both wings of the Reich. Bonapartism espouses the role of strong centralized institutions (inclusive of a continental bank). Furthermore, it rabidly desires to “bombard the old order” to rubbles, meaning the destruction of nations (old order) and replacing them with regions that are subordinated to a central authority in Brussels.

Ancient Rome will then be revived in its new form as the 4th Reich. It will be a period of pax atlantica, the equivalent of pax romana. The all-powerful Reich will then direct the fast-tracking of the formation of other continental unions, the same unions then serving as its subaltern partners to constitute the world government in the long run.

The same Reich could have possibly served as the base for finally putting the breaks on the cyclical economic patterns of the money economy. The Kondratieff cycles of expansion (K-I phase) and contraction (K-II phase) would be ambitiously ended, by reviving some features of command economics of fused fascism-communism.

Things changed though, indicating that world structures are becoming unwieldy to NWO machinations. The Bush tyranny option failed to jettison, though a semi-police state was in place during the Bush years. Unexpectedly, a Democrat who was a Buddha devotee in a previous life (per my vision), Barak Obama, was elected to president with the aide of a coterie of Lightworkers behind the scene. That election threw monkey wrenches on the Illuminati agenda for North America, and all the neo-fascist policies of pre-emptive strike, anti-terror, and unbridled privatization were reversed.

With the west wing plan now in shambles, panic struck those on the east wing of the North Atlantic. Ireland opposed the Lisbon treaty, and the next series of events saw the union groveling in pain to implement the treaty in full. A president was elected, yet the post conflicts with the European Commission chief, further sowing confusion in governance arrangements. The eurozone is burning down, member economies are in financial-monetary fiascos, and so the Bonapartist option remains merely a pipeline goal, unattainable as of the moment.

It seems now that a change in guard has been going on in the Committee of 300 (hierarchy of dark adepts). The triad of Father-Mother/Spirit-Son is still there as the C300 echelon, with the Vatican’s honcho Papa serving as the Father, Q.Elizabeth as the Mother/Spirit, and Bernard as the Son. But behind the scene, second liners are being groomed to leverage power, so these changes are worth monitoring.

That Luciferan hierarchy must however negotiate with another one, an Ahriman hierarchy comprising of the Father-Son duopoly. Father is no other than Ahriman or Satan’s soul fragment embodied in the USA, who had niched himself in the private sphere, and like a Jesus has been calling on the wealthy nations to share wealth to the poor. Son is Bonaparte, the politician from Brussels, who will be possessed by the World Anti-Man the moment he will be installed to power as tyrannical Emperor. Antichrist in America, Anti-Man in Europe: perfect equation.

What compounds the sensitivity of the Satanists or Ahrimanians is the hubris of the Lucifer Adepts who arrogantly claimed that Satan doesn’t exist, that Lucifer is the only nexus of Dark power. Lucifer was taken out of the picture with his deprogramming in the ‘80s in the Lake of Fire, so that leaves the Illuminates badly demoralized (they heard the loud shrieks of pain of their fallen overlord) while the Ahrimanians have gained an upper hand, as Ahriman automatically got the post that Lucifer left.

The bridge between the two, who favors strongly Bonaparte returned, is that daughter of Bernard who is the more responsible between the sisters, who accordingly inherited her deceased mother’s organizational savvy. In my latest vision of Europe, I saw the image of Napoleon Bonaparte superimposed on her background, indicating that she is the bridgehead in the gambits of the adepts of darkness.

It is now 2011, just a year and couples of months away from planetary ascension, and yet the NOW/Illuminati 4th reich agenda is still being stalled, and badly stalled! As the dark adepts ruminate in their loses, the Light Adepts continue to move behind scenes, energizing Europe and USA with cosmic blasts in the gatekeeper council offices in the etheric plane, while Lightworkers and starseeds gain more power and influence in both the public and private spheres.

Almighty Creator is likewise intervening directly in re-charting the flow of political and economic affairs that has been changing the timelines in the political fronts. No one knows the Mind of the Father, no one can anticipate His holy moves, and so we could only watch with amusement and fulfillment as He comes to the rescue of His sons and daughters.

It is now getting clear, with the potency of the NWO spiraling down the abyss yet, that the 4th Reich option is more of a delusion than a realizable goal. The Illuminates must recognize their handwriting on the wall and better prepare to pack up for the new planet awaiting them.

[Philippines, 28 January 2011]


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