Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang araw mula sa Kapatirang ispiritwal! Good day from the spiritual Brotherhood!

In one social network supposedly meant for Lightworkers, a certain sycophant and braggart there commented in one of my articles that certain ‘new agers are wayshowers of the Divine’. I almost puked at the statement, even as I find it disgusting that the so-called Lightworker social networks are actually admixtures of New Age wicca et al practitioners, seekers, and mass of kibitzers, with few real Lightworkers.

There has been so much deconstruction of the religion option for meeting one’s spiritual need across the last two centuries. Religion was increasingly found to be unsuitable for the emerging contexts notwithstanding its dogma, authoritarian hierarchy and culture, and perpetuation of the ‘herd mind’. People wanted to be liberated from such yokes of the ancient priesthoods, and so the innovations in spiritual conduct have been going on for some time.

Lucifer, before his demise, saw such eventualities happening. And so, via the evil hierarchy of the planet (headed by the horned one Caligastia), the plan was hatched to ride the wave of the ‘new age’. Spiritism, alternative healing, divinations (e.g. astrology), psychism, wicca/sorcery, sex magic, and related streams of practices that were banned outside churches but which appealed to the folks and rising urban habitués, became the vehicles for the new religion.

The gory agenda of the Illuminati for the churches is in fact to destroy them altogether. This will be done by propping up fundamentalism alongside new age practices, then letting the fundamentalisms clash in a 3rd world war, the result being to let people see the futility and inutility of religions as strategies of life conduct. The diminution of religion—organized as church structure, culture, process—resulting from the fundamentalists’ militant pursuits will then give way to the viability of New Age as the alternative.

New Age essentially celebrates the powers of 5th density awareness, and fixates humans at that level. 5th density is the higher astral, seat of feelings and emotions, its faculty of sight called ‘3rd eye’. It is being packaged by its leaders as a ‘heaven world’ itself, thus beguiling folks into believing that the spiritual realms begin in the astral level. A terribly flawed belief, of course, since the astral plane is the plane of illusion, with so many Dark Masters niched there.

Spiritism, or that craft of communicating with the dead, was re-packaged into channeling to hide the reality of what it is. New rationalizations were added as garnish to the old spiritism, with the spiritist (who are psychics by the way) re-fashioned into a vessel of messages from Divine Beings. As articulated by me in previous articles, such beings are actually Evil Masters disguised as Ascended Masters, who have been fooling psychics due to their low 5th density level awareness—contrasted to a spiritual Masters’ that starts at 9th density.

The proliferation of ‘false prophets’ at the end of time (end of Kali Yuga) were prognosticated epochs back yet by rishis and ascended masters, such as John the Beloved in his Revelations book. Why don’t you now examine the mushrooming of channelers who now style themselves as representatives of certain Ascended Masters, Avatars, and even the Almighty Creator?

The true teachers of divinities, the Masters of Wisdom performing guru roles, instruct aspirants directly about the Higher Mysteries or ‘the Teaching’ that are indubitably jewels of wisdom and knowledge. New Age leaders, styling themselves as masters, teach crafts and convoluted teachings that are then practiced outside of the ambit of the Higher Mysteries. A lot of difference in the approaches and content!

The true teachers of divinities also teach aspirants that the goal of one’s spiritual awakening should be Self-realization, the activation of the Soul or 5th plane body (9th density in the emerging esoteric parlance), and then provides tools and direct protection for the aspirant to get the desired goal. In contrast, the New Age leaders quack about spirituality, yet are themselves un-realized spiritually, and are incompetent to aid seekers go beyond opening the 3rd eye and acquire certain crafts, eg. healing, crystals, astrology/divinations, feng shui/geomancy, wicca hexes, black art evocation magic, sex magic.

Knowing this new age religion’s arrival, the spiritual Hierarchy devised the reinforcement of the Work by sending 144,000 White Robes, all of whom will perform interplanetary priest roles: Melchizedeks. They will primarily spread and clarify the Teaching, and use such crafts as healing, crystals, geomancy, divinations, provided that the latter are only secondary and are merely tools for self-understanding and balance by the aspirants.

As I’ve already articulated in previous articles, the 144,000 White Robes are all here now, with some couples of thousands already fully ascended and niched Above. Some of the White Robes were in fact convinced by the Lord Metatron to do channeling work, yet they didn’t began there but rather began as aspirants of the Teaching or chelas of the Masters. White Robes were initiated in the Yogic Path and that makes a whole lot of difference between them and New Agers.

New Age today is inspired and governed by Moloch, the Evil Master who also leads and inspires wicca and related Dark crafts. He took over this task and guards internet social networks directly as I’ve found out via my own discoveries and probes using my higher faculties (via meditation visions). A humungous lot of New Age practitioners aren’t even aware of Moloch’s yoke over them today, who uses them to slander, insult, denigrate, and malign White Robes.

Whether New Age will be sustained for long remains a doubtful undertaking. Just like fundamentalisms (Islam, Hindu, Christian, Hebrew ultra-conservative dogmatic religions), New Age faces a blank wall ahead as 2012 comes. Moloch, the Hierarch of the New Age, will be crashed to destruction by Michael & Gabriel, or will go the way of Lucifer: disintegrated in the Lake of Fire in the presence of the Council of 24 Elders.

Those New Age practitioners who badly used Light energies for misqualified purposes, will suffer the fate of negative persons. They will be transferred en masse to the negative 4th density planet for their own kind, with Illuminati adepts topping the list of new entrants there.

However, there are those New Age practitioners who, in their haste for the Path, were lured into the filthy sty of the Lucifer religion unknowingly. They could be starseeds in fact as well as evolving Terrans, who were very sincere in evolving to the spiritual realms, but were simply too naïve to be drawn into Moloch’s lairs. The Divine Father Himself may show mercy, extend divine grace, and allow them to evolve to the higher dimension Terra.

Surely there are so many hazards in the Path. Seekers must exercise prudence and patience in making decisions about which Path to follow so as not to be counted among Moloch’s deceived puppets.

[Philippines, 21 January 2011]


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