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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

Magandang gabi! Good evening from Ra of the Order of Melchizedek!

Before I meditate for the night here in suburban Philippines, let me continue to discourse on the Empire economics, with focus this time on Draco. To go straight to the point, Draco’s politico-economic legacy is Communism.

Whereas capitalism championed individual enterprise as economic expression of the psyche, communism championed the collective mind or groupthought. The former is Orion’s legacy; the latter, Draco’s legacy. The two systems are calcifications of the money economy that, in the end, Orion attempted to perfect.

Communism blended an economic system of socialism (state-owned enterprises) with that of a Draconian state. A communist party runs both economic and political domains, it being both the state (party = state) and economy (party = productive institutions). Thus it totally governed both domains, rendering the system the label of ‘totalitarian’.

Not only that, communism also regulated the private lives of individuals and households. From the conduct of child-rearing to the questions of jobs and civil life, the party-state had its hands regulating people’s lives. The communist world is therefore a network of totalizing institutions, akin to a hell world concept of sci-fi narratives.

Party ideology runs the gamut of society, both civil and political society, thus ensuring a highly homogenous mindset. Homogenizing the psyche enables a person to put collective life ahead of self, and further assures loyalty of citizens to party and state. Civil society and economy are subordinated to the state & party, thus creating a huge deus ex machina or social organism where everyone is attached to as constituent cogs.

To further enforce state fiats, a huge network of political police and intelligence agencies peer into the day-to-day lives of people and state officials, building dossiers of each one in the process. A far more Herculean network of civilian spies act out as assets, who gather information at the level of neighborhoods, households, offices, schools, factories. This system was particularly perfected in the defunct Soviet Union that the Eastern European countries then followed.

In a more technologically developed society, communism’s intelligence machine would be a combination of experts (spies, gendarmes) and cyborg sentinels & assets. Cyborgs would be the assets utilized to run after erring citizens for purposes of apprehension or termination. The film series Terminator and Matrix accurately depicted this technotronic communist possibility, film series that practically revealed life in Draco itself.

Other than those features, the Draconian political economy does not depart so much from a money economy. Socialism, its economic doctrine and system, is in fact another manifestation of the hoarding economy. While households are forbidden from engaging in accumulative pursuits, the state & party as a whole does the accumulation. With accumulative pursuits centralized in the state, the polity is prepared for the worst eventualities of war against competitor systems.

Constant dosages of propaganda are fed the individuals and households to sustain consent and loyalty of citizens. The threat of extrajudicial termination hovers above individuals, households and communities if they resist or dissent against the system, so better it is for the folks to be totally compliant in exchange for their amenities provided for by the state.

Invariant propaganda thus reinforces the retrogression of people into the folk-mind and folkgeist. Follow, be obeisant, recede the individual in favor of the collective interest and the party-run state. By so doing, your needs will be met: from cradle to grave the Draconian communist state will be there for you.

Communism’s standard color is no other than Draco’s standard: Red. Where else could communist parties derive their standard and power other than Draco, for their system is a copycat of Draco’s political economy. Its philosophy is collectivism which is likewise a copycat of Draco’s. Red stands for power and is the hue associated with the sex chakra, the seat of power within us.

Communism, however, presents quite a novel approach to homogenizing the mind. Another way to let people comply with state dictates is through the chip, which is the option for a highly technologically-driven society. In a relatively backward condition such as early 20th century context, communism as a cementing ideology was the novel option, an option that could have amused and amazed the real McCoy: Reptoids from the Draco system.

Ideological brainwashing as experimented in communist states may then be added to the chip option, to design a future system that is far more sophisticated in approach. This ideology-technology fusion is no far-fetched possibility but should be considered as something that the real Draconians are already hatching at this juncture.

Such a fusion system may be too late for Terra that is now on the way to 4th density under the governance of the spiritual Hierarchy post-2012. However, it may not be too late for other worlds that are not as evolutionarily privileged as Terra. It could in fact be used to perfect Draco’s very own Reptilian constituents who have hardly ridden themselves of the collective mind.

The defeat of communism on Earth is only a temporary setback for Draco. Earth’s communism was only a pilot project, as the project can still be improved upon as a correction of its failures. The project will then be implemented in the many worlds that are under the direct ministration of reptilian Draconians. Even the reptiles may be constantly bombarded with propaganda from hereon, as propaganda’s efficacy proved its immense utility for the greater loyalty of reptiles and greater control over vast sectors of the lower or dense spheres.

Draco has been saddled with lost command problems, and the situation could prove to be headache for the central hub in the star system. Ideology could very well reduce lost command situations, through constant ideological work and propaganda.

Indeed, after 2012, Draco’s political economy legacy will be no more. It will join the list of systems, notably Orion’s money economy that will be consigned to historical archives right after the polar shift. However, for the Confederation Forces, communism is a system that must be closely watched as the possibility of its diffusion to other worlds will generate a new round of imperial dilemmas and totalitarian threats in the universe.

[Philippines, 03 November 2010]


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