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Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Starseeds beware! Assassins, terminators are out to murder you in great numbers.

In 2008 yet did I begin observing visions of military units of the West, the USA in particular, traversing the oceans, apparently serving as command post for missions outside the chain of command. The units were led by a senior official, garbed in white uniform, whose face appeared many times in my visions.

Around the years 2009 and 2010, added visions of satellite-launched killing machine were observed. The focal feature machine was cylindrical, transparent or sort of, with gadgetry attached to its inner belly.

Meditation visions down the ground yielded observations of vans that were driven to certain structures (residential), parked outside like an observation post. Inside the vans are new killer gadgets, like rocket launchers with long cylindrical propelling chamber.

It only dawned on me later, as I processed the information with aide of my intuition and logic, that what were shown to me were new versions of the EMP gun. EMP is short for electromagnetic pulse. Grapevine news had it in the late ‘90s yet that it was being developed by the USA. Fellows in the Path, the EMP is now out, and is poised for a sinister purpose.

That purpose is the extermination of starseeds and perceived enemies of the NWO/Illuminati. Modus would be assassins on the ground or satellite-launched gunners. The blasts would probably be stealthily performed, with just a short hissing sound to accompany the energy pulse to its desired target.

With state-of-the-art gadgetry in place to mount and launch the EMP, calibration of target will so precise. There is no room for escape in case a target is hit anywhere inside a residence or maybe even a building. Armor or concrete is penetrable by the EMP, so even a target who’s riding in a fast moving car, or even musing inside his/her office space, can be hit with precision.

As clarified by me in a previous article and mentioned in others, starseeds are now moving up the organizational ladder worldwide. Scaling up top and middle management levels and occupying from 20% to 30% of the seats, they are capable of changing policies & structures, cultures, and processes. The boards of corporations, cooperatives, NGOs, church groups, private organizations are also witnessing the same phenomenon: starseeds hitting ‘critical mass’ of leaderships. Ditto for states, where starseeds move up cabinet ranks and members of parliament.

The primary assets for termination missions are the typical MIBs (men-in-black) and mob guns-for-hire. A new asset, which I’d call the LIR (lady-in-red), a feminine genetic breed akin to the MIB deros, will be out for missions as soon as experimentations will show viability of the same. Note that all such assets will be coming out of the shadows, and are the most awaited ones.

However, starseeds ought to look at formal institutional players such as soldiers, cops/gendarmes, corporate blue guards as possible terminator assets. The minds of the latter are relatively weak and can be controlled via electromagnetic transducers, hypnotically commanded to hit targets, and then be blamed for the crime if caught left-handed.

Let’s take the case of Prof. Leonardo Co, one of the top botanists in the Philippines. He was recently gunned down by soldiers of the Philippine Army. A wiz kid type of talent (I met him in 2006 via my best friend who’s a biologist, Dr. Bob Pagulayan), he was hired by the Lopez group’s EDC (Energy Development Corporation) as biodiversity consultant.

While doing field work last November 2010, with two other consultants and two personnel of the EDC, his team was sprayed with automatic rifle bullets by the army unit concerned. The Army later claimed that Co and the two consultants who died were caught in an encounter between the rebel Maoists and the army unit concerned. The two EDC personnel, who were able to escape during the gun spraying, are key witnesses to the crime, and claim that there was no such encounter as they were the only people in the area during the killing field moment.

Upon meeting Herr Professor in early 2006, I immediately resonated along with his thoughts as he did with mine. I then was in search for experts who can lecture on biodiversity before eco-tourists, with forest & highland ecosystem serving as tour sites. He was a gifted mind, indubitably a starseed. He was at that time a scientist for the Conservation International, and before his retirement he set foot at the University of the Philippines as a professorial lecturer in botany.

Before he joined the Lopez corporate group, he had discovered gigantic flowers up the boondocks of the Sierra Madre, labeled the flowers taxonomically, and published them in international journals (I viewed photos of the flowers he showed to me then). He was also a grassroots worker and patriot, enamored to herbal medicines, and helped to research on medicinal plants in forest ecosystems.

As soon as he crossed over the age of 55 (he was 56 when gunned down), whence he reached the nadir of his career locally and internationally, he experienced that chilly moment of rendezvous with the Grim Ripper (archetype for death). Truly a national resource for the Philippines, he is now gone, his death bewailed by the academe and scientific community.

What my compatriots cannot fathom is the true motive behind the killing of Leonard Co. He was a starseed, on top of his career, the Spirit strong in him, and was service-for-others. My thesis is that the soldiers were instantaneously commanded by Dark Masters, who were located in the 4th dimension, to eliminate Co and his consulting team (who might have probably been starseeds too).

That being the case, we can only surmise who would be next target among the biologists and scientists in the planet. How about the executives, policy-makers, other professionals, top artists, businessmen and investors who are starseeds, who among them are now being gunned down one after the other?

The safety of fellow starseeds is definitely a top agenda for the Lords Michael & Gabriel and the spiritual hierarchy. Between now and 2012, too many will exit that gory way like Co, martyred for the cause of advancing the Light.

[Philippines, 05 February 2011]


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